Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 30


Time travel was full of unknowns and uncertainties, and if you were not careful, you could get lost in the unknown world.

Ayaka only felt a tingle in her body, as if she had been electrocuted. When she came back to her senses, she had already appeared inside a large forest. The trees in the whole forest were tall and upright, with lush branches and leaves. From time to time, birds stopped in the trees and made squeaking and chirping sounds.

Ayaka slowly walked out of the forest along the mountain path to a small township with a tiny population. Looking at the pedestrians coming and going in the streets, wearing oversized shirts with ancient colors, Ayaka couldn’t help but think, “This place does seem to be more than three hundred years old, with very simple clothes.” She paid no attention to the stunning glances that the men and women were casting at her.

Ayaka unknowingly came before a waterfall and saw a set of women’s clothes on the ground. Behind the rocks of the waterfall faintly, she saw a graceful and exquisite body.

“Is someone bathing there?”

Ayaka was not interested in going over to peep. If it were the old Ayaka, she would not have let this opportunity go. However, now Ayaka was a woman herself, and both her figure and appearance were very outstanding. After years of looking at her beautiful and seductive body, she had strong immunity to other women. Furthermore, the two worlds were different, and the supreme pursuit was different.

As she was about to leave, Ayaka saw a man hiding there, peeping from afar behind a large tree.

“Surprisingly, peeping at women bathing!” Ayaka was amazed and walked in the direction of the man without a word.

“It’s pretty, isn’t it?” Ayaka quietly and silently came to the man’s side and asked in a soft voice. The man nodded and wiped away the nosebleed coming out of his nose, “It’s so beautiful; my Fanfan is so cute!”


Ayaka heard the woman’s name was somewhat familiar. She then remembered that it was the girl that Master Roshi had a crush on when he was young. Could this man be the Master Roshi of his youth?

At this point, Master Roshi came back to his senses and found that a lovely girl had appeared next to him at some point. When he thought that his peeping was revealed, Master Roshi was about to shout “ah”, when Ayaka quickly covered his mouth and dragged Master Roshi to a distance.

“Miss, you are cute. May I know your name?” After leaving that place where things were wrong, Master Roshi accosted Ayaka.

‘Indeed, you’re a pervert. No wonder you’re so horny, so you were like this since you were young.’

Ayaka rudely glared at Master Roshi and did not reply. Master Roshi could only shut his mouth and was dragged by Ayaka towards the market.

“Where is Mutaito Training Academy?” Walking through the market, Ayaka turned her head and asked Master Roshi.

Ah! You are looking for Master Mutaito Training Academy. I am Master Mutaito’s disciple. Let me take you there!” Master Roshi said.

Ayaka secretly smiled, already knew that he was a disciple of Master Mutaito; otherwise, why would she ask him?

In this era, the Earth’s technology had not yet developed. A small town was tiny. It didn’t take long for Master Roshi to lead Ayaka to the door of Mutaito Training Academy.

Mutaito Training Academy was not very big, and there were only about thirty students inside. Mutaito was an outstanding martial artist with unique insights into martial arts. Ayaka came to see Mutaito because she wanted to meet this person who had a high martial arts attainment level.

Walking into the Training Academy and passing through several dojos, Ayaka came to the inner room of the Academy, where Mutaito lived. Ayaka saw an old man in a white martial arts uniform sitting on the wooden floor, holding hot tea in his hand from a distance.

“Greetings, Mr. Mutaito!”

Ayaka walked up and said very politely, “My name is Ayaka, a martial artist from far away. I have heard of Mr. Mutaito’s great name and have come to pay a visit to the master and seek his guidance.”

Mutaito put down the cup of tea in his hand and looked sharply at Ayaka as if he wanted to see her through. “Girl, I sense a touch of nature in your gait. It seemed that your understanding of the martial arts is not below mine!”

Ayaka smiled modestly and did not deny it.

“It’s also a great pleasure to spar with a real martial artist!” With that, Mutaito stood up and invited Ayaka to come to the middle of the dojo.

Ayaka knew that Mutaito was valuing her and wanted to have a sparring session with her.

Ayaka adjusted the weight on her body and collected her internal ki. She suppressed her power level to two hundred, roughly as strong as Mutaito, and then posed for a fight.

Mutaito gaze at the young girl in front of him. It was hard to imagine that such a young girl already possessed a strength no less than him. Ayaka also looked grave; Mutaito’s stance let her see a different kind of martial artist. The atmosphere of majestic aura came to the surface.


Mutaito’s figure disappeared from in front of Ayaka, whose eyes kept turning as her gaze followed Mutaito’s figure closely.


A fist steeply appeared in Ayaka’s waist. Ayaka fell sideways, avoiding the fist in her waist, and the intense wind energy struck the ground, making a sudden sound.

Ayaka’s body flashed, avoiding a series of attacks from Mutaito. The attacks came in wave after wave, like wolves and tigers, constantly growling and hissing.

Ayaka retreated, withdrew dozens of meters, then squared her stance. With a dive, she rushed toward Mutaito. Mutaito’s gaze flickered as he stared closely at Ayaka’s movements.


Ayaka attacked with a punch, but unfortunately, Mutaito took it with his elbows. Looking at Ayaka’s direct attack and never dragged, Mutaito couldn’t help but nod his head before quickly launching an attack towards Ayaka.


Mutaito appeared behind Ayaka at an incredible angle and swung his fist down at Ayaka. Ayaka had already noticed Mutaito’s action. When a punch was about to attack her back, she smiled bashfully and fell towards the ground to avoid Mutaito’s attack.

The two of them kept attacking each other, and their attacks became faster and faster. Slowly, only the crackling sound from the fight could be heard. In the light of day, the two have exchanged hands no less than a hundred times.


Mutaito landed a heavy punch but was gently slashed away by Ayaka with her hand, making that punch fall short. After a long battle, neither of them had a trace of disorder in their ki, and it seemed that neither of them had brought out their actual skills to fight.

Ayaka leaped back and came to a certain distance away from Mutaito. She then sent out a ki wave with one hand. The azure ki wave flashed with a dazzling light and flew towards Mutaito. When Mutaito saw that Ayaka had made a ki wave, he did not panic and opened his hands to catch the wave.


The damage from the explosion caused the wooden floor to break into shreds, raising the wind and filling the dojo.

“Good opportunity!” Ayaka seized the moment of the explosion. Her body rushed forward and launched a general attack on Mutaito. Caught off guard, Mutaito was sent flying nearly ten meters away by Ayaka’s palm strike.

Master Roshi, who had long been stunned by the battle between Ayaka and Mutaito, ran over and helped Mutaito up after seeing his master being knocked away.

“It seems that I lost!” Mutaito said with a calm expression, not putting up a good fight. “It’s true that heroes come out of youngsters. Little girl, your strength is definitely among the world’s strongest.”

“No, I’m the one who lost!” Ayaka shook her head, raised her arm, and at the armpit’s location near her chest, a cut was made at some point.

Ayaka knew that this was Mutaito showing mercy.

If it were not for the fact that she was a girl, Mutaito would have temporarily retracted the force of his hand on her chest. The blow just now would have seriously injured her, and it would have been her who fell to the ground.

Ayaka did not feel terrible about the defeat, even after the guidance of Mr. Popo and Kami. In the case of the same power level, she still lost to Mutaito by one move.

It showed that the high level of Mutaito’s martial arts was not inferior to Kami and Mr. Popo. No wonder he was named “Master” by the people of the world. Master Roshi and Master Shen also inherited the title from him.

Even though Ayaka’s actual power level at the moment reached 140,000, it was worth thinking about how to make good use of them in a subtle way. With every effort made, Ayaka had decided to build a solid foundation before coming to Earth. During her time with Master Roshi, she couldn’t even look at Master Roshi’s training because the level was too low. When she was with Mr. Popo and Kami, she gained a boost, and here with Mutaito, it seemed that there was also room for improvement.

This was worth the trip. She thought that Kami and Mr. Popo were also aware of Mutaito’s martial arts attainment.

As long as she learned the martial arts attainment of Mutaito, Ayaka believed that there should be no more “subtle” realm in the world. At that time, her foundation would be completed, and then she could enhance her power level without fear.

“Haha, Miss Ayaka is an outstanding martial artist!”

Mutaito laughed brightly and said to Ayaka with a fist, “You always welcome to come and spar with me, Miss.”

Ayaka returned the greeting to Mutaito and said she would be staying nearby.

Ayaka knew that when Demon King Piccolo appeared, Mutaito would bring his disciples to fight. By staying near Mutaito Training Academy, she wouldn’t only learn from Mutaito’s experience but also grasp Demon King Piccolo’s whereabouts.

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