Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 27


After getting the Dragon Ball from the Ox-King, Ayaka went ahead to find the next Dragon Ball.

With the Dragon Ball radar display, Ayaka came to a depression surrounded by mountains.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

Crows cawed between the branches and swooped through the air.

Mountains surrounded the small depression. Because the terrain was relatively low, there were few times when the sun shone all year round, making the entire depression seem extraordinarily deep and silent.

Ayaka walked on the path covered with weeds and branches. She pulled her sweater covered with balls of thread from time to time. Looking at the sweater rolled full of thread balls, Ayaka’s heart was very depressed.

“Originally, I looked good in this style and bought it, but I can not imagine that it has become like this so quickly.”

After looking up at the sky covered by the shade of the trees above her, Ayaka could only speed up her steps to find the Dragon Ball that had fallen nearby and get out of here as soon as possible.


A roar sounded ahead. The roar produced several echoes, and the echoes kept spreading out in the depression as a flock of startled birds flew through the sky.

Ayaka looked at the sound and saw a large black bear appeared in front of her. Ayaka did not want to pay attention to the black bear and wanted to go around and leave. However, the black bear saw Ayaka and rushed towards her as if it saw food.

Ayaka frowned and gave the black bear an unpleasant look; a cold chill flashed in her eyes.

Huff and puff!

The black bear hurriedly stopped, feeling the eerie coldness in Ayaka’s eyes. It then ran in the opposite direction with a whimpering sound from its mouth.

“Turns out it still has the sense!”

Seeing the black bear farting away, Ayaka could not help but smile and then walk towards the depression.


After walking for about half an hour, Ayaka stopped and looked at the Dragon Ball radar in his hand, which showed four Dragon Balls in the center. After subtracting the three that Ayaka carried with her, the fourth Dragon Ball was nearby.

Ayaka looked around but found no trace of the Dragon Ball and could not help but feel strange. “The radar shows that the Dragon Ball is in this place. How come I didn’t find it?”

Ayaka rummaged around again in the nearby grass, shrubs, and piles of debris but still couldn’t find any.


Ayaka remembered, In the original story, the Dragon Ball seemed to be found in a bird’s nest. “Could this Dragon Ball also be inside the bird’s nest in the tree?”

Ayaka used Dancing Sky Art to leave the ground and came to a position equal to the trees’ height, then began to look up. Sure enough, on top of a large tree, she found a bird’s nest, and inside the nest, in addition to two giant eggs, there was an orange Dragon Ball.

Ayaka picked up the Dragon Ball, and her heart was happy, “So there are four Dragon Balls in my hand. If I find three more, I can summon Shenron.”

With that in mind, Ayaka flew high into the sky and headed for the next target.

With the more advanced Dragon Ball radar, Ayaka found the fifth and sixth Dragon Balls in the gravel mountain and the desert, respectively. She then flew towards the location where the last Dragon Ball was located.

According to the radar, the last Dragon Ball was located in the deep sea. Upon looking at a vast ocean with crazy waves, Ayaka smiled blandly. The last Dragon Ball was at the bottom of the ocean.


Ayaka leaped into the sea and then dived down continuously.

This sea was not deep; even at the bottom of the sea, there was still the sun shining. In the ocean, the variety of coral and reefs had been shaped by the long years into various strange postures, on which adsorbed or red or blue crustaceans, making the entire bottom of the ocean shows a diverse landscape.

Ayaka shuttled between various colorful fish, continually surveying the surroundings, trying to find the seventh Dragon Ball.

“I found it!”

Ayaka exclaimed in surprise as she found the seventh Dragon Ball in a cluster of rock shelves covered with coral and water plants. Ayaka reached down and picked up the Dragon Ball, placing it inside a cloth bag.

As the seven Dragon Ball converged, the shining light frequency accelerated as if Shenron was about to break out of its shell.

Landing on a barren island, Ayaka poured out the seven Dragon Ball from the cloth bag.

Hooooo! Hooooo!

The seven Dragon Balls kept flickering with golden light, each flicker emitting a soft chant similar to that of Shenron.

Ayaka looked at the glowing Dragon Balls on the ground and felt some uncontrollable excitement in her heart, “Finally, Shenron is about to be summoned!”


Ayaka shouted to the Dragon Balls with her heart full of expectation.

At once, the sky resounded with several thunder sounds and a large swath of dark clouds dense over. The overwhelming dark clouds converged as if they were mountains and soon obscured the entire sky, causing the surrounding area to fall into a terrifying darkness.


The golden lightning seemed like an angry dragon, weaving in and out of the dark black clouds, cutting straight down. The roar of thunder was deafening as if the world was ending.

The golden light shining from the Dragon Balls became bigger and brighter, echoing the sky’s golden lightning. At this time, the distance between the sky and the ground seemed to be brought closer. It was no longer possible to tell where the sky was and where the ground was. Ayaka was also stunned by this seemingly apocalyptic scene.

“The scene is really imposing as Shenron coming out!”


The seven Dragon Balls burst out at once with a large amount of golden light. The golden light snaked and soared towards the sky, merging with the lightning in the sky. A vast dragon roar resounded through the world, and Ayaka knew that Shenron had appeared.

In the sky, the green Shenron kept circling among the black clouds and finally stared at Ayaka with eyes that shone red, “Human, say your wish; I can fulfill any of your wishes!”

Ayaka held down the excitement in her heart. She took out a box of a hundred sets of clothes, including underwear to jackets, hair bands to shoes, and all of them were the most innovative and popular in the market.

“Shenron, please transform my one hundred sets of clothing into a battle armor that can freely change the weight and can instantly restore the broken parts.”

Shenron looked at Ayaka in silence for a long time before speaking, “Sorry, this wish cannot be granted. Your wish contains two wishes, and you can only choose one of them!”

Ayaka couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Shenron wasn’t generally intelligent, and it distinguished. Initially, she wanted to write a paper full of requests and then let Shenron fulfill them!

Shenron in the Dragon Ball world was like Judge Lu with a human touch!

Since Shenron could only grant one of the wishes above, Ayaka had to take stock of it. After a brief thought, Ayaka said to Shenron, “Shenron, please turn all my one hundred sets of clothing into clothing that can freely change the weight.”

In Ayaka thought, the original story’s first wish was utterly wasted by Oolong after four years. So, it would be better to add the repair function to his clothes at that time; now, the weight-bearing function was more needed to enhance her power level a lot in four years.


Shenron’s eyes emitted a red glow, and then all of the hundred sets of clothing in the box shone white. Ayaka picked up a sleeveless jacket, found that the jacket had become different. There was a special aura that entered Ayaka’s body.

Shenron said, “This one hundred sets of clothing have gone through the ki recognition. In the future, only you can use it. When using it, silently recite the load weight to it.”

“Your wish has been granted, so goodbye.”

After saying that, Shenron turned back into seven dragon balls, then spun in the sky a few times before flying towards the world.

Ayaka did not notice because she was experimenting with her clothes, and only after the Dragon Balls flew away did she come back to her senses, “Damn, I can’t believe I forgot to stop the Dragon Balls!”

Ayaka regretted it a little. Just now, she did not stop the Dragon Balls. They now had turned into stones and flown around the world, and if she wanted to use it again, she would have to wait until a year later.

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