Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 31


Ayaka settled down in the town and slowly integrated. The villagers also took a great liking to Ayaka, a young girl who dressed up innovatively.

Slowly, Ayaka had lived in the town for a year, during which Ayaka often went to the Mutaito Training Academy and sparred with him in martial arts. This let many villagers knew that this quiet and lovely girl possessed a powerful strength that could destroy the world.

This year, Ayaka had been wearing weight-bearing clothes, controlling her strength to over two hundred. Ayaka knew that with the Lookout and this year’s training, even though they had temporarily abandoned the pursuit of power level, it should be known that the partial improvement would also be magnified to the overall improvement.

As a result, Ayaka’s strength had broken through to 150,000 power levels.


One day, Ayaka came to Mutaito Training Academy but found that everyone inside was silent while Mutaito was thinking about something with a grave face.

Seeing Ayaka come in, Mutaito said, “Ayaka, a large city nearby, was destroyed by Demon King not long ago, and everyone inside was killed! According to the projection, the next target may be here!”

When Ayaka heard this, she came to her senses and said with a twinkle in her eyes, “Is it Demon King Piccolo?”

“Yes, Demon King Piccolo had already destroyed dozens of big cities in a row. Unexpectedly, he came to us this time!” Mutaito said gruffly, “The villagers in the nearby villages are worried about being attacked by the Demon King Piccolo and are leaving one after another.”

Demon King Piccolo’s power had spread worldwide in the previous wars, and now the whole world was falling into a panic because of Demon King Piccolo.

“Master, let’s unite some people to crush Demon King Piccolo!” The young Master Roshi proposed to Mutaito. Hearing this, the disciples at the side all murmured in agreement, “Yes, Master, why don’t we go crusade against Demon King Piccolo!”

Mutaito stood up and reached out to squash the discussion of the disciples. Turning his gaze to Ayaka, he asked, “Ayaka, what do you think?”

Ayaka agreed with the disciples and said, “I think to stop Demon King Piccolo, we need to join forces to attack. However, for this battle, the two of us will be fine; no need to bring others!”

Mutaito nodded, and then Master Roshi said reluctantly, “Master, take us with you. We have to fight Demon King Piccolo too.”

Sweeping a glance at Mutaito, a powerful aura of Ayaka swept over the sky. Instantly, Mutaito and the others seemed to be placed in the ocean, floating as a cold and bone-chilling sensation arose.

“If you can’t even catch a bit of my ki, how can you deal with Demon King Piccolo? Stay here and practice well. If we fail, at least we have you guys to pick up!”

Under the pressure of Ayaka, the disciples could only lower their heads and stop talking about going to deal with Demon King Piccolo.

Mutaito looked at Ayaka with a smile and said, “In that case, then the two of us, Ayaka and I, will go to deal with Demon King Piccolo!”

Upon hearing the words of the Master, Master Roshi and other disciples echoed with tears in their hearts, hoping that the Master would be able to destroy Demon King Piccolo.


Walking along the long and winding path, Ayaka and Mutaito put on their backpacks, said goodbye to the disciples behind them, and set out on the road to crush Demon King Piccolo. Behind them, the disciples waved hands with tears to wish Ayaka and Mutaito good luck.

Master Roshi looked at the distant backs of Mutaito and Ayaka as he prayed in his heart, “Master, you and Ayaka must succeed in destroying Demon King Piccolo!”

The sadness of such an expedition made Ayaka helpless. A mere Demon King Piccolo, making it look as if they were bound to sacrifice.

Three or four days after Ayaka and Mutaito left, they came to the city that Demon King Piccolo destroyed. At this time, there were broken walls everywhere, abandoned farmland, and collapsed houses, forming a depressing scene of doom. The sky was also dyed blood by the dark power of Demon King Piccolo.

Looking at the decaying, depressing scene revealed by Demon King Piccolo, Mutaito’s eyes widened with an iron face. The anger in his heart had reached a point where he couldn’t vent it.

Perhaps because Ayaka had seen the apocalyptic scene of Planet Canno, she just had a heartfelt disgust for what was in front of her. Her brow furrowed slightly, “Let’s go straight to Demon King Piccolo!”

Mutaito nodded, agreeing with Ayaka’s proposal. He wanted to solve that Demon King who threatened the whole world as soon as possible.


In front of the door of Demon King Piccolo’s palace, Ayaka and Mutaito looked at the palace in front of them, which was as gloomy and dark as a demon’s lair. They looked at each other before stepping into the door of the palace.

“Hey, hey, there are still humans rushing to the palace of the Demon King. They are looking for death!” 

A sharp and unpleasant voice came from the roof, and then Ayaka saw a green-skinned lizard man with a pair of demon wings.

“This is the subordinate of Demon King Piccolo; how disgusting!” Ayaka looked at the lizardman with disgust. Mutaito’s body stirred up powerful ki when the lizardman appeared, ready to strike and kill it.

Upon sensing the contempt of the two humans in front of him, the lizardman rose in anger, “Humans, I will let you know what happens when you offend Lord Piccolo!” The lizardman stirred the wings on its back and darted towards Ayaka.


The lizardman’s attack fell short as it swooped over. By the time, Ayaka and Mutaito both disappeared with a swoosh. Only a “bang” sound was heard before Ayaka’s ki wave turned the lizardman into ashes.

“Hurry up and find Demon King Piccolo!” Mutaito said.

Ayaka nodded and continued to walk deeper into the palace.

Some Demon King Piccolo’s subordinates popped up from time to time, but they were all killed by the two. Soon, Ayaka arrived in front of Demon King Piccolo.

The young Demon King Piccolo was sitting on his throne wearing clothing with the word “Demon” printed on it, looking at the two humans in front of him with a strange face.

Haha, just a short while ago, a group of humans came to die, but I never thought that someone else would come so soon.”

Demon King Piccolo arrogantly said, “Since you are here, this king will make you regret coming here. This king will make your life worse than death!”

Looking at the arrogant and maniacal laughing Demon King Piccolo, Ayaka’s face flashed with cold killing intent. With the arrogance just now, she would make him disappear entirely from this world!


Mutaito made his move. His body instantly disappeared in place. He quickly came to Demon King Piccolo with a fist wrapped in a powerful aura smashed down.


The powerful attack stirred up a massive whirlwind of energy like a shocking wave generally rippled out, lifting the dust on the ground. Demon King Piccolo felt the mighty power of this strike in front of him and hurriedly dodged it.

Discovering that he had underestimated these two humans, Demon King Piccolo could not help but become angry. His icy cold eyes swept towards the two of them, and a terrifying killing intent seemed to condense into a ball.

Mutaito looked at Demon King Piccolo with a stony face, carefully gathering the ki in his body, ready to attack Demon King Piccolo at any time.


Mutaito lightly shouted. The ki on the whole body surged several times. The overwhelming ki seemed like a fierce tiger that just came out of the cage, continually hissing and roaring. Demon King Piccolo had a colder face in this steeply increased huge ki. Unexpectedly, this human’s ki was only a few points worse than his.

Ayaka, who stood next to him, also showed a surprised look. She didn’t expect Mutaito to have such strength and thought that his focus on martial arts details was not too strong at the power level. It seemed that he had already made the bottom of his trump card out.


Mutaito let out an explosive shout. His body steeply flashed and incredibly came behind Demon King Piccolo. In the stunned gaze of Demon King Piccolo, a palm with a golden glow struck down. The golden palm brought up an intense flash of electricity, cutting a terrifying arc of electricity in the air.

Thunder Shock Suprise swept down with an irrepressible momentum, thundering down, knocking Demon King Piccolo tens of meters away and hitting the stone pillars of the palace heavily.

Ayaka saw Mutaito make Thunder Shock Suprise and couldn’t help but pause to watch. The blow just now, it was evident that Mutaito had the upper hand.

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