Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 26


After leaving Bulma’s house, Ayaka flew towards the place shown on the Dragon Ball radar. The first stop she had to make was the Fire Mountain where the Ox-King lived.

According to the Dragon Ball radar, Ayaka soon arrived at the Fire Mountain. At this time, the Fire Mountain had not been covered by the Earth’s core flames. On the top of the Fire Mountain was built a lofty castle.

The Ox-King was the second disciple of Master Roshi, and his heart was good. It was just his rugged appearance and that unique outfit that made him look like a demon king. Nearby villagers were afraid of the Ox-King and did not dare to step into the Fire Mountain where he lived.

Ayaka flew directly over Fire Mountain and then landed on the castle. She surveyed the lofty old castle in front of her and thought to herself, “I can’t believe the Ox-King is still a tycoon. If flames hadn’t destroyed this castle in the end, Chi-Chi would have inherited a family fortune full of money and wouldn’t have had such a hard time living afterward.”

“Who’s there?”

From behind the stone pillar came a girl’s soft voice. A little girl with a helmet on her head, a cloak behind her, and a strange dress came out. The little girl was about eight or nine years old. She had some panic in her eyes as she forced herself to look at Ayaka calmly.

‘Is this Chi-Chi?’

Ayaka looked at the little girl, and her thoughts jumped quickly. Ayaka was impressed by this girl who could be called Son Goku’s childhood sweetheart. Because she didn’t understand love as a child and made a marriage contract with Son Goku, she kept her childhood promise to find Son Goku and marry him as an adult.

Ayaka had a very great affection for Chi-Chi. Although her love for Son Goku was too simple, Son Goku once sent her an apple to make her blush for a long time. Therefore, Chi-Chi’s life was dedicated to Son Goku and their family.

However, in the original story, Son Goku died, leaving her two sons to raise alone, while the Ox-King left behind a fortune but only enough, so she was living a hard life. However, Ayaka felt that Goku was quite sorry for Chi-Chi.

Ayaka looked at Chi-Chi with a smile, “I am a friend of your father’s teacher, Master Roshi, and I am here to find your father.”

“Are you here to see dad?” Chi-Chi asked, puzzled. She thought about it and felt that Ayaka did not look like a bad person. So, when she heard that she was looking for her father, she led Ayaka towards the lobby.

In the hall, the Ox-King sat at the dining table, nibbling on a piece of meat in his hand, while a servant on the side carefully handed over a tray of dinner plates.

Seeing his daughter entered with a strange young girl, the Ox-King put down the food in his hand, “Daughter, this is the freshly slaughtered beef. Do you want to try it?” He said and ate by himself, chewing beef in his mouth, and asked vaguely, “Who is this young girl? Your friend?”

“She said she is a friend of Master Roshi and is here to find you, Daddy,” Chi-Chi said in a small voice as she refused the Ox-King’s offer.

“Master Roshi’s friend?” The Ox-King brushed himself up, throwing away the meat piece in his hand and coming to Ayaka.

“Are you really a friend of Master Roshi?”

The Ox-King had respect for Master Roshi. The only ones who could make him so respectful were his teacher, Master Roshi, and his senior brother, Son Gohan.

Ayaka nodded. To make the Ox-King believe in her, Ayaka significantly extended her palm and condensed a ki wave in the palm of her hand. At that time, only Crane School disciple could use ki waves, other than Kamehameha, on Earth.

“My name is Ayaka. You see, this is Kamehameha!” Ayaka smiled and said.

The Ox-King looked at the blue ki wave emitting from Ayaka’s hand and nodded his head, “Yes, this is Master Roshi’s signature technique-Kamehameha. So, you are really Master Roshi’s friend!”

“I wonder what purpose Master Roshi asked for you to find me?” The Ox-King asked.

“It’s not that Master Roshi is looking for you; instead, I want to ask you a favor.”

The Ox-King asked with a curious face, “Little girl, you are powerful; what else do you need my help with?” Since Ayaka could use Kamehameha, then her strength should be above him.

Ayaka took out a Dragon Ball and asked the Ox-King, “According to my radar, you should have a ball just like this one here. I hope you can lend it to me.”

After listening to this, the Ox-King picked up the Dragon Ball and put it in front of his eyes to look at it carefully. He then vaguely seemed to have that impression, but he forgot where he had put it.

The Ox-King smiled nervously in embarrassment and returned the Dragon Ball to Ayaka, “I remember that there seems to be such a thing, but I did not pay much attention to it, and now I forgot where I put it!”

Ayaka took the Dragon Ball, shook her head, and said, “It does not matter as long as you have it here. I have the Dragon Ball radar so that we can find it quickly.” She said and pressed the button of the Dragon Ball Radar to narrow the search area gradually.

According to the radar display, the Ox-King took Ayaka to the treasure trove. After he pushed open the door of the treasure trove, Ayaka saw a pile of gold and silver treasures inside and was immediately shocked by the wealth of the Ox-King.

‘He is wealthy. Not less than what I got from the treasure trove under the sea!’

Ayaka searched in a pile of gold and silver treasures, and in a short time, she found the Dragon Ball buried underneath. The surface of the Dragon Ball still shone brightly with a golden light.

After putting the Dragon Ball into the pouch at her waist, Ayaka happily said to the Ox-King, “Thank you so much. I’ll send it back when I’m done with it.”

“That little ball looks a little special. If you want it, take it; no need to return it.” The Ox-King gave the Dragon Ball to Ayaka without care.

“How can that be? I will return the Dragon Ball when I’m done with it!” Ayaka shook her head. She knew that if the Dragon Balls were not returned, Son Goku and Bulma might not come to Fire Mountain in the future, and then the marriage between Goku and Chi-Chi wouldn’t happen. Although the Dragon Ball plot inevitably changed because of her arrival, Goku and Chi-Chi’s marriage couldn’t be broken!

Upon thinking about Son Goku and Chi-Chi’s marriage, Ayaka brightened up and could not help but want to help set them up.

She gazed at Chi-Chi, and said softly to the Ox-King, “Uncle, I have a brother named Son Goku, who is the grandson of Master Roshi’s Great Disciple, Son Gohan. He is about the same age as Chi-Chi, and now was training under Master Roshi. I want to see if I can get Chi-Chi together with him in the future; what do you think?”

When the Ox-King heard this, he became interested, “He’s the grandson of Brother Gohan, who is now practicing under Master Roshi?”

The Ox-King looked at his daughter Chi-Chi, then quietly asked Ayaka, “How is that kid named Son Goku in person? How is his strength?”

Ayaka immediately patted her chest and gave a guarantee, “Don’t worry, Goku is a simple person with outstanding strength. He has long since learned Kamehameha. Such a good son-in-law hitting the lantern are hard to find!”

“Later, I will bring Goku for you to see. If by then Chi-Chi has no opinion, we will set the marriage between the two of them, how about it?” Ayaka promoted Son Goku to the Ox-King.

“When the time comes, if Chi-Chi is okay with it, of course, I agree!”

The Ox-King was still more concerned about Chi-Chi. So, everything was always based on Chi-Chi’s opinion. However, since Son Goku was so excellent in Ayaka’s mouth, he believed that there must be quite a high hope of success.

In this case, Son Goku and Chi-Chi were unaware that their sister and father were already planning a lifelong event for them.


At night, the castle on Fire Mountain was lit up, and to welcome Ayaka’s arrival, the Ox-King held a special banquet for her.

During the feast, Ayaka took out a photo of herself and Son Goku then handed it to Chi-Chi, “Chi-Chi, this is my brother. His name is Son Goku. In the future, if you meet him, you should get along well!”

Chi-Chi took the photo, curiously looking at the image of the boy named Son Goku. She thought that Son Goku was quite photogenic and cute.

At this point, Ayaka deliberately lowered her voice and said, “Maybe he is your future husband!”

Chi-Chi heard Ayaka’s words, and her face immediately reddened. She then ran away in embarrassment.

Upon seeing Chi-Chi shyly run away, Ayaka smiled leisurely. She turned back to the Ox-King and said, “It seems that Chi-Chi is not opposed to this matter. It may really work out in the future!”

With that, Ayaka and the Ox-King laughed together.

As for the Chi-Chi, she was also impressed by the boy named Son Goku, who may become her husband.

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