Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 20


Ayaka was shocked by her thoughts. Did she unknowingly have almost become a god?

Ayaka quickly came back to her senses. She was already much more powerful than Kami; it wasn’t too exaggerated to say that she was a God!


After dinner, the sky had darkened.

There was only one bed inside Son Goku’s room. After all, Ayaka was a girl, and although Son Goku was still young, sleeping in the same bed with him felt a little strange. So she was ready to take out the capsule house she had purchased.

To not make sure that Son Goku didn’t make a fuss about it, Ayaka also made a special effort to explain some general knowledge about the outside world. However, when she threw out the Capsule, Son Goku was still stunned with his mouth shouting demonic magic.

Finally, Ayaka dragged the reluctant Son Goku into her house, then put hot water on him and let Son Goku bathe himself in it.


Son Goku ran into Ayaka’s room naked, “I don’t know how to use those things!”

Ayaka listened and thought about it, so she took Son Goku into the bathroom, rubbed body wash on him, and began to bathe him.

After washing Son Goku’s clean, Ayaka took out a set of pajamas and had Son Goku put them on, then told him to go to a room and sleep.

Ayaka soaked in the bathtub with a burst of amusement in her heart, “What I’m doing now is what Bulma did later on!”

After washing away the sweat stains, Ayaka put on pajamas to lie comfortably in bed, mentally planning the road.

The night was hazy, surrounded by silence. Occasionally, there was the chirping of small insects. Suddenly, Ayaka remembered a plot in the original story when Son Goku ran into Bulma’s room at night and stripped Bulma’s underwear! At first, Bulma didn’t know, but eventually, Master Roshi, that lecherous old man, saw everything.

Upon thinking about Son Goku’s bad records, Ayaka rushed up to lock the door, “I almost forgot that episode. Son Goku was still young; he doesn’t know that those things can’t be done to girls. It seems that in addition to training Son Goku, I have to strengthen his education on the concept of life.”


The next day, at dawn, the crackling sound of fist-pumping came to her ears. It was early in the morning when Ayaka yawned because she was disturbed by the sound of punching. She then walked out of the room with sleepy eyes and saw Son Goku already exercising in the open space.

“You’re so diligent. You’re practicing so early in the morning!” Ayaka said to Son Goku as she straightened her hair.

“Sister!” Son Goku stopped his workout to call out when he saw Ayaka walkout.

Ayaka nodded with a faint smile and asked, “How did you sleep last night?”

“I slept great, but that bed is too soft. It’s a little uncomfortable!” Son Goku rubbed the back of his head with his hand and said with a naive smile.

“I’ll go prepare breakfast and call you later to eat!”

After saying that, she went into the kitchen. Son Goku saw Ayaka had gone back to prepare breakfast, so he continued to exercise. From time to time, he swung his fist and raised his foot. His rapid movements rubbed the air, causing a whirlwind with a sizzling sound.

After about half an hour or so, Ayaka finished preparing breakfast and called Son Goku over to eat.

She handed Son Goku a towel to wipe away the sweat on his body and then sat on the seat to eat breakfast. She prepared not much breakfast for her but a lot for Son Goku.

In front of Son Goku, there was a whole meter high, dozens of steam buns.

Watching Son Goku wolf down a cage of steam buns, choking and drinking a full glass of water from time to time, Ayaka’s face couldn’t help but hang a smile. She felt that this scene was so real that she and Son Goku were like a real family. She slowly carried the role of a parent. The Dragon Ball World always had some attachment in addition to the training.


After breakfast, Ayaka and Son Goku came to the open space on Mount Paozu. She wanted to see how Son Goku’s foundation turned out.

Son Goku found a stake of more than a meter in diameter, gritted his teeth, and threw the stake violently up into the sky.


Son Goku stared at the stake that was thrown up into the sky. His body suddenly jumped upwards, and with a flash of his body, he had already flown next to the stake and instantly kicked out dozens of feet at it.

Thump, thump, thump!

The stake received a heavy blow from the center began to break apart. It shattered into dozens of pieces of varying sizes, and the pieces fell from the sky in a scattered pile.

Ayaka couldn’t help but nod as she watched. Although Son Goku didn’t know how to raise and use ki, his use of that little power had been quite impressive, with small leakage.

‘As expected of the child raised by Son Gohan, the foundation is excellent. He just needs to be carefully trained, and he will become a remarkable person.’

Speaking of pointing out mistakes, Ayaka struggled with it. The only thing she could teach Son Goku was to improve his ki and skills in battle, and other things were not suitable for Son Goku. Ayaka learned that the Saiyan had a set of training, and if this set of training was given to Son Goku, it would only bury him.

Saiyan’s improvement depended on two aspects. First was the bloodline. The pure bloodline Saiyan could do everything with half the effort, while the impure bloodline required more effort. Of course, it was not that the bloodline determines everything; it was just a relative indication of a priority.

The second one was their training. Saiyans were a Warrior Race and had an outstanding feature. Whenever they were on the verge of death, they could significantly increase their power level once they recovered. This was because the Saiyans had a more profound sense of the enemy’s attacks when they were on the verge of death. The fighting bloodline prompted them to look for moves to crack, so a near-death situation was often worth a long time of hard work.

Of course, there were advantages and disadvantages to everything. Each near-death situation was the process of vitality. The normal recovery would require at least a few months or years. Frieza had an efficient life-saving device. The Earth also had Senzu Beans, both of which significantly shortened the Saiyan’s healing time.

If they deliberately let themselves on the verge of death without the slightest attack from a strong enemy, it was unlikely that they could improve significantly.

Ayaka had already figured out that each of her enhancements could be said to be accompanied by severe injuries. When she was on the verge of death in battle and underwater training on Planet Pheroco, the two enhancements in power level were various. So, Ayaka concluded that to improve power level quickly, the most important thing was the actual battle and daily exercise.

Ayaka decided to improve Son Goku’s ki and combat skills temporarily, and she would let Master Roshi take care of the rest. Although Master Roshi’s strength was not high, he was very good at teaching his disciples.

“Goku, watch out!”

Ayaka threw a log high into the air and “swoosh” forward. She then completely disappeared in an instant. Son Goku’s eyes turned around, trying to find Ayaka, but he couldn’t find her.

At this time, there was a “crackling” sound in the sky. The wind was whistling, and there was a momentum between lightning and fire on top. The log was divided into more than a hundred neat and tidy wooden sticks.

These wooden sticks were smooth and neatly cut, just like a knife cut. The size was surprisingly not different in any way.

Thump, thump, thump!

One by one, the wooden sticks fell neatly together and piled up into a tall hill.


Son Goku watched Ayaka’s performance and clapped his hands excitedly, “How did you manage to do that, sister? These woods were cut into the same size!”

“This was the use of ki. Goku, although you have reached a remarkable level of strength, you do not know how to use ki yet!” Ayaka said seriously, then she formally taught Son Goku, “Now the first thing you need to learn is to learn to sense ki and then constantly grow ki. After having enough ki, you will also be able to use it; only then you become strong!”

Son Goku listened carefully; his eyes revealed a strong desire to know.

Seeing Son Goku’s expression, Ayaka nodded in satisfaction, “Close your eyes and don’t think about anything, let yourself be at peace and sense your body with your heart. Then gather your attention up and feel the changes in your body carefully.”

Son Goku quickly achieved mindfulness, trying hard to sense his body’s ki. Perhaps because of his unique purity, Son Goku sensed the presence of ki faster than Ayaka did at first, making him couldn’t help but shout with joy, “Really. There seems to be a hot thing inside my body!”

“Be serious, and do not talk much!” Ayaka reprimanded nonchalantly, putting a hand to Son Goku’s chest to help him grasp the presence of ki more quickly.

Although Son Goku’s physical qualifications weren’t excellent, and he couldn’t hold a vast amount of power at once, his comprehension was perfect and ideal for practicing the Earth’s mastery of ki.

In just a few days, Son Goku had already mastered the ki in his body. Although this ki was still very weak and couldn’t shoot ki wave, these few days had let Son Goku feel his body’s changes. After each practice, he would feel his body warm, and from time to time, there was a flow of air inside his body.

He heard Ayaka said that as long as he had enough ki, she would teach him many techniques. So, every time he thought he could learn Ayaka’s techniques, Son Goku would jump up and down with excitement.


As the days went by, it had been nearly a year since Ayaka had moved to Mount Paozu. This year, in addition to teaching Son Goku about the knowledge of ki, Ayaka taught him some simple cultural knowledge. So, at least he could be a better person than he was in the original story.

Besides, Ayaka also didn’t slacken in her training. Although the growth of strength slowed down after coming to Earth, she was still on a steady rise.

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