Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 187


The time passed amidst the panic of the world.

The soldiers sent out by the king to look for martial artists did not bring back good news. Many powerful martial artists have retired from the world and stopped asking questions. Perhaps they knew themselves well enough to know that they were no match, so they did not care to stand out and make a fool of themselves, and the whereabouts of the Dragon Ball warriors were erratic, and they could not be contacted even if they wanted to.

Some martial artists wanted to participate in the “Cell Game” and become famous, but after watching the video of Cell’s battle with the army, they backed out of the game.

At that moment, the TV station showed the exciting news that Mr. Satan, the world’s fighting genius, was going to participate in the “Cell Game”.

On the screen, Satan was dressed fancy, and his movements were exaggerated as he made the strongest human voice since the start of the Cell Game, “That was a blindfold, Cell had planted explosives in there long ago. In my opinion, he is not even skilled enough in basic fighting skills.”

To demonstrate his own power, Satan performed his masterpiece, breaking the stone slab with a single palm, shattering 15 green slabs in a row.


Satan’s might enthralled the audience at the scene.

“Haha, you watch, I will defeat that bluff guy! Tell him that the path of attempting to deceive all of humanity will not work.”

With a stream of exaggeration from the host, it was as if Satan was described as a great hero who saved the world.

The king looked at the TV screen speechlessly, greeted the guard, and asked, “Who is that Satan, and how credible are his words?”

The guard flipped through the information and reported, “Your Majesty, Satan is the champion of the World Martial Arts Champion and is said to be the favorite to participate in the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament to be held soon!”

“The World Martial Arts Tournament? The Martial Arts Tournament that was previously suspended due to the re-emergence of the Demon King Piccolo? I seem to remember that Mr. Son Goku was the champion of those tournaments!”

“Yes, Your Majesty, Mr. Son Goku, and his companions have always been regulars of the congress. With all due respect, the conclusion of what that Satan guy said about the blindfold is too childish. The explosion that Cell created by fighting the army is like the ki wave that Mr. Son Goku and his companions used at the Martial Arts Tournament. It should be a real power and not faked.”

The guard considered and continued, “And …… according to my subordinates understand, that Satan’s strength is not strong. The past few sessions of the conference participants, such as King Chappa, Mercenary Tao, and others,. They are stronger than him! He makes such a mess …… I’m afraid it’s hard in the end.”

The king waved his hand to interrupt the guard’s words, “Let him make a mess, at least because of his appearance the world is slightly calmer, you seize the time to look for martial artists, find Mr. Son Goku and their companions as soon as possible. We have to save the world by relying on them!”

The guards answered loudly and withdrew from the hall.

The king sighed. Time was really an invisible poison, paralyzing people and allowing them to ignore too many things. Since the last Saiyan turmoil, the figure of the martial artist gradually entered the world’s attention.

The circulation of various martial arts myths, the legend of the God of Martial Arts, and the Sacred Land of Korin made huge waves at first.

But after all, not everyone could afford that kind of suffering, coupled with the restrictions of the earth’s bloodline, the seeds of the real martial artists could become only a handful of players. There were very few masters around, plus many public figures like Satan and a number of scientists often criticized the widely circulated martial arts conference videos on TV screens as “blinders” and denounced them as the most arrogant and shameless scam of the century.

What did it mean to say that three people become a tiger and that all mouths make gold, coupled with the fact that the World Martial Arts Tournament had been stopped for many years and that even ordinary fighters like Satan had been hyped as the recognized favorite for the championship, how could those who had some expectations of the martial arts video believe that such “unbelievable” masters existed in the world?

Under the effect of mainstream, authority, and celebrity, human society was divided into two distinct camps on martial arts.


A few days later, a soldier rushed into the palace to see the King.

“Your Majesty, we have found the whereabouts of Mr. Son Goku, who resides on Mount Paozu, located in a mountain range somewhere in the northern hemisphere!”

The King brushed himself off and looked excited, “You really found it?”

“Yes, by studying the videos of the previous Martial Arts Tournaments, we discovered from them Miss Bulma of the Capsule Corporation, and from Miss Bulma, we inquired about the whereabouts of Mr. Son Goku, who is now living with his family on Mount Paozu.”

“Prepare the plane immediately. I want to visit Mr. Son Goku personally!”


In the Heavenly Realm, Ayaba and Ayame had finished their training, and Piccolo had reemerged and made his final adjustments.

Suddenly, Ayame heard some voice calling her, and her small face looked left and right in confusion but found nothing.

“What’s wrong?” Mr. Popo asked. He was cleaning with a broom.

Ayame shook her head and came to the edge of the Lookout when another voice rang in her ears, seemingly urging her to go over.

“Mr. Popo, I’m going out. If mama asks you, tell them about it!”

“In that case, then you be safe.”

Ayame nodded and leaped down from the Lookout, turning into a stream of light and flying in the direction of the source of the voice. After flying for ten minutes, the voice that called out to her disappeared, and Ayame stopped in the air in confusion.

“I’m here!” A young girl’s voice rang out, followed by the appearance of a young girl emitting a silvery glow.


The sudden appearance of the stranger startled Ayame. After seeing the other party’s appearance, her face became even odder, and she asked in a small voice, “Who are you, and why did you find me here?”

The silver-haired girl smiled sweetly, as clear as a blue wave eyes looked at Ayame, the corner of the mouth curved like a crescent moon, “Ayame, I think you should guess my identity!”

“Could it be that you are ……” Ayame’s face was shocked, and her body took a few steps back like a frightened bird.

The silver-haired girl’s face overflowed with a faint warmth, and after a moment of contemplation, she said, “Because I was smuggled out, I can not go to see them, so there are some things you need to convey. Well, simply put, there will be some changes on the Cell Game in a few days. The enemy will be unexpectedly strong, and you have to prepare early!”

“Enemy? Is it Cell? Even if he becomes more powerful, mama can defeat him, and I am also very strong now, oh!”

“Well, I know your strength, but the enemy is not as simple as the current Cell, but …… uh, I can not say, in any case, you guys get ready right!” The silver-haired girl was about to say something but decided not to. She changed the subject. “By the way, that woman called Ayaba, she will give you a good lesson in the future, how dare she crosses me…. er ……”

“I also do not like her!” Ayame nodded her head forcefully.

“Well, you go back quickly, remember my words!”


Ayame looked at the silver-haired girl’s elegant and holy, exquisite figure seemed to be greatly encouraged and soothed and smilingly flew back.

After Ayame flew away, the silver-haired girl’s silver eyes streamed a flash, then flew towards the location where the Cell Game was held, “I can’t interfere with the Cell Game by then, then I’ll go collect a few points of interest first!”


Central City Northwest 28KS5, where the Cell Game was held.

A few peaks stand on the wide plain, and in the center, a square martial arts ring with a side length of 100 meters has been set up, with four pointed stone pillars standing tall. Cell floated above the martial arts stage with his eyes closed.

From the time Satan announced his participation in the competition, the army had withdrawn its troops to appease him.

Suddenly, Cell’s face showed a hint of dissimilarity, and with both eyes slightly closed, he saw a beam of silver light flying over, and a silver-haired young girl had appeared in front of him.

“This young lady is here to participate in the ‘Cell Game’? You’re early. The game is held in three days!” The manners of Cell was elegant, as if a gentleman salute, such a bland and empty mentality as if everything was in control, a sure win.

The corner of the silver-haired girl’s mouth raised, grinned coldly, “Cell, I do not have time for that boring game. I came here today just to teach you a lesson. Well, you do not want someone to destroy your ring, I will wait for you at the other end of the mountain, you can not come or not!

After saying this, she disappeared into silver light.

Cell was instantly gloomy, and his face was cold. Although his face was handsome, his heart was fierce, and he did not allow anyone to question his decision.

“Let’s have some fun with you!” With a cold laugh, Cell flew up and followed her.

He wanted to see what the silver-haired girl had to rely on.


At the top of the hill, the silver-haired girl was already waiting there, and when she saw Cell flying, she gave an elegant smile. Then the body floated launched an attack, and his opponent was caught off guard and woefully stroked.

“Damn it!”

The anger accumulated rapidly and suddenly erupted with full power, golden flames surrounded up, a flash of silver-white winding lightning covered the whole body, and he had turned into lightning form.


The silver-haired girl was surprised, and a lightly chanted smile crept onto her face as she continued her fierce attack on Cell.

Bang Bang Bang!

Continuous strikes actually suppressed the lightning form, not giving him any opportunity to counterattack.

It was not easy to take a beating on one side, Cell’s face was iron blue, and the coldness of the bones seemed to coalesce and take shape, filling the whole body with awe-inspiring dominance.

A substantial killing intent instantly enveloped the vast earth, and the Lookout could also sense Cell’s strong killing aura.

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