Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 182


“Is Miss Ayaka’s sister, another Saiyan?”

Trunks had a somewhat strange expression, and then shook his head with a bitter smile. History had been changed to the point that Son Goku did not suffer from heart disease, and now there was another Saiyan who was not in history.

“Well well, Ayaba is a very powerful Saiyan. Just now, we suddenly sensed terrible ki from the Lower Realm. We thought there was a new enemy, only to find out later that it was Ayaka’s sister!” Krillin’s hand dance, he looked exaggerated said.

When Trunks heard, he couldn’t help but rejoice. At first glance he knew that this new arrival strong big subhuman was belong to their side.

“Great, with Miss Ayaba here, we can deal with the android more easily!”

Vegeta couldn’t help but sneered, his face disdain, “Stupid, even the Super Saiyan can not deal with the android. What is the point of adding a slightly stronger Saiyan!”

More than a year of arduous training, Vegeta thinks he had surpassed the Super Saiyan realm, and his confidence once swelled up. Not to mention the female Saiyan of unknown origin, even Ayaka, Vegeta also had the confidence to defeat her. However, Vegeta forgot that Ayaka became a Super Saiyan days far more than him.

Noticing Vegeta’s gaze, Ayaba turned back to him with a faint smile. Transparent ki then surged over, Vegeta’s body shook, his face immediately gloomy.

‘So deep, the strength of the ki is even below me. Hm, worthy of Ayaka’s sibling. Such a same headache!’

Facing Ayaka’s sisters, the good mood immediately became sinless miscellaneous, he was thinking quickly of something, sneering, “They should have extremely noble Saiyan blood flowing in their bodies, otherwise it would not be so strong, but this prince should have surpassed them by now.”

“By the way, how is the investigation of that time machine that appeared later, where is that monster now?” Trunks saw the atmosphere was a little delicate. He had understood the Vegeta temperament, so he hurriedly digressed and asked.

Son Goku said with a gloomy face, “The monster called Cell from the appearance to now constantly attack human in the cities, there have been dozens of cities destroyed. What’s more abominable is that his whereabouts are puzzling. Because Piccolo and the Old Kami have fusion after the Earth’s Dragon Ball disappeared, those who died I’m afraid will be in some trouble.”

“We can’t let him go on like this! Mr. Goku, I will go with Vegeta now to stop Cell, please go in with Gohan to train!” Trunks said with a nod, he did not want the world to become the same as his place.

Son Goku nodded and said to Son Gohan, “Well, Gohan, let’s go in.”

Vegeta raised an eyebrow, the corners of his mouth showed a cold smile, said, “Kakarot, it’s useless for you to go in now. When you come out, you will find that the androids and that guy named Cell have all been destroyed by me!”

“Well, if that’s the case it’s best.” Son Goku turned around and smiled, leading Son Gohan into the spirit time house.


When Trunks and Vegeta were about to fly out of the Lookout, Ayaka nibbled on a few large peaches and walked over to Trunks, “Wait, here are a few Senzu Beans for emergencies. Also, our real enemy is that android named Cell. For Androids 17 and 18, you can leave them alone!”

“Thank you, I know what to do. the android in this world are different from mine, 17 and the others are not doing anything wrong, I won’t do anything to them.”

Trunks took a bag of Senzu Beans, then smiled and flew down the Lookout together with Vegeta.

Looking at Trunks leaving, Ayaka shook her head, thinking that Cell should have obtained a very large amount of life essence, but she actually did not see any movement for so long. She knew that the matter of Cell could not be rushed. Piccolo had already preceded them in their search for Cell’s location, and the results would soon be available. As soon as Cell’s whereabouts were revealed, she was ready to destroy him at the first opportunity.

“When Goku comes out, Ayaba you go into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Ayame to practice!” Ayaka said lightly.

Ayaba and Ayame immediately jumped up, especially Ayame, her little face turned red discontented shouted, “Why should I join her? I do not want to practice with her! Mama, will you practice with me?”

“No!” Ayaka simply refused. She saw Ayaba and Ayame discontent, and said in a moderate tone, “I do not intend to go in this time. Ayaba, your strength is still much worse than mine, just go inside to me to make up for it! Give Ayame good training, Ayame’s bloodline is not bad, make sure she exceeds the Super Saiyan stage!”

Seeing Ayaka’s iron determination to let the two of them go in to train, Ayaba and Ayame just nodded.

Ayaka looked at Krillin and others, thought for a moment, and said “Because Piccolo fused with the Old Kami, the Earth lost the Dragon Balls, and we can no longer revive those killed humans. So, I plan to take a trip to the New Planet Namek to bring a Namekian over, so that he can become the new Kami of Earth.”

Earth’s next battle was more brutal, it could not be without the Dragon Balls, and Ayaka character really did not fit the appropriate Earth’s Kami.

Thinking of the original little Namekian Dende, the most appropriate was to take the original route to let him take over as the Earth’s Kami.

“Let the Namekian become the Kami, then the Earth’s Dragon Balls can be resurrected!”

“Wait for Goku and other to come out, then send Ayaba and Ayame to go in. Next, Krillin and others go in, it is a pity that the girls are not on Earth, otherwise their strength will also play a great help.”

Ayaka’s detailed arrangements were made.

Krillin and others had self-awareness, they knew that their strength against the androids was not much, so they had no objection for being arranged to train. Moreover, the girls went to the depths of the universe to help the North Kai to manage the order, they werenot on Earth, otherwise they had now no less than Son Goku’s strength, and could play a big role or.

“I’ll go to the new Planet Namek. You guys, take good care of the Earth.”


In a relatively remote mound forest, Piccolo fought with Cell.

After absorbing countless life essence Cell’s strength had recovered a lot, but also subsided for a long time, the energy degraded through time and space to get replenished, surprisingly it was on par with the fusion Piccolo.

“Surprisingly, you become so powerful, in order to reach the current energy, you actually sacrificed how many lives?” Piccolo’s face was iron blue, his heart was shocked in anger.

Cell grunted coldly and said in a disdainful voice, “Sacrifice? They should feel honored to be a part of the energy inside my body. In my time, 17 and 18 have been wiped out by that boy Trunks, but luckily I found the time machine to come here. Hey, when I absorb the 17 and 18 of this era to become a complete body, I will be invincible!”

“You won’t be allowed to get away with it!”

“No one can stop me from becoming perfect!”

The two of them talked with their lips, then alerted each other and engaged again.

In an instant, the violent energy scattered out in all directions, as if world had entered the end of the world, shrouded with a horrible and suffocating atmosphere.


In the distant forest, 17 excitedly drove a small car on the slope all the way bumping and bumping.

“17, can’t you just settle down and pick a better road and not rampage here?” 18 sat in the passenger seat with a dissatisfied face.

“Isn’t this fun, we haven’t had such reckless relaxation and fun in years!” 17 giggled with disinterest and drove faster as soon as he put gas in the car.

“Really!” 18 couldn’t help her crazy sister. She put one hand out the window, waving a piece of energy at the trees in front.

At once, the unending whirlwind sweeping through, the mountain path immediately widened a few meters, the small car drove peacefully.

Tick! Tick! Tick!

Sitting in the back seat, 16 opened her eyes and said with an unchanged expression, “Two very powerful energies have appeared ahead, expected to be several times more powerful than Son Goku and the others!”

“Ha, there are still stronger than Son Goku and the others on Earth? This is interesting!” 17 licked her lips, her clear and beautiful face like a blooming lily flower radiating a charming glow.

“You want to go over there and take a look?” 18 asked.

“The other side’s energy is too strong, I don’t suggest you go over there!” 16 voiced her opposition.

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