Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 4


The next day at dawn, Ayaka jumped down from the tree and began to do morning exercise.

She jumped up without stopping, placing her body in the air, and then swung her fist and kicked at the air.

Ayaka’s movements were very fast, leaving a residual shadow in the air from time to time.

After about an hour of practice, Ayaka stopped and then stood in place with her mouth gasping for air and her face turning a little red from the intense exercise.

Wiping away the beads of sweat on her face, she touched her stomach and found that it was already rumbling with hunger.

So, her petite figure abruptly ran deep into the forest. She was no longer going to eat the reptile meat from yesterday, so now she needed to go deeper into the forest to see if she could find some fresh food.

In a short time, she came back with a rabbit. She removed the rabbit’s hair and gutted, then set up a bonfire and began to grill it.

After a beautiful breakfast, Ayaka opened the scouter and began to look for the object of today’s attack. Then, she ran to the target according to the prompt that appeared on the scouter.

It was a beast with a power level of 30.


Planet Pheroco.

The planet with unremarkable life in the universe.

On an empty and deserted plateau filled with weathered and cracked rocks, there was a child of two or three years old facing a giant pterodactyl not far away.

The pterodactyl had saliva dangling from its bloody mouth and seemed to see the young child as its meal.


The pterodactyl flapped its wings and swooped down, but the child in front of it suddenly moved, and the sound of palms slapping rough leather rang out instantly.

The fight kicked off, countless glowing blue ki waves along with the sound of breaking air shot in all directions.

The ki waves hit the ground and exploded at once, splashing thick gravel, leaving a mess everywhere.

That child was Ayaka. Almost a year had passed since she came to Planet Pheroco. Ayaka was two years old, close to three years old now. However, because she had a mature soul and an exceptional physique, it made her look nothing like a child of just over two years old.

In this year, Ayaka was almost in the fight with the ferocious beasts on Planet Pheroco every day.

The frequent battles made Ayaka’s battle experience became more affluent and more prosperous. Her strength also improved by leaps and bounds.

The Saiyan battle skills in her brain had been integrated. During so many battles, Ayaka would often be seriously injured, but because she had an immortal body, she would be fine as long as she didn’t “die,” and what was considered not dead, simply put, as long as there was a cell existing, she was not dead.

In addition to the immortal body, she also got the fantastic recovery ability from Judge Lu.

So, after each injury, she would recover quickly. At the same time, the Saiyan physique also allowed her to have a considerable increase in strength.

Ayaka was deeply injured and was in a near-death situation several times, but she escaped with her unique ability.

The perfect Instant Transmission ability played a decisive role at this time. In these frequent battles, Ayaka broke through her limits repeatedly, allowing herself to grow.

Her application of ki had also improved significantly, and now Ayaka had almost mastered the Earth’s method of using ki to sense the intensity of energy.

Just over two years old, Ayaka now had a power level of 145. Her power level was higher than that of most children who had the title of “Elite Warrior”.

At this time, Ayaka faced a pterodactyl. The pterodactyl was a relatively common species on Planet Pheroco, but its strength shouldn’t be underestimated, just a little lower than Ayaka.

Ayaka teleported to the sky above the pterodactyl and then shot a few ki waves.

The energy wave hit the back of the pterodactyl accurately, emitting a “Blu Blu…” sound. The back of the pterodactyl became bloody and fleshy as a result of the ki wave attack. The smell of roasted meat was also emitted.


The pterodactyl roared in pain and stared viciously at Ayaka with wide, angry eyes, then quickly rushed towards Ayaka’s position.

“Good timing!”

Ayaka shouted, ignoring the immense body of the pterodactyl. She flew up in the air and took a turn to attack her opponent as well.


A vast impact sounded.

Ayaka and the pterodactyl’s bodies were both bounced off by the powerful impact and flew backward. Ayaka flipped a dozen heels in the air, then unfolded her hands in the air to stabilize her body. She began to attack the pterodactyl again after excluding the dizziness caused by the impact.

The crazy pterodactyl shook its big dizzy head as it saw Ayaka’s tiny figure rushed to attack. It roared in anger and spread its two wings on its body to ten meters wide. The pterodactyl flapped its wings hard when Ayaka was about to attack, twisted its body quickly, and aimed its claws at Ayaka to strike hard.

“It’s not good!”

Ayaka didn’t expect the pterodactyl to move so fast. She wanted to stop, but it was too late, and she was caught off guard by the pterodactyl’s sharp claws. Her body fell uncontrollably from the air in a straight line.

There was a “boom” sound, and the ground was smashed out of a large pit.

At the moment of impact, Ayaka jumped out of the pit, avoiding another attack by the pterodactyl, and then jumped to a towering stone pillar.

At this time, Ayaka’s appearance was somewhat wretched. One of her arms was hanging, and blood was dripping at her arm. It had been badly injured because the bones had been broken. The pterodactyl’s claw blow contained a tremendous force, making Ayaka felt her whole body tingling.

Not caring about the injured arm, Ayaka hurriedly dodged around to avoid another series of attacks by the pterodactyl.

The mistake just now not only made Ayaka arm wounded, but the pterodactyl combat rhythm also pinned her down. This made Ayaka annoyed. Her power level was higher than the pterodactyl, but she couldn’t win. It seemed that she was careless and sighed in her heart. She couldn’t do that in the future.

Ayaka cheered up and looked at the pterodactyl with a stony face. She suddenly disappeared from the spot with a whirring sound. She moved quickly at a super-fast speed, leaving dozens of illusory shadows around the pterodactyl.

“Thump, thump, thump.”

Only the sound of Ayaka’s feet on the ground could be heard, but her position could not be detected.

The pterodactyl flew in the air with its wings flapping, and its two eyes kept turning to observe Ayaka’s position.

“Good chance!” Ayaka said secretly, catching an opportunity, and rushed towards the pterodactyl. She accelerated the movement speed and arrived in front of the pterodactyl in an instant, lifting her leg and kicking it. Ayaka attacked where the wings were attached to the back so that she could do better damage to the pterodactyl.

Ayaka’s kick hit with a bang toward the pterodactyl’s wing, and the whole wing twitched in the air.

Due to the attack on the wings, the pterodactyl suffered a painful blow and quickly fell from the air. For a moment, it lost the ability to fly.

Ayaka couldn’t let go of such an opportunity. She teleported below the pterodactyl and threw a handful of energy balls at it.


The energy ball occurred a big explosion, scattering a large cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared, Ayaka could see the pterodactyl’s miserable appearance. With that, she knew she was close to victory.

At this point, she needed to be more cautious to prevent her opponent’s counterattack.


The pterodactyl roared madly, and the enormous roar shook the surrounding echoes. The ground seemed to shake up.

Ayaka carefully observed the pterodactyl; she couldn’t let it have any respite. After making up her mind, she moved up again at high speed, then launched a powerful attack on the pterodactyl. It hit the pterodactyl prostrate on the ground, making it screaming in anger.

Ayaka unleashed a total of more than eight hundred and fifty heavy blows on the pterodactyl in this instant, causing it unable to resist.

The pterodactyl roared at Ayaka in grief and anger, and its whole body began to emit a light red glow as its energy was rising.

“This is not good!”

Ayaka was alarmed and quickly distanced herself from the pterodactyl.


A mushroom cloud rose in the sky. The powerful destructive force produced a shock wave visible to the naked eye. The shock wave spread in all directions at a breakneck speed, making Ayaka not have time to avoid the shock wave swept in. The shock wave destroyed all the trees and rocks in an instant.

After a long time, the dense fog formed by sand, rocks, and vegetation gradually dissipated, and visibility began to recover.

Ayaka’s tiny body was buried in sand and dust, and now Ayaka was covered in wounds… The energy of the pterodactyl’s self-destruction hit her squarely, causing the bones of her entire body to be seriously deformed. The injury was much worse than the pterodactyl; if she didn’t have the immortal body, she would have been dead by now.

Ayaka struggled to crawl out of the sand and dust; her face was pale, and she was panting heavily.

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