Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 32



Demon King Piccolo let out an angry roar and wiped away the purple blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Damn it. I can’t believe you hurt me!” Demon King Piccolo swore that he would completely tear the human in front of him to pieces.

With his evil and icy gaze sweeping mercilessly at Ayaka and Mutaito, Demon King Piccolo licked his lips at the corners of his mouth and wore a cold smile on his face. He tugged his fist up tightly with one hand and said wickedly, “Surprisingly, you made me get hurt, so prepare to meet the baptism of death!”

Demon King Piccolo’s ki kept rising. The whole palace began to shake continuously, and a whirlwind swept out in all directions with him as the center. The deadly, desolate aura came out as if in an endless purgatory, making the surrounding area filled with the smell of blood.

The smell like a shura hell made Ayaka’s brows furrowed.

“Demon King Piccolo’s strength seems to be much stronger than when Son Goku dealt with him. Is it because he is at his peak now?”

Facing the powerful ki that came upon him, Mutaito’s face could not help but become grave. His gaze focused on Demon King Piccolo.

“Now, I’ll let you see the strength of this Demon King Piccolo!”

After saying that, Demon King Piccolo’s figure suddenly flashed. He reappeared and arrived at Mutaito’s side, as a sharp claw with a powerful corrosive attacked Mutaito.

Mutaito’s face remained unchanged. He shifted his defensive posture and set his feet, then raised his elbow to ward off the attack of Demon King Piccolo.


Mutaito’s face changed slightly as the ki with a hugely corrosive effect corroded his elbow area’s martial arts clothing. Mutaito suddenly turned around and pulled a distance of several meters away from Demon King Piccolo.

However, when Mutaito stabilized his body, Demon King Piccolo came in front of him at some point and attacked Mutaito’s heart.


A slim white hand clutched the attacking demon claw. At the crisis moment, Ayaka decisively stepped in and caught Demon King Piccolo’s attack. The corrosive ki kept devouring the small snow-white hand, emitting a “sizzling” sound of corrosion.

Mutaito saw Ayaka’s small hand being swallowed by the corrosive ki and couldn’t help but show a worried expression.

However, Ayaka’s face was as usual. Her right hand tightly grasped the demon’s claw, then her small hand squeezed hard, and a terrifying explosive power poured out from Ayaka’s fingers!


Ayaka forcefully ripped off one of Demon King Piccolo’s arms.


With his entire arm ripped off by Ayaka, Demon King Piccolo let out a roar of pain.

“How did this happen?” Demon King Piccolo said in disbelief as he looked at his disconnected arm. He looked evasive, and sweat started to form on his forehead.

Mutaito was also shocked by Ayaka’s fantastic move. He knew the strength of Demon King Piccolo; how could he have his arm torn off by Ayaka so easily?

“Piccolo, you know, I came to this era is to destroy you!”

At this time, Ayaka didn’t need to conceal and said with light and face.

“What!” Demon King Piccolo was stunned by Ayaka’s words.

‘She came to this era; could it be that the young girl in front of him wasn’t from this time and space?’

“That’s right. I am not from this era. I come from three hundred years later, commissioned by Kami to come and destroy you!”


Demon King Piccolo understood that the young girl in front of him was unexpectedly sent over from three hundred years later from his other-self.

“Do you think you can kill me?” Demon King Piccolo laughed wildly. In this world, no one could defeat him. A vast aura from Demon King Piccolo exploded violently. It was even more terrifying oppression than just now, causing the palace to begin to shake, and a tiny crack appeared on the wall.

At this time, even Mutaito had a cold sweat under this maddening ki.

‘This strength is no weaker than the second Demon King Piccolo at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z!’

However, such ki was so weak to Ayaka. She didn’t put that ki of Demon King Piccolo in her eyes. Ayaka narrowed her eyes as if looking at the clown Demon King Piccolo.

Feeling Ayaka’s mocking eyes, Demon King Piccolo spat blood in anger.

Ayaka shook her head, “You know what, there are countless strong people in the entire universe; they can crush you like an ant, so don’t sit back and watch the sky. As it happens, I am one of them.”

Activating the Unshigted, abruptly, Ayaka’s eyes emitted a faint ghostly light, “These eyes of mine can see through anyone’s power level. Earth is a planet with a shallow power level. Master Mutaito has around two hundred power levels, which is considered the most powerful among humans.”

Ayaka turned her eyes with blue light to Demon King Piccolo, “And you, Demon King Piccolo, have 340 power levels in your peak state now!”

Upon looking at Mutaito’s puzzled eyes, Ayaka continued, “My power level is much higher than you think. However, to train on Earth, I specially put on weight-bearing clothes, a total of more than a hundred tons of weight! Moreover, I have deliberately restrained the use of ki during normal times.”

“My real power level is 156,000!” Ayaka said as she reduced the weight on her body to zero. As the weight disappeared, the oppression of space also vanished along with it.

Suddenly, a shockingly humongous beatable ki rose to the sky.

The ground seemed to begin to shake up, and the entire palace collapsed under the powerful momentum. The dust was paved with strong air currents. The ground centered on Ayaka sank several meters, covered with deep and winding ravines. The untouched ground suddenly became potholes while the powerful cyclone swept over the sky, making it impossible to see straight.

The world all seemed to become restless because of Ayaka’s ki.

This was the first time Ayaka unrestrained release her ki. Immediately, a feeling of the sky was high enough for birds to fly was born.

Looking at Ayaka, whose ki had undergone a sudden and shocking change, Demon King Piccolo and Mutaito were dumbfounded. They were unable to imagine that there could still be such a powerful person in the world.

“How is this…. possible!”

Demon King Piccolo reveals a crying expression, slightly bitterly said. With such a monster-like person in this world, how could his ambition to rule the world still be realized?

“Demon King Piccolo, today it is impossible for you to escape. So, be a good boy and die!” Ayaka said with a flat face as if she had pronounced his death sentence.

Demon King Piccolo hissed crazily, “No, I am the fearsome Demon King; everything in the world is at my disposal. I will make the whole world covered with darkness!”


Ayaka’s eyes flashed a harsh cold light, and her body suddenly burst out a wave of golden energy. Powerful golden energy like a huge dragon, looking up to the sky and roaring, and the powerful ki that makes the whole world fearful went towards Damon King Piccolo.


The golden energy wave that surged and tumbled continuously expanded and compressed. Demon King Piccolo was instantly turned into ashes under the compelling energy.

At the same time, Kami in the Lookout and the seven Dragon Balls in various parts of the world turned into dust in the world.

Looking at Demon King Piccolo, who brought panic to the world and was unbeatably turned into ashes in a wave of energy from Ayaka, Mutaito did not come back from the shock for a long time.

Until now, Mutaito could not believe that the young girl in front of him had such a terrifying strength to destroy the world. However, the surrounding Earth, which had become pitted and disfigured, told him that this was real.

Re-collecting her ki and recovering her weight, Ayaka turned back into that petite and elegant little girl. Seeing Mutaito’s shocked look, Ayaka smiled lightly.

What Kami asked herself to do has been completed. She had also learned the martial arts tips of Mutaito; the next step was to sit back and wait for the time for Mr. Popo to pick her back up.

“I never thought you came from the future!” Mutaito’s face was full of shock. He was stunned by Ayaka’s identity.

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