Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 22


The glazed moon shines between the bamboo leaves under the moonlight, interspersed with the mist that had just risen, making the night look extra hazy. The west wind blew the tender bamboo, which swayed enchantingly and made a loud sound.

A pavilioned young girl stood among the green pines and tender bamboo, holding a cup of fresh hot tea in her hand, looking out at the scenery of the distant mountains.

“Sister!” Behind her, a child with a tail on his butt called softly. Ayaka turned back to Son Goku and asked, “What’s wrong? You can’t sleep?”

“I’m hungry again.” Son Goku said as he touched his stomach in embarrassment. Ayaka rolled her eyes, looked helplessly at Son Goku, and went back to prepare snacks for him.

“He ate so much during dinner; how come he’s hungry again so soon? Could it be that he’s starting to grow?”

Upon thinking of Son Goku that was already eight years old, he should be growing up. However, she had read the original story and knew that Son Goku would have to grow in size after defeating Demon King Piccolo.

Ayaka was preparing a midnight snack in the kitchen when she suddenly felt the sound of intense vibrations and roaring beasts coming from outside!

“Oh no!”

Ayaka suddenly remembered that today was a full moon. How could she be so “melancholy” because of the beauty of the moment? Full moon meant Giant Ape!

She quickly ran to the outside of the house.

“Saiyans can transform into Giant Apes under the full moon. Son Goku will lose consciousness after turning into a Giant Ape, completely turned into a fierce beast.”

Ayaka came to the courtyard and saw a Giant Ape more than ten meters tall roaring madly, yanking a large tree in his hand and waving it around indiscriminately. The Giant Ape jumped up and down, making potholes in the courtyard. Ayaka looked at the inhumanely damaged yard, flowers, and plants that she had planted with her own hands, causing anger to spring up in her heart.

The Giant Ape’s eyes were glowing red when he saw Ayaka, and in a frenzy, he threw away the big tree in his hand and attacked Ayaka.

There was a flash of coldness in her eyes, and the corners of Ayaka’s mouth couldn’t help but rise slightly, completely ignoring the Giant Ape in her eyes. She gently leaped up into the air, making the Giant Ape’s huge arm tossed in empty. The Giant Ape roared angrily towards the sky, and a wave of ki shot out from its mouth.

“When you lose your mind, how can you still use ki waves?” Ayaka was slightly surprised. She then knocked the Giant Ape’s ki wave to the other direction with one hand.


The ki wave hit a hill with a massive explosion, and a mushroom cloud rose far away.

“After turning into a Giant Ape, your power level has increased ten times!”

In that exchange just now, Ayaka accurately saw that the Giant Ape Transformation Son Goku had a power level of 430, ten times more than usual.

“This power level is already comparable to the strength of Son Goku at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z Saga.”

Although the Giant Ape was a tremendous weapon of the Saiyan and could make the Saiyan strength surge by more than ten times, such strength surge was limited in the Dragon Ball main story. The strength after the wave wouldn’t continue to grow after reaching the 100,000 power level. In other words, the Giant Ape was only suitable for Saiyans with a power level below 100,000. After the strength exceeded 100,000 power levels, even with the Giant Ape Transformation, the power growth was minimal. Instead, because of the vast clumsy body, it gave the enemy more opportunities.

Although the Giant Ape’s disadvantages were broken in the outer circle, it had been from another angle to explain the Giant Ape. On Ayaka’s current understanding, the Giant Ape was the Saiyan’s initial life-saving move, but the latter effect wasn’t potent.

Seeing that the Giant Ape couldn’t cause damage for Ayaka, Son Goku jumped up and down violently, letting out a roar. Several waves of ki shot out from the mouth of the Giant Ape at once. Although it couldn’t hit Ayaka, it caused significant damage to the surrounding area.

Ayaka frowned slightly and thought unhappily, “If I let it attack any longer, the whole Mount Paozu will be destroyed!”

Ayaka looked straight at the Giant Ape. Immediately, from Ayaka’s body emerged a powerful aura that overwhelmed the mountains. It was like a giant dragon flying out of the abyss, constantly hissing and roaring.

The ground began to shake, and the sky’s bright white moon seemed to lose its luster.

In the powerful and compelling aura of Ayaka, the Giant Ape stopped the destructive actions. Its body began to tremble. Although the Giant Ape lost his mind, he was shocked by the tremendous sense of oppression out of instinct and couldn’t move.

Ayaka’s hand condensed a ki blade. Suddenly, her figure flashed, instantly disappeared from the spot, and then came behind the Giant Ape as fast as lightning. When the Giant Ape failed to react, she sent a ki blade at its tail.


The Giant Ape’s tail was cut off; the thick tail fell and raised a dust cloud. The Giant Ape let out a big hissing sound, then fell to the ground and passed out. After the Giant Ape fell to the ground, its body gradually became smaller and finally returned to Son Goku’s appearance.

Upon looking at Son Goku lying in ruins and then look at the ground covered with cracks from his destruction, Ayaka lost her voice. She shook her head helplessly and carried Son Goku back to his room.


The next day, Son Goku woke up from a coma and had no memory of what happened last night.

Because his tail was cut off, Son Goku lost his balance for a moment and fell to the ground with a “pop”.

Son Goku asked Ayaka in confusion, “Sister, why did my tail break?”

“You can grow it back! Besides, your tail is also your weakness; isn’t it good to lose it?” Ayaka was lying on the sofa in the living room, with one hand on her chin and the TV remote control in the other.


Son Goku stared in disbelief, wondering how his tail broke. In his mind, he thought, ‘Since my sister said it would grow back, it doesn’t matter.’

“Goku, how’s the practice of Kamehameha and Dancing Sky Air going?” Ayaka saw nothing good on TV, so she put down the remote control and asked Son Goku.

“I’ve mastered them all!” Son Goku said, using the Dancing Sky Art to fly to Ayaka, moving very naturally.

“Since you’ve mastered it all, it’s time for me to take you out of here.”

“To leave Mount Paozu? Sister, where are we going?” Son Goku had great trust in Ayaka and had no objection to leaving Mount Paozu with her.

“Sister will take you to see your grandfather’s teacher, Master Roshi!” Ayaka said with a light smile, “Master Roshi is known as the God of Martial Arts, so it would be good for him to instruct you.”

“Really? Grandfather’s teacher. He must be mighty!”

Son Goku’s face couldn’t help but be filled with excitement when he heard Ayaka wanted to take him to see Master Roshi and had Master Roshi instruct him to train.

Ayaka nodded and said, “Master Roshi’s strength is considered the strongest among Earthlings. He also started the Turtle School, which is the top martial arts school. Only his brother, Mater Shen’s Crane School, can be on par with it.”

Actually, Master Roshi wasn’t powerful at all compared with the entire universe, but Ayaka indeed wouldn’t have said it. In any case, Master Roshi was weak, but his martial arts skills were still worth learning.

“Your grandfather, Son Gohan, was the disciple of Master Roshi. Since you are Son Gohan’s grandson, Master Roshi must be willing to instruct you.”

Son Goku listened, and his head kept nodding.


A few days passed, and when Son Goku had utterly adapted to his tail’s loss, Ayaka was ready to take him to Master Roshi.

Son Goku carefully wrapped the Four-Star Dragon Ball in a cloth, put it in his backpack, then took the Power Pole and walked out of the room.

“Don’t you want to take something else?” Ayaka saw Son Goku only carried a backpack with empty hands, so she couldn’t help but ask.

“I’ll just take Grandpa with me.” Son Goku replied.

Ayaka nodded without saying anything. Even if Son Goku didn’t bring anything, the usual clothes were stored inside her Capsule house.

By pressing the room’s button, “poof”, a cloud of white smoke rose, and the room turned into a Capsule. Ayaka picked up the Capsule on the ground, put it into her travel bag, and then flew up in the air with Son Goku.

Master Roshi was known as the God of Martial Arts, a disciple of Master Mutaito from a generation three hundred years ago. Nowadays, Master Roshi and his brother, Master Shen, were the pinnacles of martial artists on Earth. Master Roshi only took two disciples in the early days, which were Son Gohan and Ox-King. Now he was no longer accepting disciples and was living alone on an island offshore.

According to the original story, Ayaka brought Son Goku to a city first and then found the town where Master Roshi later took Son Goku with Krillin to deliver milk.

After arriving at the town, Ayaka determined the location of Master Roshi by inquiring the residents of the town.

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