Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 23


The sea was as calm as a mirror, reflecting the sparkling light under the sunlight.

Two black shadows flew rapidly over the sea in the distance, both carrying a whirlwind behind them. After the flight, the whirlwind split the calm sea and swept up two fierce wake currents.

After flying for a while, Son Goku asked Ayaka, “Sister, Aare we still not there?”

Ayaka looked at the nearby islands and said lightly, “It should be near here!”

The two continued to fly in the vicinity, looking for Master Roshi’s house according to the villagers’ description in town, and soon saw a small island.

“There it is!”

Ayaka pointed to an island with a pink house built and said, “That’s Kame House where Master Roshi’s lives!”

After flying for so long, they finally found their target. Ayaka took Son Goku’s hand and rushed towards Kame House with a sharp speed, splashing a high wave behind them.


At this time, Master Roshi was wearing sunglasses, lying on a cool chair in the sun. Suddenly, he saw a lovely young girl with a young boy fell from the sky and came to his side.

“Dancing Sky Art!”

Master Roshi exclaimed in surprise. He couldn’t imagine that the two people in front of him were using the stance of his arch-rival, Master Shen, “Could it be that they are Crane School’s disciples who have come to trouble me?”

Master Roshi carefully looked up the two. At first, there was a hint of caution, but he was soon charmed by Ayaka’s beauty, and an obscene smile appeared on his face.

Oh, but this little girl is so cute! Those breasts, really full and soft, and those thighs were like snow-white skin. Her soft curves, uh. No, my nose is bleeding!”

Son Goku was stunned by Master Roshi’s lewd appearance and quickly asked Ayaka, “What’s wrong with this old grandpa? Is he okay?”

“Nothing, he just has too much energy!” Ayaka said disdainfully. She had a horrible smile on her face, and her face was gloomy as she thought, “How dare he look at me with such lewd eyes. This debt will be recorded first!”

“Old grandpa, are you Master Roshi? My name is Ayaka; this is Son Gohan’s grandson, Son Goku!” Ayaka put on a sunny bright smile, pulling Son Goku, and said, “He is here to learn martial arts from you.”

“Gohan’s grandson?” Master Roshi put away his vulgar expression and looked up at Son Goku with a straight face. As a top martial artist on Earth, he felt unusual ki in Son Goku.

“This child has very pure ki. The ki of the Turtle School. Gohan used to say that he adopted a child, that’s him, right?”

“Yes!” Ayaka nodded and answered for Son Goku.

“I can’t believe that Gohan adopted a beautiful girl like you in addition to a boy.”

Ayaka shook her head and said, “Son Gohan does not adopt me. Son Goku and I are not real siblings.”

“I see.” Master Roshi nodded, “How is Gohan now? Why did he not come to see me?”

“Grandpa has been dead for several years!” Son Goku’s voice was low and somewhat sadly.

“He died?” Master Roshi was surprised for a moment, then sighed, feeling sad that his disciple passed away early. His eyes then turned to Ayaka, with a rare gaze that did not carry any lustful look, “Little girl, what you just used was the Dancing Sky Art of the Crane School, are you a disciple of the Crane School?”

Ayaka said with her usual face and without a trace of pride, “No. I developed that on my own. I don’t know that Crane School you’re talking about!”

“Did you completely self-taught and developed the Dancing Sky Art?” Master Roshi was slightly stunned.

‘To have developed the Dancing Sky Art at such a young age, what a qualification!’

He carefully stared at Ayaka, and saw that she was not lying, so he exclaimed, “Little girl, you are outstanding.”

“Not only that, but Son Goku also knows Kamehameha!” Ayaka said.

“Really?” Upon hearing that Son Goku could use Kamehameha, Master Roshi’s eyes sprouted golden light, “Son Goku, let me see your Kamehameha!”

Son Goku turned his head to Ayaka. After seeing Ayaka nod gently, Son Goku set up his pose and made the starting stance of Kamehameha.


Son Goku shouted softly. He formed his hands into claws, then slowly leaned them together. He used the ki in his body and slowly gathered it into his hands, and a feeling of oppression was released from Son Goku’s body.


More ki gathered above the two claws, gradually making the air produce a transparent distortion. The body’s ki was like a fierce tiger out of the cage, unbridled play out.


Son Goku slowly put away his hands and then moved to the waist. The ki condensed in the hands gradually piled up. Finally, the quantity became a quality change. The ki was transformed into a ki wave, which emitted a dazzling blue light in his hands.


After pushing the ki wave at his waist fiercely forward, his claws unfolded. A powerful ki wave was fired out abruptly, and the dazzling blue light shone so brightly that people had to close their eyes.

The Kamehameha kept shooting forward along the sea surface. The super high speed brought up an intense whirlwind and stirred up a straight line of waves.

Master Roshi saw Son Goku make authentic Kamehameha and couldn’t help but smile happily, “It’s an excellent Kamehameha. Son Goku, did Son Gohan teach you this?” 

After looking at such a small child, who could use Kamehameha, Master Roshi knew that Turtle School had outstanding disciples. It was impossible to send out Kamehameha without fifty years of training. So, this could be concluded that the child’s qualifications were quite good.

“Grandpa didn’t teach me. My sister is the one who taught me Kamehameha and the Dancing Sky Art.” Son Goku told the truth.

“Your sister taught you?” Master Roshi turned his gaze to Ayaka, wondering where she learned it from.

Ayaka saw that it was about to be worn out and quickly explained, “Son Goku’s grandfather once helped me, and also taught me Kamehameha. Then I climbed Korin Tower, and I developed the Dancing Sky Art from Korin!”

This statement was wholly made up, but no one would check; it was considered a better excuse.

After hearing Ayaka climbed up Korin Tower to meet Korin, Master Roshi didn’t doubt it. It was amazing to be able to accept Korin’s instruction and develop the Dancing Sky Art.

“Then what is the purpose of your visit to me?” Master Roshi asked.

Ayaka finally got to the point and smiled, “All I can teach Goku is the use of ki and combat techniques. After all, my training style is not suitable for him. So I want Master Roshi to take Goku as you disciple and instruct him in his training!”

“Take him as a disciple?”

Seeing that Son Goku was looking at him expectantly, Master Roshi stroked his hairless head. He nodded with a silly smile, “It’s not bad to accept a disciple with such outstanding strength like him!”

“Well, I’ll take Son Goku. From now on, Son Goku will be under my guidance to train!” Master Roshi tapped the palm of his hand as he decided to accept Son Goku as a disciple.

Ayaka sigh with relief, and a faint smile appeared on her face. She thought she had completed her mission! Son Goku was also happy when he saw Master Roshi was willing to teach him to practice.

At this point, Master Roshi crept to the side of Ayaka. He put his hand on Ayaka’s thin waist and said in a lewd manner, “Ayaka, your brother has worshipped me as a teacher… Don’t you want to join him… I do not mind taking you as a disciple!” With that, Master Roshi placed his hand on Ayaka’s waist and gently stroked it.

Ayaka felt Master Roshi touch her thin waist, and her face suddenly became gloomy, “Old man, how dare you to take advantage of this lady. Go to hell!”

With that said, she punched Master Roshi on the chin, sending him flying into the sky, turning into a shiny point.

Son Goku slowly arranged his clothes inside the Kame House, while Ayaka sat on the sofa looking at magazines. It was just that Master Roshi only had women’s fitness magazines here. On the side, Master Roshi, covering his injured jaw, kept offering his courtesy to Ayaka, trying to make Ayaka his disciple.

Looking at the lecherous old man who kept offering, Ayaka gloomily flipped the magazine in her hand, “sighs, I’m starting to regret bringing Son Goku here.” 

After learning the news that Ayaka would be staying temporarily, Master Roshi’s emotions instantly rose. He decided to instruct Son Goku in his training immediately. He rummaged through the cupboard, retrieved a bulky turtle shell from under the bed, and made Son Goku carry it on his back.

This turtle shell was about fifty kilograms, so after putting the turtle shell on his back, Son Goku’s movement suddenly became slower. Ayaka saw Master Roshi instructing Son Goku and was happy to see it. She then turned on the TV to watch.

Of course, Ayaka was hoping to learn the martial arts techniques on Earth, but currently, what Master Roshi’s teaching to Son Goku was too superficial. It didn’t involve a high level of mastery. She had mastered it long ago, so she didn’t bother to follow it.

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