Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 186


After returning to the Lookout, Ayaka saw Android 18 and 17 were covered with sticky and slippery saliva-tattered clothes. She frowned slightly. The two carried them and threw them into the bath, and found several sets of clothes from the cupboard on the hanger.

The water in the bath was moderately warm, and the healing effect of the spring water-soaked Android 17 and 18’s white and lubricated skin slowly repaired their injuries. Soon, the sisters woke up and saw themselves naked and immersed in the pool, and Android 18 looked around warily.

Wow, Android 18 stood up from the bath, the fine flowing water slid down her white and delicate skin, and in the mist haze, Android 18 lifted up the clean clothes on the hanger and put them on.

Ah, what is this place?” Android 17 stood up in confusion.

Android 18 handed over a set of clothes and calmly said, “Hurry up and change. This place is a bit odd. It might be the enemy’s lair!”

No way, I clearly remember I was devoured by that monster Cell. Could this be inside Cell?” Android 17 sharply changed clothes, pointing to the room’s gilded decorations. These were obviously not something that should be inside Cell; could it be that they were saved?

“Let’s go out and take a look!”

Stepping out of the bathroom, the girls were stunned. Outside was a ring of alabaster steps, and the walls on both sides were inlaid with half-meter-high golden graphics. As they walked up the steps, the view became wide, and they came to a spacious square.

“This is ……” Android 18 couldn’t believe her eyes.

The golden, majestic, and gorgeous palace, with a few rows of plants planted on both sides, looked slightly monotonous, and in the middle was a spacious square. Surrounded by an empty and vast void, the building beneath their feet was actually at high altitude without a single cloud.

‘Could this be the legendary Lookout of Kami?’

Ah, you guys are awake.”

Trunks was close enough to notice as soon as they stepped out of the cloister.

“Trunks, Piccolo!” Android 18’s heart tightened, and the whole body was on alert. This was entering the enemy’s lair, and suddenly noticed a tall figure in the crowd. Android 18’s face was happy, and shouted, “Android 16, hurry up and get over here, stay away from them!”

“Android 18, no need to worry. They have no malicious intent!” Android 16 said shyly.

“Yes!” Krillin hurriedly explained to them, “It was Ayaka who saved you from Cell’s body. We are not enemies.”


Android 18 remembered that it was the strange woman who gave her clothes and necklace, thinking about the other party’s identity, her face eased down, the woman did not seem to be a bad person, so she walked over with Android 17.

Android 18 asked uncomfortably, “What’s up with that monster called Cell?”

Piccolo looked at Android 17 and 18 to them to tell, “Cell is from the future of Android, to come here to absorb you and Android 17 and then evolve into a perfect body.  Vegeta let Cell be Perfect Cell to test his strength… But, the good thing is that Ayaka stepped in time to save you… …”

After listening to Android 18, her whole body was frozen for a while and then stared viciously at Vegeta, who was still lying in a coma on the square.

Because Vegeta repeatedly made mistakes to punish him, Ayaka did not allow anyone to save him.

“I’m very sorry!” Trunks apologized, embarrassed for Vegeta. If it weren’t for Vegeta’s arrogant character, everything wouldn’t have become so tense.

Android 18 waved her hand, and Android 16 they stand in a piece.

Ah, everyone is here. Even the androids are also here, eh? Vegeta, why are you so badly injured, what happened?” At this time, Son Goku and Son Gohan happened to come out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and asked.

“Goku, Gohan, you came out!” Krillin said in surprise.

“Is it Gohan? I thought I was mistaken. I can’t believe I kept the Super Saiyan state!” Piccolo was stunned, looking not far away from the blond Son Gohan. The two showed the Super Saiyan state, the body but did not leak a little ki. This was the Super Saiyan full power state!

This showed that Gohan’s talent was really great!

“This is Son Goku?” Android 17 and 18 were a little surprised.

“Son Goku’s energy reaction is very special, and it seems to be no less than the Perfect Cell!” Android 16 judged.

“It’s like this ……,” Trunks went up and told what happened in the outside world.

After listening, Son Goku marveled, “So my sister’s Super Saiyan 2 state is so strong?! I thought after this training I could catch up with her, but surprisingly still left behind by her ah!

Son Goku’s words were not frustrated but rather full of admiration.

Ayaka and his group returned from taking Dende to visit the Lookout and saw that Son Goku had come out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, so she smiled and said hello. Then she said to the two people around her, “Ayaba, you and Ayame, go into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to practice!”

This time, Ayaba and Ayame were not complaining, and the two very painfully walked into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber together.

Being overtaken by Son Gohan, Ayame was reluctant.

At this time, Mr. Popo carried a satellite TV, came out, and pointed to the TV screen in a panic, “Everyone, look, Cell is not dead, and issued a challenge to the world!”

No way.

The group was shocked and rushed to the TV set, and it was indeed Cell, and it was still in perfect form. In the TV, Cell first destroyed half of the city in the camera. It then announced that he would hold the “Cell Game” in nine days, accepting the challenge of the strongest people in the world, and if the challenge failed, he would kill the whole human race and let everyone die one by one in terror and shock until the last person left.

“What?! Cell is not dead??? Without Android 17 and 18, how is he still the perfect body?” Tian Shinhan said in shock.

Oh, he actually wants to hold some ‘Cell Came’. Too arrogant, did he forget the scene of being abused by Ayaka?” Krillin gloated with a mocking look.

“Don’t be too optimistic.” Piccolo shook his head, his face hard, “Have you forgotten that Cell’s body contains the genes of Saiyans, Namekian, and Frozen? It’s obviously because Cell died once. The body produced evolution!”

“How can?”

“That’s unlikely, right?

Uh …...” Ayaka rubbed her chin, mused, “This possibility is very high. Now, Cell may have rivaled the strength of Super Saiyan 2. Otherwise, it would not be such a, and the high-profile proclamation. At least with the strength that I showed before.”

Damn, I thought the android incident was over!” Trunks said reluctantly, “So even Miss Ayaka will have a hard time dealing with him again this time.”

Looking at Ayaka, Piccolo shook his head helplessly, “There are still nine days until the start of the ‘Cell Game’, so take advantage of this time to practice well, try to become more powerful!”

Piccolo and Trunks were ready to go into Hyperbolic Time Chamber when Ayaba and Ayame came out to practice. Son Goku also said goodbye to everyone, ready to take Son Gohan for regular practice.


People had been in a panic in the Lower Realm, from the previous dozens of cities inexplicably turned into dead cities. The streets and alleys would be like history repeating itself once again rumors of doomsday.

Cell appeared in front of the TV set and announced the “Cell Game” in a high profile manner, and the fear in people’s hearts seemed to be ignited at once, and then it quickly became uncontrollable, spreading a fire.

In all human cities, the traffic was in chaos as people were swarming around with their families, trying to get out of the city as soon as possible.

The army and TV stations immediately took action, with a unit of advanced tanks and rocket launchers heading to the “Cell Game” site, 28KS5 northwest of the Central City, ready to conduct a full-scale bombing rain. The TV station also broadcasted live, but the human army was wiped out in just a few seconds as if a giant wheel had crushed it.

This demon named Cell was unstoppable!

All of a sudden, the atmosphere of human fear intensified.

From the earliest Piccolo threat to the later Saiyan invasion, the world was once again in panic after four or five years.

The government began to mobilize, the king on the TV screen pleaded with the strongest human beings to come forward and secretly began to look for the whereabouts of those heroes.

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