Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 183


“16, you’re too careful! They can’t beat the three of us together even if they’re strong!” 17 said as she drove..

Yeah, just gave up on that Son Goku target! A new energy source has appeared, isn’t that interesting?” 18 leaned on the window, letting the light wind blow her hair, the necklace around her neck swinging in the wind.

16 was silent for a moment. 17 thought she was convinced by them and stepped on the gas. She drove the car towards the place where the energy emanated.


At the other end, Piccolo gradually fell into the wind, gathering a number of strong bloodline Cell on the battle durability was far beyond what Piccolo was expected.

In a short time, Piccolo began to fall into a disadvantageous situation.


With his hands braced in front of his chest, ready to unleash a powerful move, Piccolo gasped heavily and roared, a cluster of shimmering crystal bright energy ball generated from his hands. The energy was strongly compressed and looked transparent and solid, very scary.

After this, there were nearly a hundred more red energy balls in a row, and the dense energy balls were scattered and surrounded Cell firmly.

Damn, you have no way to escape!” Piccolo sneered and looked up.

The entire sky was dyed scarlet by his energy balls, as long as he gave the order, those spheres containing terrifying energy would immediately explode. Under such a powerful explosion, he did not believe that Cell could survive.


With a soft cry, the sky immediately came deafening fierce explosions. At once, the violent energy swept up, linked into a wide area of the big blast, the temperature of the air suddenly increased, and in a flash it could melt steel.

The rocks beneath his feet emitted searing heat, and a large area of forest turned into ashes, and the thick smoke was immediately destroyed by the energy scattered in the air just as soon as it was created. In just a breath, only the bare hot earth and rocks remained around, all trees and lakes had disappeared into thin air.

“This should destroy him now, right?” Piccolo panted and propped up his arms, his forehead spilling beads of sweat.

However, without waiting for him to relax for long, a fierce beeping sound came faintly from the sky. When he looked up, Piccolo sucked in a breath of cold air and a strong sense of frustration hit him.

A dark red fireball emitting blue arcs could be seen, and a figure could be vaguely seen in the fireball.

Cell was actually intact and hiding in the fireball!

“Energy shield!” Piccolo twitched his lips bitterly.

The dark red shield dissipated. Cell’s posture was calm and aloof, slowly landing down, moving his muscles and bones with a crackling sound. Two insect-like vertical lines of pupils watching Piccolo. The tail with needles behind him kept twisting, and his hoarse voice came out, “I’m very sorry, Piccolo… You didn’t manage to kill me. Now, be a good boy and become part of my energy!”

Hearing this, Piccolo’s heart slowly sank.

Well, someone is approaching here again?”

Suddenly, Cell’s body shook and shouted in surprise, “Surprisingly, it’s the scent of 17 and 18. They’re nearby!”

With a whoosh, Cell decisively gave up on Piccolo, and his body flew high into the air to expand his vision.

In the distance, a few people climbed out of the overturned cart, and it was none other than 18 and the girls.

Shit, how can this happen? How can they get over here? Damn, must not let Cell absorb them, or there is no one to stop him.” Piccolo’s face changed greatly and hurriedly flew towards the androids.


Wow, what happened? Why did the car flip off all of a sudden?” 17 rubbed his head and got out of the car, her clothes ripped open a few times, and a large piece of white skin was exposed.

“It’s not because you’re driving too crazy!” 18 stepped out from the other side, her clothes also somewhat shattered, and rolled his eyes at 17.

“It’s an energy attack!” 16 raised her head lightly.

Haha, 17 and 18, I finally found you! Let’s fuse as one!”

Cell’s ugly insect-like figure appeared above 18’s head.

Looking at the ugly guy who suddenly appeared, a nameless flame suddenly emerged in 17’s heart, and her voice grumpily bellowed, “Where did the creeper come from? How dare you spy on this lady. You’re impatient to live!”

Hey, hey, the memorable date has finally arrived!” Cell didn’t pay any attention to 17’s roar, still muttering to himself.

Seeing that she was ignored, 17’s beautiful face hardened, and she was about to go forward to teach the other party a lesson.

Wait, how come 17 is a woman? And the big guy behind her, who also has the Red Ribbon Army logo on his body, is Dr. Gero making androids too?” Cell finally noticed the difference in 17, then said, “I was born when they have been destroyed, perhaps the computer data gave me the wrong information, and saw 17 as a male. Hey, hey, it’s okay. As long as I absorb them, I can become a full body!”

“Be careful. That guy gives me a very dark feeling!” 18 warned.

“Got it, watch me teach him a good lesson!”


In the air, Vegeta and Trunks turned into a super Saiyan state, sprinted all the way, and soon sensed the terrifying energy coming from the sky.

Finally, they found!

Vegeta coldly grunted the corners of the mouth emerged indifferent arc, “Hey, it seems that it is that gang of androids?”


After leaving a fierce flame, Vegeta suddenly accelerated, in the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the side of Trunks.

“Dad wants to deal with the androids alone?” Trunks thought darkly and then followed closely.


In the Lookout, Ayaka had been away for several hours, while Krillin and others talked and laughed and chatted with Ayaba. Ayame was squatting alone in the corner, with a big peach gnawing hard on his mouth, skimming over with a face full of anger, and was coldly fighting with Ayaba.

Suddenly, a strong breath from the Lower Realm. Krillin, Tian Shinhan, and others immediately ran to the edge of the Lookout.

Each of their faces was stony look down to see.

“Is that Cell’s ki? It is so powerful that it is frightening. Vegeta and Trunks, they finally arrived. I hope they can destroy Cell as soon as possible!”

Ayaba walked to Ayame, picked up a peach from Ayame’s basket, took a bite, and said, “Little one, you seem to be upset with me because of your mama?”

Ayame turned her head away and didn’t answer, secretly pitying her peach.

Ayaba shook her head in bemusement, “What a twisted little girl.”

At that moment, there was a distortion in the air, and Ayaka returned, accompanied by a young Namekian. Krillin and others had met him a few times, and it was a young Namekian named Dende, who was heard to be very talented as a dragon.

“This child is called Dende, and he is my choice of Earth’s new Kami. Now I will first take him to the Kami transfer ceremony, and you go and bring the model of the Shenron. Dende can resurrect the Shenron!”


Looking at the little Namekian, who looked very similar to Piccolo, he went into the room and brought out the glass cover containing the model of the divine dragon.

Shortly after, Ayaka completed the Kami transfer ceremony, precisely passed the Kami position to Dende, and then came to the Lookout square. They had already placed the model of the divine dragon in the square. If there were no model of the divine dragon, it would take a hundred days to recreate the Dragon Balls, but the good thing was that the Earth’s divine dragon was not damaged and only needed to be re-given life.

“Can the resurrected Dragon Ball grant Dende wishes like the Namekian divine dragon?” Krillin asked as he walked up to Dende.

Mmm!” Dende answered softly.

Tian Shin asked, “Can it let more than one person be resurrected? Like ‘bring back the people Cell killed’ or something like that?”

Oh, that would have to be adjusted a little at the beginning. Only then there might only be enough to grant two wishes,” Dende said as he held out two fingers. At this time, he saw the model of the divine dragon in the hood. He looked at the small divine dragon and praised, “Wow, what a lovely dragon, I’ll bring it back to life here!”

With both palms on the glass cover, a dazzling bright light flashed up, and a beam of light rose from the glass cover, then split into seven and flew out. It should be said that as expected of a genius with extreme dragon talent, the whole process looked very easy.

The Earth Kami had been resurrected, and two wishes could be granted at once.

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