Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 21


After more than a year of practice, Son Goku had grown the ki in his body. At this time, his ki was no less than at the beginning of the original story. With Ayaka’s guidance, Son Goku’s strength was continually getting more robust.

One day, Ayaka began to formally teach Son Goku about the use of ki in battle.

“Goku, use your strongest power to attack,” Ayaka said to Son Goku, then stood blandly to the side with an utterly defenseless look.

Son Goku nodded thoughtfully, then took an attack stance, his face staring intently at Ayaka.


Son Goku lightly shouted. His body slightly leaned forward and then flashed as fast as the wind rushed towards Ayaka. The original place produced a whirlwind because of the speed.

In an instant, Son Goku had arrived in front of Ayaka and launched a fierce attack on her.

Slap! Snap! Snap!

Son Goku’s blistering attack didn’t hurt Ayaka; instead, Ayaka smiled and dazzled amid Son Goku’s attack. The attack didn’t even hit her once. She then stretched out a finger, quickly took Son Goku’s attack.

“This time, it’s my turn to attack!”

Ayaka looked at Son Goku with a faint smile. Her gaze was like a torch, seeing the flaw in Son Goku’s attack with a single glance. She then falsely pointed her finger and gently touched Son Goku’s chest.


Son Goku felt as if a heavy hammer had been pounded on him. His body violently flew backward and fell heavily into place, losing his ability to react all of a sudden.

“So powerful!” Son Goku bared his teeth and said with a sad face, “Obviously, it was just a light touch, but I never thought it would have such a great power!”

“You attack with too many unnecessary movements. This will reduce the force of your attack and make it easy for your opponent to find a flaw!” Ayaka stretched out her finger and said to Son Goku, “A real attack is enough with a single blow. You should shed the unnecessary movements and gather a single point to kill with a single blow.”

“….Of course, that is when there is a huge difference in strength between the two sides. If the two sides are similar in strength, then do not think of a single fatal move, but a deadly one!”

Seeing Son Goku listened carefully, Ayaka was getting very interested in explaining, “In the case of similar strength, any flaw may be fatal. At this time, we must completely abandon the extra action. Try to hit with seven points, leave three points so that you don’t need to give full strength, and leave no room for maneuvering. It’s important to do that.”

Ayaka pointed out Son Goku’s mistakes in the attack, and Son Goku listened carefully to Ayaka’s explanation. However, the universe was so big, and the opponents he encountered were often vastly different in strength, so the advantage of overall strength was quite significant.

Then, Ayaka began to explain the use of ki.

“Before attacking, you have to be as powerful as a spectrum and go forward!”

With that, a majestic aura emerged from Ayaka. This aura was like a black cloud that makes people tremble. It carried endless destructive ki, making Son Goku felt like he was in Purgatory all of a sudden. His body couldn’t help but tremble, and cold sweat flowed out from his back.

“Attack like a swift thunderbolt, and fast as lightning!” Ayaka’s figure flickered and disappeared from the spot at once, while a crack of several meters square appeared where she was standing just now.


From time to time, the sound of footsteps came to his ears, but he couldn’t sense Ayaka’s presence. Ayaka deliberately slowed down so that Son Goku could see her movements. In an instant, Ayaka’s figure appeared in the sky, the ground, and the forest. An afterimage covered the whole Mount Paozu, making Son Goku’s mouth open wide in shock.

“The moment you attack, you have to be as steady as a mountain and heavy as a rock!” Ayaka stopped the high-speed movement. She paused and continued to explain. She clenched her fists, and the two fists knocked against each other…

Immediately, a strong shock wave came from between her fists, and the shock wave carried a powerful cyclone, which instantly bent the surrounding bamboo forest and trees. The powerful cyclone also blew Son Goku, causing him to close his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, Son Goku saw Ayaka leaped to a height of tens of meters and then swooped downward.


Ayaka smashed her fist on the ground. Suddenly, the ground began to shake up, and the entire open space quickly sunk with Ayaka’s fist as the center.

There was a strong sense of vibration along with a visual impact that couldn’t be seen directly swept away. When everything calmed down, a vast crater more than a hundred meters wide was produced in front of Son Goku.

Son Goku was shocked by Ayaka’s series of movements. In his perception, even his grandfather, Son Gohan, didn’t have such a powerful force. Looking at the space that was already a mess, Son Goku said with a slightly shaky voice, “Is all of this the power of ki?”

Ayaka nodded, smiled, and said, “Yes, these are the use of ki. After all, the strength of the human body is limited. Ki, on the other hand, can make the human body produce a terrifying force in battle.”

“Goku, the ki in your body, is not yet so powerful to do what I do, but there are a few tricks you can learn.”

Ayaka intended to teach Son Goku Kamehameha and Dancing Sky Art. As for Kaio-ken, Solar Flare, or whatever, Ayaka intended to let Son Goku comprehend it himself when he encountered it in the future. She could teach Son Goku the use of ki, but regarding his growth, Ayaka was prepared to let nature take its course and not interfere too much. After all, it was easy to teach him, but the only way for him to comprehend it deeply was to do it personally.

“Really? Sister, what technique are you going to teach me?” Son Goku said excitedly, rubbing his fists together, looking stupidly eager.

“The first technique is called ‘Kamehameha’!”

Ayaka stretched out one finger and said to Son Goku, “Kamehameha is your grandfather’s teacher’s-Master Roshi-signature attack that your grandfather also knew!”

Kamehameha was a move that focused the release of ki in the body to the outside of the body. After a certain amount of ki had accumulated, a person could release it as long as there was a window. There was a question of efficiency in releasing ki, and Kamehameha was considered an efficient release. The same applied to Master Shen’s Dodon Ray.

“Grandfather’s teacher!” Son Goku’s eyes widened. Since it was his grandfather’s teacher’s signature move, then the power must be mighty.

“Master Roshi is known as the God of Martial Arts, and his martial arts skills are excellent.” It was the lustful problem that gave him a lot of demerits. In Ayaka’s mind, Master Roshi was just as good as the bad, with admiration and contempt.

“The second technique I want to teach you is called ‘Dancing Sky Art’! This is and the Turtle School and Crane School technique. Master Roshi and Master Shen are brothers, and their techniques are efficient. However, your grandfather did not learn this technique.”

Upon seeing Son Goku’s impatient look, Ayaka smiled and began to teach him Kamehameha.

First of all, she roughly gestured the starting stance of Kamehameha. The blazing blue ki wave shone between her hands, and then the wave was launched towards the distant mountain.


Kamehameha struck the opposite mountain and instantly cut the opposite hill in half.

Looking at the powerful Kamehameha, Son Goku cheered with a smile on his face. He then followed Ayaka’s actions to use Kamehameha, but because he hadn’t mastered the principle of releasing Kamehameha, the ki wave just gathered a little between his hands and soon disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

Ayaka carefully explained the starting form and precautions of Kamehameha and then let Son Goku practice alone.

Although Son Goku was a little exhausted from his training, when Ayaka gave him the method and precautions, he kept practicing.

After a few days, Son Goku was finally able to release Kamehameha. Despite the slight lack of power he used on Kamehameha, which was more like a fire trail, he was already four years ahead of the original story.

Next, Ayaka began to teach Son Goku the Crane School’s secret technique, “Dancing Sky Art”.

“Condense the ki on the feet, and then raise yourself little by little.” Ayaka taught Son Goku to learn how to float first. Dancing Sky Art was excellent combat skills. With Dancing Sky Art, many things became convenient.

Son Goku followed the instructions, and slowly his body was able to float. When Ayaka saw that his perception was quite good, she taught him even more vigorously. Finally, one day, Son Goku was able to fly freely.


Time had passed by another year, and Son Goku had reached 12, while Ayaka began to enter puberty a few years ago.

The young girl’s body had started to develop, and her breasts had gradually bulged. At first, she had some discomfort; her chest was sore when her nipples and areola were changing as a small mound slowly appeared on her chest. She knew that this was the accumulation of subcutaneous glands and fat. Therefore, she chose some loose clothing when dressing because she didn’t want to have a deformed body.

After the body’s initial embarrassment, now Ayaka had slowly adapted to the adolescent girl’s body. The inevitable development of the breasts had taken shape a year ago. Previously, it was like the size of a lotus egg, but now it was a bulging mass, a hand full of grip. The thriving look seemed to be hidden under the vigorous vitality’s flesh, and there was a trend of more explosion.

As for the sensitive parts between the legs, it had unknowingly appeared. Eventually, some things must come, making Ayaka embarrassed because now, she was half tender and half-ripe. Considering that she had entered puberty, it could be expected that girls’ most significant trouble would also visit shortly.

Of course, at the moment, these were still very personal changes, not enough for outsiders to come. However, the striking differences were not without consequences. Ayaka’s height began to grow fiercely, and now her height had reached 1.68 meters, close to one meter seven. It was utterly a pair of height that had grown up.

Since her body began to develop, her strength increase was also pronounced. It seemed that when Saiyans entered the developmental period, the growth of strength would open the floodgates and join the fast lane.

Now, Ayaka had fully felt the change from day to day.

Besides, Ayaka’s hair had grown up to her shoulders. In addition to the two long strands of hair hanging on her chest, she also had a long braid behind her back. Her dress was full of the playfulness and beauty of a young girl. Such a dress wouldn’t interfere with the sensitive activities in any way and certainly did not affect the strength of the move.

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