Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 28


“I can only use the Dragon Balls again in a year!”

However, she should get Son Goku’s Four-Star Dragon Ball and the one from the Ox-King back.

Ayaka unbuttoned the clothes on her body sharply, took off all the clothes on her body, and then changed into the underwear and jacket that Shenron had transformed, then finally put on the boots after she took out an orange ribbon and tied it around her neck.

With the attractive figure of Ayaka in adolescence, she looked extraordinarily vibrant and beautiful, youthful and beautiful.

Ayaka was delighted with her outfit, which brought out her beautiful side in its entirety. She then changed the clothes’ weight silently, and in an instant, Ayaka’s body felt like a mountain. Her hands and feet were bound by the heavy clothes and collapsed down, causing the ground to split into tiny cracks and plunging nearly half of her two feet into the ground.

“Although the clothes on my body produced a huge weight, their shape did not change at all. There was not the slightest downward pressure, as if those weights did not exist at all.”

Ayaka moved her body’s ki and gently lifted her body against the massive weight that the weight-bearing suit brought to the ground.

The weight-bearing suit was not simply weight-bearing. Ayaka experimented and found that the weight-bearing suit’s gravity was not caused by the gravitational force of the clothes and the ground but was generated on the entire space. So, even if she moved into the universe, she could still feel the gravity of the weight-bearing suit.

The weight of the weight-bearing suit itself did not change. However, when it was worn on Ayaka, it gave Ayaka a considerable force, ripping space! She couldn’t imagine that Shenron could create such a magical prop. Moreover, the strange thing was that gravity was very evenly distributed on every cell of the body.

The higher her power level, the higher the field energy, and the greater the oppression of space. She converged her ki to half of its original level and found that half of it was still counteracting spatial pressure.

With half of the effect on space, this was too unbelievable!

“Let’s increase the weight to see. I wonder if there is an upper limit to the weight of these clothes?”

Ayaka became interested and continued to increase the weight of the clothes on her body. She raised the weight ton by ton and soon found the pressure of space on her did not increase. It always remained at half of the limit; instead, Ayaka gradually felt the actual weight increase until she felt a certain pressure.

Gradually, beads of sweat emerged from Ayaka’s forehead.

At this time, each piece of clothing on Ayaka’s body had nearly ten tons of weight, counting the body’s underwear, boots, hair bands, ribbons piecemeal total of more than a hundred tons of weight. These were the actual weight!

Ayaka looked at the clothes on her body and thought, “This time, it has become a mobile fortress!”

To resist the damage caused by the enormous gravity on the ground, besides carrying the weight on her body, Ayaka also used ki to support her body to prevent her body from being too heavy to cause damage to the ground.


Above Korin Tower, the Lookout.

“Kami, just now the sky turned dark all of a sudden, is it….”

Mr. Popo stood at the edge of the Lookout and asked Kami who was watching the Lower Realm. Just now, the sky turned dark all of a sudden when Ayaka summoned Shenron, reminding Mr. Popo of the way Shenron was summoned decades ago.

Hmm!” Kami frowned his wrinkled brow and said, “Just now, someone collected seven Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron.”

“Then… what did that person wish for?”

Although Mr. Popo made Shenron’s body, Mr. Popo had been holding complicated feelings about the existence of Shenron. Mr. Popo entered the pantheon earlier than Kami and understood the nature of human beings. Mr. Popo was very worried about what harm would be done to the world if the Dragon Balls fell into the hands of an evil person.

“The person who summoned Shenron, as you know, is the little girl who arrived on Earth a few years ago. The one from an alien planet!” Kami said slowly.

Seeing Mr. Popo’s somewhat surprised eyes, Kami continued, “After several years of not seeing, that child’s strength should be more refined. Although there is no clear sense of ki growth, that child should be digesting and become more precise, which is scary. The wish she made was to transform her hundred sets of clothes, making it possible to change the weight freely. It seems that the child is also a martial artist who focuses on training, not an evil person!”

After listening to Kami’s explanation, Mr. Popo put his mind at ease. As long as evil people didn’t use the Dragon Balls, it would be fine.

“That child’s strength has refined a lot, which may not be a bad thing for Earth,” Kami said with a gleaming gaze. Kami understood the situation, and he was already in his twilight years when he began to consider Kami’s successor.

“Kami!” Mr. Popo called Kami. Mr. Popo had come to the Lookout for many years and had served the previous generation of Kami, so he had a deep affection for Kami.

“Hahahahaha!” Kami laughed out loud and said with some emotion, “I was not qualified as a Kami. I even brought the whole world a devastating disaster!” He recalled the scene of Demon King Piccolo stirring up the world more than three hundred years ago.

Watching Kami entered the palace with his crutches, Mr. Popo stood behind silent. He knew that Kami had a guilty conscience towards the world, and it was not his fault.


Ayaka put on the flamboyantly styled weight-bearing clothes and felt the strength she could exert now.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ayaka disappeared out of thin air and began to move at high speed, leaving countless afterimages in the world. Ayaka then stopped and sent a ki wave at the distant ocean.

In a flash, the light blue ki wave emitted a gorgeous glow and cut straight across the sea level, rolling up two columns of huge waves and sinking a deserted island in the distance.


The sound generated by the explosion came along with a shockwave, which carried a powerful storm and struck on the sea surface, sending a high mushroom cloud into the sky.

“After being restricted by the weight-bearing suit, probably I can only send out a small part of my original power level!”

Ayaka eyed the island that she destroyed and produced a mushroom cloud. Even with the restricted strength, she still had no opponent on Earth.

“My strength hasn’t grown much in the past few years. It’s almost time for my peaceful life to come to an end.”

Since that reborn, Ayaba’s body cells were replaced entirely. Although her power level broke through to 140,000 in one fell swoop, the subsequent after-effects also gradually emerged. First, the years on Earth were too comfortable. Second, the sequelae caused Ayaka to feel that it was difficult to raise the power level. If she had not entered puberty, which coincided with the period of Saiyan shedding, she did not know how long she had to sulk.

After entering puberty, she could feel her body crackling like fried beans. The feeling of improvement was quite a lot, but the actual power level did not improve too much. Ayaka suspected that she felt too good about herself, and the reason for this should be that her soul and brand new body needed a process of re-fitting.

It seemed that the extinction of rebirth should not be chosen as a last resort. The good thing was that Ayaka had a long life span, and even if she sank for a few years, there was still a day when she could sprout again. The only drawback was time.

Saiyan’s training system was too demanding, but the basic part was neglected. Ayaka found that her self-regulation seemed to compensate for this aspect of the deficiency after her rebirth slightly. This was an evolution. If she did it a few more times, it was estimated that she would not learn anything. Yet, she could perfect the problem of congenital deficiencies.

However, how much time must be dissipated! There were gains and losses. The more significant the defect, the longer it took to fit in after rebirth. This time, she was in time for puberty, her body was in a vigorous sprout, so it only took a few years. If it hadn’t been so coincidental, it might have taken longer! Ayaka didn’t dare to gamble because she didn’t want to “die” so easily.

This time, the golden period should be almost over, and she felt that the weight suit was an opportunity! However, if she were strong enough, even the weight-bearing suit would be useless! Right now, it could produce a spatial compression equivalent to half of her power level and a substantial gravity boost as soon as it functioned, so maybe at some point, it would reach its upper limit.

Ayaka guessed that the weight-bearing suit could probably benefit people like her whose strength did not exceed 100 million. When the power was raised to a certain point, the weight-bearing suit would lose its effect. If the weight-bearing suit was compared to a terminal, its output must have a certain limit.

“Now the strongest on Earth is Kami and Mr. Popo, followed by Master Roshi, Master Shen, and Mercenary Tao, so how can I make my strength more refined?”

Ayaka was very concerned about her strength. She trained in the Saiyan system, and the Saiyan training method had a big error based on the early stage, which was not conducive to the later stage of development.

Ayaka needed to find a teacher who could guide her training. Initially, she thought she could look for guidance from Master Roshi. However, after meeting Master Roshi, she discovered that Master Roshi’s training was still low-level training. It was not necessarily suitable for her.

The only ones left were Kami and Mr. Popo. Ayaka wanted to go over to King Yemma, but she thought better of it. Although King Yemma was knowledgeable, King Yemma only taught some general training directions. He could not give detailed instructions to Ayaka.

“Forget it. Let’s go to the Lookout to see Kami.”

In the end, Ayaka decided to go up to the Lookout, seeking guidance from Kami and Mr. Popo.


Ayaka flew up at high speed, towards the direction of the Lookout.


Ayaka soon arrived at the Sacred Land of Korin and then flew upward along with the Korin Tower, beyond the Korin Tower, and continued upward, through the heavy clouds covered with lightning.

Eventually, Ayaka arrived at the hemispherical Lookout located in an extremely high position in the sky.


Ayaka stopped and stepped onto the Lookout with one foot on the ground.

“Hello!” Ayaka greeted the black-skinned, Arabian-like Mr. Popo in front of her. Ayaka knew that as very early life in the pantheon, Mr. Popo’s strength was probably still above Kami.


Looking at Mr. Popo, whose eyes were wide and colorless, Ayaka felt a lot of pressure and said in a sad voice, “Is this the real state of mind like water?”

“Hello, the little girl from the alien planet!” After a long time, Mr. Popo greeted.

“Now I also live on Earth; just call me Ayaka.”

“So, Miss Ayaka, I wonder what business you have in coming to the Lookout?” Mr. Popo calmly stated his question.

Ayaka smiled and said, “I came to the Lookout because I want Mr. Popo and Kami to instruct me in my training!”

Mr. Popo was stunned by Ayaka’s words for a long time before he said, “Miss Ayaka’s strength is far above Kami and me; how come she needs our guidance?”

“Due to my training method that was too demanding, I left a big error in the foundation. I hope Mr. Popo and Kami can instruct me to make up the foundation. As for the strength…” Ayaka said, secretly increased the weight on the body while restraining her power. Suddenly, her power level raised to 260, equivalent to Son Goku when he defeated Piccolo.

Looking at the suppressed strength of Ayaka, Mr. Popo said in surprise, “So you use the weight and another mysterious mechanism. In that case, then you can stay!”

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