Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 184


“Excellent creative ability indeed!” Ayaka walked over and reached out to touch Dende’s head and complimented him.

Dende scratched his head, a little embarrassed. Everyone laughed, the Earth Dragon Ball this time was considered an upgrade, not only to be able to achieve two wishes but also become more powerful.

Just when everyone was cheering for the resurrection of the Shenron, a throbbing straight to the clouds. Even the temple was slightly shaken. Then the cold and bone-chilling aura of terror spread out. Seeping oppression knocked on the heart, and the crowd could not help but reveal a horrified expression.

Tian Shinhan’s face was miserable, gloomy, “It’s a powerful evil energy.”

“This is Cell’s ki. Cell became the perfect body.”

At that, everyone looked at Ayaka. She had seen Cell in another world, so she quickly identified it.

Krillin was shocked, “Could it be that Cell has absorbed Android 17 and 18? Vegeta and the others failed to stop him?”

“Hum, it is because of Vegeta… Cell will become a perfect body. That proud guy will cause trouble! To test their own strength, they let Cell absorb Android 17 and 18! What a smart mistake. With this strength, he also wants to fight against the Perfect Cell? They don’t know what they’re capable of!” Ayaka spoke; her tone was low, which contained monstrous anger.

If Vegeta was standing in front of her at this moment, she wanted to choke him to death. If not for Vegeta, who took the liberty of stopping Trunks, Cell could not have succeeded in devouring Android 17 and 18.

This time Ayaka decided to give him a good lesson!

“Vegeta, how can you….” Krillin had a moment of anger. A few drops of cold sweat flowed down.

Others also froze, suddenly remembered: Vegeta was such a person, doing things without regard to the consequences!

Tian Shinhan looked at everyone’s unexpected expressions. He also felt speechless about Vegeta’s behavior and said, “The previous Android 17 and 18 have been very difficult to deal with, and now Cell absorbed them into the perfect body. I’m afraid the level will be even higher. Vegeta, even Goku who ended his training may not be his opponent!”


Everyone realized this. Perfect Cell had made everyone feel powerless. Even if Goku came out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to reach Super Saiyan 2, whether it was his opponent or not was still a matter of opinion.

‘But speaking of Super Saiyan 2 ……’


They turned their attention to Ayaka and Ayaba.

Ayaka naturally knew their expectations. She put away her angry expression and lightly smiled, “You guys don’t have to worry. Although Cell is already a perfect body, I still have the confidence to defeat it!”

At these words, all of them were relieved, and their apprehensive and complicated hearts settled down. As long as Ayaka, the axis, said it would work, they were much relieved. But Ayaka’s following words and let them raise their hearts, “But I will not strike immediately, these are Vegeta trouble. If we do not let him eat some pain, he wouldn’t realize how big the trouble!”

Krillin and others nodded vigorously, expressing support for Ayaka’s decision.

This time, Ayaka was really angry. Usually, she could tolerate Vegeta’s small mistakes. After all, his character was like that, and the things he caused were not big. But this time, it was too bad. He really thought that a little strength like him could be arrogant? He even dragged Android 17 and 18. Without letting him suffer a little, he would not know repentance!

What Saiyan Prince? In front of her, even the dragon also has to fall down obediently.

The Perfect Cell power increase was very huge. If Ayaka had also begun to face him, for the time being, she could clean up the mess for Vegeta, but in the future, Ayaka was certainly powerful, by no means powerful to the edge. —If she let it go on like this, one day Vegeta would stab the sky, and even Ayaka could not end it.


A few minutes passed, Vegeta’s ki began to decline. He had been taught a lesson by Cell.

“Ayaka, you hurry up if late Vegeta will die.” Krillin anxiously urged up.

“Wait a little longer. This lesson is not enough!”

After a few more minutes, Vegeta’s ki has been thin as silk.

“Sister, I’ll go with you,” Ayaba whispered.

Ayame also did not give in. She ran to the side of Ayaka, yelling and shouting, “Ayame also want to go!”

“Then let’s go together.”

Knowing that Ayame’s strength at the moment was only enough to fight, Ayaka was still ready to take her along. By the way, she also said to all of them, “This is a relatively rare opportunity. If you want to come over to watch, please hurry up too. If you are late, you won’t have this opportunity.”

After saying that, she disappeared together with Ayaba and Ayame using Instant Transmission.


At the battle, Vegeta’s forehead had been covered with wounds, and the body flickered with a weak and dull glow. He thought he was invincible, but he had no power to fight back in front of the Perfect Cell. Since the beginning of the battle, he had been in a position to be abused.

“Damn it!”

Vegeta was lying on the ground, and the heart was not willing. With a fist smashed down, the hard earth and stone crumbled into several pieces.

The Perfect Cell was no longer the previous “bug”, but rather became very handsome. The corners of his mouth slightly raised, Cell showed a victor’s breeze, completely mastered the rhythm of the battlefield.


Cell disappeared from the spot, appearing in front of Vegeta’s unresponsive situation, lunging across, elbow bent, stiff and sharp part of the hard knock on Vegeta’s back.




With a scream, Vegeta spitted out blood. His whole body was deeply rooted in the earth and rocks. The body also automatically exited the Super Saiyan state, the whole person fainted.


Seeing this scene, Trunks tried to restrain the anger in his heart. After Vegeta fainted, he quickly attacked, launched a stormy attack on Cell. Unfortunately, Trunks’ overall cultivation was too much worse than Cell, the so-called storm and the rain were no different, soft, and no deterrent. Not. Then a moment later, it blew by Cell’s powerful blow.

“You and Vegeta make me very disappointed, I originally had great expectations of you, but I did not expect so unbearable!

Cell’s face leisurely, as if everything was in his grasp. As he spoke, he punched Trunks in the abdomen, throwing him far away.

He pooh-poohed and said disdainfully, “It’s all a bunch of self-respecting trash!!!”, and although


At that moment, the space distorted, the figure of Ayaka appeared in front of Cell.

“Who are you?” Cell slightly surprised and then look lightly smiled. Although there was no information about these girls, he had defeated the Super Saiyan. Cell was confident that the perfect body of him would not fear anything.

“Cell, defeating Vegeta is nothing to be proud of!” Ayaka said with a little smile.

Cell was a little surprised, then laughed, “Yes, indeed not worth mentioning. I wonder what level you have that you dare to come to me?”

“Average, it should be enough to deal with you.”

Trunks was a little surprised to see Ayaka and the girls appear, but thinking of Cell’s terrifying strength, he anxiously warned, “Miss Ayaka! You guys, please be careful… This Cell is already in perfect form. The strength is very frightening!”

Ayaka nodded at him and instructed Ayame, “You use the Senzu Bean to save Piccolo, then take Android 16 and retreat to the far side. Mama wants to try out Cell’s strength.”

“Mmm!” Ayame nodded vigorously and ran at a trot towards where Piccolo had collapsed.

“Cell, let me see how much strength you have in your perfect form!”

“Interesting woman, but bear in mind, I will not be merciful because you are a woman!” Cell pursed his lips. The light golden eyes had a bloodthirsty sneer. As his mouth said, he would not have any reservations because of his opponent’s gender. Since the door was sent to him, it was the prey for him to gnaw at!


Ayaka helplessly shook her head. For Cell’s contemptuous words, she did not care at all. For her, the Perfect Cell was also just a grasshopper tied to the straw, not worth getting angry about. Now she would beat Cell and take out 18 and 17.

Ayaka nodded gently towards Ayaba, who took a few steps back knowingly, then stood to the side with her hands on her chest.

“Oh, do you want to fight one on one?” Cell aked,

‘This woman was really arrogant enough.’

He was going to beat her to death with her clothes ruined! See if she was still arrogant!

Ayaka bristled, no action, but a light golden flame suddenly burst out all over the body. The light hair appeared golden, two turquoise eyes calmly looking at Cell.

“Super Saiyan? Incredible, this world seems to be more powerful. There is still a female Super Saiyan!” Cell slightly praise, also followed by the outbreak of golden flame. Two strong ki began to collide at the time, setting off a storm of violent and rampant energy.

‘What a strength!’

Ayaka sneered to strengthen the strength, and the body revealed the terrible aura that became more and more intense.

Not far away, Trunks was carrying Vegeta and flew the battlefield. He opened his mouth wide in shock, showing an incredulous expression, before marveling and saying, “This …… Miss Ayakas power is so powerful, almost more than Cell!”

The breath of Ayaka was also rushing towards this side of the Dragon Ball warriors. They had marveled until this time they had a little general understanding of Ayaka’s strength.

“Amazing, this female Super Saiyan’s ki is actually similar to mine. Hmm, this is interesting. Women’s physical strength is not naturally advantageous!” Cell’s face was gloomy. Although he was already extremely wary, his mouth was still full of confidence.

“It’s not over yet!” Ayaka’s blonde hair was flowing, as she said faintly. This bit of power was only slightly stronger than the full power of the Super Saiyan, far from her limit.



The golden pillar of light suddenly rose, a heaven-destroying aura thumped spread made the earth tremble. Whether it was the crowd thousands of miles away or not far away from Piccolo, Trunks, and others, none of them did not suck in a breath of cold air.

This strength was awe-inspiring!

The bright golden light dispersed, Ayaka’s mighty shocking appearance emerged. Her blond hair upside down straight through the clouds, the strong ki and light golden flame, were burning, the silver-white electric arc constantly flashing around the body, bursting out the crackling sound.

This was Super Saiyan 2!

Ayaka reached Super Saiyan 2 state for several years, and the strength was several times stronger than Ayaba. Even against the lightning form of Cell, she was more than enough, let alone just the Perfect Cell.

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