Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 185


“This is….. Ayaka’s strength is so terrifying!”

Piccolo’s jaw dropped as he looked away, and under Ayaka’s powerful ki. Cell’s little ki was completely covered up.

“Miss Ayaka is so powerful!” Trunks’ throat went dry as he looked incredulously at what was happening in front of him. Since the Earth Kami was so powerful, what was he worried about before!

“That’s the Super Saiyan 2 that mama said? Simply too awesome!” Ayame had a face of admiration, and her eyes were shining brightly.

“Super Saiyan 2, is it possible to transform again on top of Super Saiyan?” Trunks exclaimed incredulously.

Cell’s face had become very ugly. The whole face could not help but twist up. This sudden appearance of the Super Saiyan was so terrifying! The previous elegant demeanor had been abandoned, and the heart kept sinking. When he saw a red-haired girl who also stood aside to remain calm, it was a tremor in his heart, this identical-looking girl was also a dangerous person!

His heart ached, “How is it possible? According to the computer inference, the perfect body of me should be the invincible existence on earth only. How can someone surpass me!”

“A computer? How can something that rigid be correct! Plans often fail to catch up with changes. Dr. Gero, no matter how smart he is, you can’t expect something he hasn’t been exposed to.” Ayaka’s disdainful voice came, then lightly stepped on his feet, suddenly appeared at the side of Cell.

Cell was so shocked that he no longer had the calmness and composure of a moment ago and quickly retreated with a nervous look.

It was a blow!

A heavy punch!

Before Cell could get back to his senses, he was thrown far away by a tiny fist concentration. The huge impact then penetrated the bones as if hearing a “crackling” sound, followed by a sharp pain rushed to the heart.


A series of explosions rose from the ground. In the crackling sound of the blows, Cell’s body cut through the air, leaving a winding invisible transparent track. Facing Ayaka’s attack, he, who was so powerful just a moment ago, was only able to take a single blow, with no power to fight back.

“What a terrifying power!” Trunks swallowed his saliva, his face horrified.

Piccolo stared wide-eyed at the fight in the air, surprised, “Ayaka’s level, we can’t experience it at all! This is the Super Saiyan 2 she talked about before!”

“There really is a Super Saiyan 2 ……,” Trunks muttered up.

Seeing him a little dazed, Ayaba calmly said, “Super Saiyan has several forms of existence, to the first order, for example, the most common is the Super Saiyan (ordinary), it occupies the vast majority of the space between the entire Super Saiyan…

Before it, there is an angry Super Saiyan, belonging to a low degree of quasi-Super Saiyan, after which is the Super Saiyan, beyond the ‘Super Saiyan (ordinary)’ realm. Currently, Vegeta belongs to the realm of beyond Super Saiyan (ordinary). Then after that, there is Super Saiyan full power, the full power state is the peak of the first stage Super Saiyan.”

“In the Super Saiyan on the basis of the full power of another transformation, after the ladder span is the Second Stage Super Saiyan.”

After listening to Ayaba’s explanation, Trunks suddenly shuddered. He suddenly felt that his Super Saiyan form seemed to have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Four forms, he was still in the second, even the third had not yet reached. Even father, Vegeta, was it only in the third.

So Super Saiyan 2, he could only lookup.


The shadow flashed, Ayaka once again stroke without warning.

Cell’s cold pupils suddenly shrunk, a sense of danger through the nerves to the brain. He reacted almost instinctively, and he tensed his body muscles, ready to respond. But to his surprise, the oncoming Ayaka sneered, and her body disappeared once again.

“Not good!”

A strong sense of foreboding made his nerves tremble, a nervous look emerged from his handsome face, the battle consciousness from various strong people in his body kept stimulating him.

Cell adjusted his state as fast as he could to deal with the impending crisis.


Cell drove both arms forward to block a blow, his entire arm was shaken and numb, almost losing the ability to react further, and both hands came down weakly and vertically. After the blow, Ayaka’s figure disappeared again strangely and then appeared behind Cell, glittering blue light flashed, and a terrifying ki wave came from behind.


In a shocked cry, Cell was already unable to react, desperately turned sideways. The scorching ki wave flashed past his side, scorching hot energy scorched the left side of his body, and then rushed out of the earth along a beautiful trajectory.

Crystal beads of sweat slid down his distorted face, which still held a shocked expression. That dodge just now, there was still half the side of his body destroyed by the ki wave. The fractured body parts moved up in blood and flesh, writhing disgustingly like mollusks, and it didn’t take long for the damaged body to be repaired intact, but this repair consumed a lot of his energy, and his breath naturally decreased by a small amount.

Seeing that Cell’s mental state was reduced by half, Ayaka felt it was time! In order to make Cell spit out Android 18, she must first consume Cell’s spirit, so that his spirit is unable to bind the energy in his body.

At this point, she decided to strike!

The body was pressed down, the arms were extended, the fists were clenched, and then the blow was struck!

Cell’s eyes widened, two eyes exposed clear blood, and then “ah” a scream. Android 18 came out of the mouth, and Cell also degenerated to the second form.

“Impossible, how did I degenerate, ah? I can’t spare you!” Cell, whose spirit was nearly broken, yelled out, his expression tinged with madness.

“Great, he recovered, no longer in perfect form!” Trunks shouted excitedly.

On that side, Ayaka teleported over and picked up Android 18, then handed it to Ayaba, “Watch her, I’ll get Android 17 out too!”

In the second state of Cell, even Vegeta could beat him, and how could it be the opponent of the Super Saiyan 2 state of Ayaka? And it didn’t take long for Cell to collapse, and She saved android 17.

Poor Cell, he had terrible luck… Becoming a perfect body for less than an hour and then degraded to the initial state.

At this point, the strength of Cell’s, any person could defeat him.

“Ah! I want you all to be destroyed along with the Earth!” Cell was ready to blow himself up.

‘What a fool!’

Ayaka frowned frivolously and wrinkled her nose unhappily. Let alone his point of power, even if it was ten times more powerful, the power of self-destruction could not hurt the already reinforced core of the Earth.

A majestic aura surged out and waved a palm at Cell, and instantly, the air seemed to freeze out of a transparent palm, slapping Cell to the ground.

“Go to hell!!!”

Ayaka lightly shouted, the huge palm isolated the air, the pressure of the vacuum filled down. The earth had cracked, and the rocks on the surface immediately crumbled into powder.

In Cell’s desperate eyes, the sky lit up again blue light, followed by a loud sound that resonated through the sky. Ayaka exited Super Saiyan state.

After seeing Cell, who has turned into a puddle of mud, every cell had been shattered and was too dead to die. Trunks and Piccolo clenched their fists hard, waved them down, and roared with excitement “Great, Cell is killed!”

At this time, the late crowd also knew what happened here, and they sighed with relief. Of course, there were also regrets missing the exciting drama, but in general, fortunately, there was still the existence of Ayaka kind of strong to desperate strong people on Earth. Otherwise, this despair was loaded by Cell to them.

At the same time, Krillin and others also have deep admiration for Ayaka’s strength, Super Saiyan 2 transformations. That was how daunting and terrifying strength ah!

“Oh, Android 17 and 18 have been rescued. Ayaba, Ayame, let’s go back to the Lookout!”

So, Ayame and Ayaba picked up Android 17 and 18 each and returned to the Lookout with the crowd.


That piece of the decaying and barren battle site, a few hours after Ayaba and the girls left, a black crystalline body from the surface of the ground.

The light golden light flashed, a little bit of flesh and blood-like muscle began to wriggle up slowly.

After half a day, Cell’s handsome and cold figure appeared in the air, surprisingly Perfect Cell.

After moving his body, Cell looked incredibly at the energy flowing inside his body, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, and then laughed uncontrollably and wildly.

“Incredible, such a powerful force, this is the fusion of Saiyan and Namekian bloodline? I can’t believe I don’t need Android 17 or 18 to become a perfect body, which means I’ve become even more perfect! Hmph, that woman did not only make me live but made me even stronger!”

After a life and death, Cell’s body cells got a sublimation, which was a huge leap, and advanced one step to the equivalent of Super Saiyan 2’s Lightning Form. Only he had no hair and could not do the same vision-filled transformation as the Saiyans, but there was not much difference in essence, and the strength had been turned upside down.

Cell was not killed, Ayaka did not expect him to be so resilient, but even if she now knew that Cell transformed into the lightning form, it would probably not be too concerned. The lightning form of Cell power level was just a little stronger than the Demon King Dabura, equivalent to Super Saiyan 2 transformation, and Ayaba could easily fight him.

Not to mention that the number of Super Saiyan 2 would definitely rise significantly in a few days. In addition to herself and Ayaba, the two old Super Saiyan 2, Ayame, Son Goku, and Son Gohan, were qualified to break through to the second stage of the Super Saiyan.

By then five Super Saiyan 2, no matter how powerful Cell was, he also powerless to resist.

To be honest, Ayaka’s strength had gradually stepped into the upper echelon of Super Saiyan 2, the strength and ordinary Super Saiyan 2 incomparable.

As for Vegeta, he had nothing to do here for the time being, and she was ready to teach him a good lesson.

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