Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 24


On the beach in front of Kame House, Son Goku was on the ground doing push-ups with a turtle shell on his back, while Master Roshi sat on Son Goku’s back. He occasionally tapped Son Goku’s hands and feet with his cane to criticize his movements.

Ayaka was lying on a beach chair with her eyes closed, but her heart always paid attention to Master Roshi’s teaching to Son Goku.

As a Saiyan, Ayaka had her training system set, and her strength was far beyond Master Roshis. However, Master Roshi’s training set was very effective, especially the proper use of ki. It’s worth learning from.

It had been more than a few months since she came to Kami House. During that time, Ayaka kept observing the training methods of Master Roshi and had memorized the training methods of Turtle School.

Unfortunately, Turtle School’s practice was only suitable for Earthlings with low power levels and didn’t have much effect on the Saiyan, whose power level was close to 140,000. It couldn’t be said that there was no effect, but it was just hard to see the impact of that slight degree of exercise.

“Turtle School training method is indeed able to lay a good foundation. Unfortunately, that little exercise has been unable to let me get a big breakthrough.”

Ayaka looked at Son Goku’s sweaty face, inwardly sighed, “Should I go to create the Gravity Chamber?” Ayaka remembered Vegeta’s hard work inside the small space of the Gravity Chamber in the original story, “… But the Gravity Chamber is too bulky, and that kind of training is not suitable for girls to practice.”

Should she find a giant planet with high gravity to continue her practice? However, when she thought about it, she felt that it was too homogenous. Although the effect was good, it seemed that relying on the same training method all the time wouldn’t be conducive to an all-round improvement!

Suddenly, Ayaka thought of inspiration, “If I use the Dragon Balls to ask Shenron to create a multifunctional battle suit, then it will solve a lot of problems!”

This thought excited Ayaka. In addition to her gender factor, there are two main problems that confused her.

The first problem was how to strengthen her power further. Turtle School training method was very effective, but unfortunately not suitable for high-intensity training. So, in the original story, Son Goku and others, by coincidence, used the Gravity Chamber approach to achieve high-intensity exercise and then supplemented by the Turtle School method of training so that the strength soared.

The second problem that plagued Ayaka was bursting clothes caused by the impact of energy during the battle. In the original story’s late battle, the training clothes couldn’t resist the effects of powerful energy, making them fight naked.

As a girl, Ayaka didn’t want to explode in battle and to be left naked. If she used the Dragon Balls to create a set of battle armor that could change gravity and instantly repair the damaged parts when fighting, it would be a perfect solution to Ayaka’s two problems.

Ayaka didn’t ask Shenron to make a battle armor that could resist energy attacks and didn’t damage it because she knew that the power of Shenron couldn’t do that. Therefore, the second-best thing to do was to let Shenron make a battle armor that could recover instantly after an energy attack, so at least no one could see her body.

Upon thinking of this, Ayaka suddenly had an urgent desire to immediately collect the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron to fulfill her wishes.


During dinner, Ayaka told Son Goku and Master Roshi that she wanted to go out.

Son Goku was a little reluctant about it. Ayaka then smiled and said, “I’m just leaving for a while; I’ll be back in a few years.”

Master Roshi had long known that people like Ayaka could not live permanently in Kame House and did not think much of her leaving. He just thought it was a pity that such a lovely girl had gone.

“By the way, Goku, I want to borrow your Four-Star Dragon Ball for a while; I will definitely give you back later!” Ayaka asked Son Goku for the Four-Star Dragon Ball. Son Goku nodded in agreement and reluctantly gave Ayaka the Four-Star Dragon Ball in his chest pouch.

“Do not worry, a year at most two years I will be back,” Ayaka said with a smile. She then turned her gaze to Master Roshi, and her face changed like the fickle weather, saying, “Old man, give me your Dragon Ball too!”

Master Roshi faintly froze, but as if he was used to seeing Ayaka’s bossy in recent times, he pulled out the Dragon Ball hanging around his neck and asked, “I found this little ball in the sea before. I think it’s special so I’ve been carrying it. Does it do anything?”

“No!” Ayaka denied it.

In the original story, Bulma got Dragon Balls by showing him her panties. However, Bulma didn’t know that she wasn’t wearing panties at that time, so it was a tragedy for Bulma that a young girl’s critical part was looked at by a horny old man, two or three times in a row!

If she let Master Roshi know the Dragon Balls’ role, she wondered what he would ask from her!

However, Ayaka still underestimated the wisdom of Master Roshi. He had already judged from Ayaka’s attitude that the Dragon Balls must have some significance. So he lewdly said to Ayaka, “Little Ayaka, as long as you kiss me, I will give it to you; how about it?”

Ayaka heard this and was instantly enraged. A few veins sprouted from her forehead as she gritted her teeth and said, “Damn, old man, you want to die!”

Feeling the anger in Ayaka’s words and a powerful murderous aura, Master Roshi sarcastically untied the rope around his neck and handed the Dragon Ball to Ayaka.

Hmph, that’s more like it!”

After getting the Dragon Balls, Ayaka used the Dancing Sky Art to float in the air. She then said to Son Goku and Master Roshi, “I will come back within two years. Goku, you have to train well! Old man, teach Goku well, and do not teach him those messy things, or watch out for your skeleton!

After saying that, she didn’t wait for Master Roshi to react. Instead, Ayaka gave an explosive power, turned into a shadow, and quickly disappeared in front of Son Goku and Master Roshi’s sight.

When Ayaka’s figure disappeared, Master Roshi breathed a sigh of relief, “Goku, this young lady of yours is horrible. It’s a pity that such a lovely appearance has such a bad personality and does not know how to respect the elderly!”



Ayaka left Kame House and ran directly to the West City.

At this time, Bulma was just over 12 years old and shouldn’t be able to create Dragon Ball radar. So, Ayaka was looking for Bulma’s father – Dr. Brief, to ask him to help make Dragon Ball radar.

Ayaka’s speed was breakneck, and in just a moment, she was already in the sky above the West City.

Ayaka landed in an alley when no one was looking and then began to inquire about the Capsule Corporation Headquarters’ address.

West City was a bustling city with technology nearly 150 years more advanced than other cities, which was an incredible gap. There were all kinds of strange spherical buildings and air train tracks in the West City, an abstract overpass crisscrossed with hovering jet vehicles.

With her lovely appearance, Ayaka easily asked pedestrians for the Capsule Corporation Headquarters’ address. According to the address, Ayaka found the Capsule Corporation and then looked up where Dr. Brief lived.

Bulma’s home was a four-story hemispherical building covering a vast area. Around the house were planted various flowers and trees, which looked like a wealthy family’s residence.

Ayaka pressed the doorbell. Shortly afterward, Dr. Briefs, covered with oil stains, came out of the indoor laboratory with a cigarette in his mouth and opened the door.

Upon seeing Ayaka at the door, Dr. Brief noticed that the young girl in front of him was about the same age as his daughter Bulma. He then asked with some surprise, “Young lady, are you Bulma’s classmate? Bulma is not at home right now.”

Ayaka shook her head, “No, Dr. Brief. I’m not here to see your daughter; I’m here to see you.”

“Are you looking for me?” Dr. Briefs was a little surprised, not sure what the young girl in front of him wanted to see him about, “Come in and talk.” He smiled as he led Ayaka inside, “Help yourself to anything you need. Sorry, can you let me finish the task at hand first?”

Ayaka smiled and nodded, then sat on the sofa and watched TV.

Half an hour later, Dr. Brief finished his business and came to Ayaka after washing up, “May I ask what you want from me, Miss?”

Ayaka took out the two Dragon Balls in her hand, and the two Dragon Balls emitted a golden glow from time to time when they were put together.

“I am trying to ask you to create a radar that can detect the special electric waves emitted by these two Dragon Balls.”

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