Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 29


With Mr. Popo’s permission, Ayaka stayed at the Lookout. The Lookout life was very dull and tedious, but Ayaka could endure loneliness and didn’t become irritated by it.

At this time, Ayaka was practicing on the Lookout, constantly waving her fists and palms into the air. In a quiet time like a pretty flower shining in the water, she moved like a weak willow with a beautiful physique showing no doubt.

Ayaka’s dress was lovely at this time. She wore a snow-white long-sleeved sweater with an amber casual shirt over it; her bottom body was covered with a pair of tight black pants and a denim skirt. A beige ribbon was wrapped around her neck, just like a budding flower stamen, which would have attracted people’s attention like a massive magnet if there were people around.

Mr. Popo observed Ayaka’s movements, giving her advice from time to time, helping Ayaka constantly change her movements’ shortcomings.

“Ayaka, when you move, keep your mind like water. Be as fast as lightning, and don’t overthink.” Mr. Popo said to Ayaka.

Ayaka nodded knowingly and then kept adjusting her movements to try to keep her mind as still as possible. Ayaka was also an excellent martial artist but lacking a basic teacher. With Mr. Popo’s guidance, Ayaka quickly made up for her shortcomings.

Time flew by, and Ayaka’s foundation increased under Mr. Popo’s guidance. She was able to fight with a mind like water and not be disturbed by external objects. The refinement of the heart had become a small success.

After months of training at the Lookout, Ayaka made up for the lack of foundation and laid a good foundation for future development.


On this day, Mr. Popo called Ayaka and took her to a room located below the Lookout.

Walking down the stairs that wind downward, Ayaka was filled with confusion as to where Mr. Popo intended to take her, “Could it be the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?”

It was not right to think about it. Although the air was thin, the temperature change was significant. The gravity was many times that of Earth inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. A person could only go in for two days in a lifetime, and there seemed to be no point in going into a 

Hyperbolic Time Chamber for her.

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber mainly depended on the harsh environment to refine the practitioner’s physique. The vast but empty, lonely environment would test the practitioner’s psychological endurance. It was not a big deal, to say the least; it was just a hang-up —one year inside equal to one day outside.

Speaking of the harsh weather in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Ayaka could only snort a laugh. The air was thin with a temperature difference of minus forty degrees Celsius to fifty degrees Celsius and gravity equal to ten times that of the Earth. How could the combination of these three points not be described as a harsh environment? How could Ayaka, who had experienced the inhumane conditions of Steel Planet, be affected by this?

As for the psychological torture of the empty, Ayaka was used to living alone, and the time spent with others was less.

It must be said that Dragon Ball had utterly lost the balance of the power system at a later stage. With a few hundred tons of heavy exercise, a terrifyingly strong person could break through and burst the Earth with a single punch. Remember little Goku as a child who could push a small mountain? How much more could he grow?

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber was initially set up to gain time strength before facing the enemy and didn’t have much meaning in training.

‘The Hyperbolic Time Chamber does not have any meaning for training. Mr. Popo should be aware of this. Then, where is he taking me to?’

While Ayaka was thinking, Mr. Popo had led her to the door of a room.

After pushing open the door, Ayaka saw the black room inside. There was a diesel generator-like equipment on the corner, next to a piece of operating equipment with either red or green buttons and several handles. In the center of the room, a vast magic array was faintly visible.

“This is?” Ayaka seemed to have seen such a room somewhere and could not help but close her eyes in search of it.

By the way, this is not the original content. In the original story, Mr. Popo once turned on the time machine, sending Son Goku back more than 300 years ago to see Master Mutaito, the teacher of Master Roshi.

‘Could it be that Mr. Popo intended to send me back three hundred years ago?’

Although it was not part of the original story content, it was also a Dragon Ball story. Just like the anime version, which even had a great conflict with the manga. In comparison, the original anime story was just a supplement to the original manga. In Ayaka’s opinion, Dragon Ball’s original anime story was still doing very well, making up for Son Goku’s training process over several years.

“Miss Ayaka, your training in the Lookout has been completed, so I intend to send you to other places for training. Take the strengths to complement the weaknesses, and collect the strengths of a hundred schools.” At this time, Mr. Popo had the idea of letting Ayaka become the successor of Kami.

Ayaka was not quite sure what Mr. Popo and Kami were planning to do; she was all smiles and said happily, “Thank you so much, Mr. Popo. I really don’t know what to say!”

Mr. Popo let Ayaka stand in the center of the magic array as he walked to the console’s front to prepare to turn on the equipment.

“Wait a minute!”

An old voice came from outside the room, and Kami approached with his crutches.

“Kami! What are you doing here?” Mr. Popo saw Kami walking over and greeted him.

Kami nodded to Mr. Popo and then looked at Ayaka. Ayaka also looked at Kami with wide eyes.

“Kid, I need you to travel over three hundred years ago to defeat a Demon King Piccolo!” Kami stated his purpose, “Three hundred years ago, Demon King Piccolo endangered the whole world and enveloped the whole world in a dark panic. Although the strongest person among humans later sealed Demon King Piccolo at the cost of sacrificing his life, I want you to go and defeat him!”

“Let me go and defeat Demon King Piccolo!” Ayaka was stunned that it was too easy to defeat Demon King Piccolo.

Ayaka was worried about how it would affect the current world if she went back three hundred years and defeated Demon King Piccolo. Wouldn’t it have an impact? Could it be it was like the future Trunks changed the Dragon Ball world’s fate without forming a change in his world; otherwise, it would completely change the current world.

Kami probably saw Ayaka’s concerns, explained, “You do not have to worry about how it will affect the current world. Because in my memory of our world three hundred years ago when Demon King Piccolo endangered the world, you did not appear.”

“That means you are not a participant in this world ‘of Demon King Piccolo incident’. Now, if I send you back to three hundred years ago, no matter what you do, you will not be able to affect this world, but will only create another different world.”

Ayaka heard and understood. Because this world now had no involvement in the world of three hundred years ago, so no matter how she changed the world, it would not affect this place.

“What if, for example, in a certain world, I was involved in it? Would that world be changed then?” Ayaka asked.

“In that case, that world will not be changed either because you are participating in that world’s history. The future of that world is formed after your participation.” Kami replied.

Many people cling to the paradox of going back in time to kill their grandfather so that there would be no birth of their own. They wouldn’t be able to realize the event of their grandfather’s murder again, thus creating a paradox-This was not a paradox but slightly limited thinking.

Imagine a parallel space theory, which was two unrelated worlds. Naturally, there was no way to interfere. The grandfather’s death only caused the subsequent changes in the world of “grandfather’s death”.

The other scenario involved the same world theory, where the person who travels back in time tried to kill his grandfather. Obviously, he could not succeed because his existence told us that his grandfather was not dead. His intention to kill the grandfather wouldn’t go well, and he was already a participant in history. At that point, he also existed in the past, from which he traveled back in time. He became an agent of history rather than a change agent. Perhaps the reason why grandfather and grandmother met was set up by the unexpected event of him trying to kill grandfather!

In this theory, many people believed that time travel formed a loop and proceeded infinitely. This was another misunderstanding because the two time periods did not proceed simultaneously from the timeline’s standpoint. People who believed in an infinite loop tended to think that the world developed until crossing continued to develop. In contrast, those who crossed back to the past were marching again according to the historical trajectory. It was subtle that they thoughtlessly applied the idea that the two worlds proceeded simultaneously.

In reality, we did not encounter people from the future made the possibility that time machines had a minimal period of days, hours, or even seconds-Perhaps time machines couldn’t be made.

Another one was the world line theory, which held the idea that there was only one world, but with a different script. Small changed to the plot would end the original script at the point of change, and the world would enter another script to continue development. In the case of a time-travel change, the entire world development within the time-span spanning arc would be erased by filling this gap through a pattern such as instilling everyone’s memories after the plot’s change developing in real-time after the point of crossing. Due to the small magnitude of the plot change, the people’s fate of life and death did not change much. However, if a change occurs in a major event, enough to affect the world’s course, the world would enter another world line completely, then the fate of people would also change drastically.

Suppose one could kill the grandfather, which meant self-denial of the original history from the grandfather’s moment of death. That part of history was erased, thus filling the memory to the crossing point and then enter the actual track and continue to develop.

Time theory was roughly dominated by these three, of which the parallel world theory was the most widely used and was also elaborated in cosmic physics. If there were two universes of the same mass, under the premise of following the same physics laws, starting with the singularity of the Big Bang, everything in them would continue the same pattern with the only minor changes in the world by some incidental factors. By and large, two parallel universes. The same-world theory was the truest, and the world line theory was the most innovative and logical.

So, the meaning of what Kami said indicates that Dragon Ball was an applicator of the parallel world theory.

“In other words, no matter how you change, it will not affect this world!”

Suddenly, Ayaka thought, ‘Huh? So, there were countless Dragon Ball worlds. How could that be? Was it super space-time chaos?’

“All right! I’ll kill Demon King Piccolo!” Ayaka had no more worries in her heart and readily agreed to do so.

Seeing Ayaka’s promise to defeat Demon King Piccolo, Kami breathed a sigh of relief and instructed Mr. Popo to turn on the time machine.


The machine emitted a beeping sound, and the central array cast a dazzling white light.


An intense white light flashed, and the vivid flash stung people to close their eyes. When they opened their eyes, there were only a few strands of faint green smoke left in the room, and Ayaka’s figure had disappeared into the array.

“Kami! Do you want Ayaka to kill Demon King Piccolo?” After Ayaka disappeared, Mr. Popo asked Kami worriedly.

“Demon King Piccolo should have been killed a long time ago. If Demon King Piccolo is killed, then there will be no more Kami and Dragon Balls in that world. The whole world might be able to be changed!” Kami closed his eyes and said slowly, “This is also a test for Ayaka. If she can kill Demon King Piccolo, Ayaka will be qualified to inherit the position of Kami!”

“Do you intend to give the position of Kami to Ayaka after Ayaka returns?”

Mr. Popo did not object to Kami’s intention to let Ayaka inherit the position of Kami. He also knew that Ayaka had the strength to do so, and Kami no longer needed a better reason.

Ayaka’s strength was powerful, and she had a kind heart, so it couldn’t be better for her to inherit the position of Kami.

Ayaka didn’t know that these were a test for Kami to choose the “Kami” successor. As long as Ayaka killed Demon King Piccolo, then she would become the new Kami.

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