Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 25


Dr. Brief picked up a Dragon Ball and curiously poked around, “I think I should be able to create a radar that detects its special signal, but it will take a few weeks.”

Upon hearing that Dr. Brief was willing to help make a Dragon Ball radar, a smile appeared on Ayaka’s face, and she politely thanked Dr. Brief.

At that moment, Bulma’s mother came over with fruits and entertained Ayaka, “Ah! Little sister is so cute, have you got a boyfriend? Our Bulma still refuses to have a boyfriend until now!”

Listening to Bulma’s mother, Ayaka didn’t know how to say something. So, she just smiled politely.

Ah, Do you have a place to stay? How about staying here?” she asked Ayaka, “Bulma would be very happy to have you here. It would be nice for her to have someone to play with.”

“Thank you for the offer, but I already have a place to stay.” Ayaka refused the offer with a smile.


Refusing to stay with Bulma’s parents, Ayaka found a hotel nearby and stayed there.

After a good wash with hot water to remove all the dust, Ayaka wrapped in a bathrobe lying on the bed, thinking, “I have two of the seven Dragon Balls in my hands now. I only know that there is one in the hands of the Ox-King. The Dragon Balls in Bulma and Tien Shinhan’s hands should not be obtained and may still be somewhere else. It seems that I still need to wait for Dr. Brief to build the Dragon Ball radar!”

Ayaka intended to stop thinking about these things. To not affect the journey of Son Goku and Bulma’s search for the Dragon Balls, she had to send it back to Ox-King after she used it.


The next day, Ayaka came to the Capsule Corporation.

The Capsule Corporation Headquarters had something that was not available in other cities. Ayaka especially came here to spend a lot of money to re-purchase a villa.

This villa was very similar to Bulma’s house, which was also a hemispherical house with many glass windows. The house had a total of four floors, which had more than thirty rooms. Counting the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc., there were more than fifty small areas.

Ayaka spent a lot of money arranging each room with electricity, curtains, sofas, etc. The final total cost was about 600 million.

After swipe 600 million from the card, Ayaka thought with pain, “There are three hundred and sixty million deposits, and a better house cost 600 million. This money indeed doesn’t last long!”

Upon turning this huge villa into a Capsule to carry around his waist, Ayaka began to wander around the West City.

West City, as one of the most technologically advanced cities on Earth, had many amusement facilities.

Ayaka went to several amusement parks and took pictures at some famous attractions. When she finally was bored, she went to a clothing store and tried on a lot of beautiful clothes and fully lived a “hanger” addiction.


Two weeks passed, and once again, Ayaka came to Bulma’s house. She rang the doorbell, and this time it was Bulma who opened the door. A little girl with blue hair and wearing casual clothes appeared in front of Ayaka.

Ayaka knew Bouma was a good girl. Just because the pre-Dragon Ball definition was a funny manga, it was inevitable to make Bouma look a little naive. Since entering the Dragon Ball Z, the change in style also reflects Bulma’s gentle and virtuous side. Her husband, Vegeta, was also considered a loving and supportive person. At least they were happier than Son Goku and Chi-Chi, who shared more days.

Bulma saw a beautiful young girl standing in front of the door and asked, “Miss, who are you looking for?”

Ayaka smiled and said, “You are Bulma. I’m here to see your father, Dr. Brief. I’m here to ask if the radar Dr. Brief made is finished yet?”

“You’re the one who asked dad to make that strange radar! These days dad has been working on those two beads, and the radar is almost finished.”

With that, Bulma led Ayaka into the living room and then asked her mother to entertain Ayaka while calling Dr. Brief.

As soon as Bulma’s mother saw Ayaka’s arrival, she warmly brought out drinks to entertain her. In a short while, Dr. Brief came over with the Dragon Ball radar and two Dragon Balls.

“Little girl, these two beads of yours are magical; they glow golden on their own whenever they touch together. I haven’t found the reason for their glow until now.”

With that, Dr. Brief handed over the Dragon Ball and the Dragon Ball Radar to Ayaka, “This is the radar you want. Although it can already find the mysterious signal emitted by these two balls, I always feel that something is missing. If you want to add the music playing feature, why don’t you wait for two more days and let me perfect it?”

Seeing that Dr. Brief was still dwelling on his strange aesthetics, Ayaka couldn’t help but lose her voice and laugh lightly.

Measuring up the Dragon Ball radar in his hand, Dr. Brief made a Dragon Ball radar very similar to the one of Bulma but more perfect than Bulma’s. In addition to the zoom-in and zoom-out function of the signal, it was specially equipped with a global map so that it would be easier to find the Dragon Balls.

Ayaka looked at the Dragon Ball radar in her hand with satisfaction and said gratefully, “No need to add that function. This Dragon Ball radar is now perfect. Thank you very much!” Ayaka said, bowing to Bulma’s father to express her gratitude.

Dr. Brief laughed and rubbed his head with his hand. He was happy to have completed another invention. As for receiving money, he had never thought about it.

At that moment, Bulma curiously surveyed the Dragon Ball and asked Ayaka, “Miss, what is this strange ball of yours for?”

Ayaka smiled and said, “Bulma, we are all the same age; you can call me Ayaka!”

Bulma was startled and looked at Ayaka with a surprised expression. This tall, beautiful, and pretty young girl was the same age as her? With such a comparison, Bulma immediately became frustrated.

She lost, no matter what aspect of the body. She had lost.

“These two balls are called Dragon Balls, a magical item made by Kami. It is said that if one collects all seven of these balls distributed throughout the world, one will be able to summon Shenron to fulfill any of the summoner’s wishes that do not exceed Kami’s ability.”

“For example, becoming the richest man in the world, becoming a head of state, or regaining your youth, Shenron will be able to fulfill it for you easily.”

“So amazing!”

Bulma’s eyes glowed in amazement after heard Ayaka’s explanation. Even Dr. Brief’s face showed a look of surprise.

Bulma pleaded with Ayaka and said, “Then… Ayaka, can you take me with you to find the Dragon Balls?”

Ayaka shook her head with difficulty, “No, the journey to find the Dragon Balls is full of danger; you are still young, wait a few more years. When you are 16 years old, we are traveling together, how about it?”

Dr. Brief also thought that Ayaka had a point. He certainly didn’t feel comfortable letting his daughter go out, “Miss Ayaka has a good point. Wait until you’re a little older before you go, then mom and dad can also rest assured.”

Bulma shook her head, dissatisfied, “Isn’t Ayaka also look for the Dragon Ball alone? She and I are the same age; even when she is bigger than I am, she’s not much older!”

“I am different. I am a friend of Master Roshi, and he’s powerful. I know you’re not afraid of those dangers, but you don’t have the same strength as me. So, you should go out again in a few years!” Ayaka patiently explained.

Bulma didn’t believe for a second that Ayaka would have great strength. However, being under the control of his parents, she could only give up the idea of going out with Ayaka to find the Dragon Balls.

Ayaka took the Dragon Ball radar and pressed the search button.

Beep, beep, beep!

After a few sounds, the radar screen shows the location of the seven Dragon Balls. The red triangle center showed where she was with two points of the Dragon Ball signal. On the map next to it was also marked with the words West City. With the specially added map, it was much easier to find the Dragon Balls.

Ayaka smiled and said goodbye to the Bulma family and then flew up in the air.


With that, Ayaka disappeared from their sight, leaving the already dumbfounded Bulma family.

“How can… Ayaka fly?” Bulma stammered.

“It seems that Miss Ayaka really has a special ability. No wonder she dares to travel the world alone!” Dr. Brief wiped the frames of his glasses and said with a calm look.

“Bulma, you don’t have that kind of power, so stay at home for the next few years.”

Bulma nodded with a downcast look and a secret resolve, “In a few years, I will make my own Dragon Ball radar and go in search of the Dragon Balls.”

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