Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 33


After a brief exchange with a distraught Mutaito, Ayaka returned to the town with Mutaito. Looking at the charming young girl beside him, Mutaito still couldn’t believe that there was such a powerful strength hidden under her slender body.

Back in the town, the villagers cheered with excitement after learning that Demon King Piccolo had been destroyed.

During the night, the town held a grand celebration ceremony. Ayaka and Mutaito were surrounded by enthusiastic villagers, constantly toasting and laughing at them. The party lasted until the early hours of the morning before slowly dispersing. Ayaka also experienced the joy of the villagers bursting out after the great panic.

This time, Demon King Piccolo was destroyed by her intervention, causing the world’s trajectory to be slightly different. Mutaito did not die.

Only the next day, Ayaka got away from the enthusiastic villagers.


Ayaka let out a long breath. She was not used to this feeling of being surrounded by everyone.

Mutaito came around and said with a smile, “Ayaka, the villagers are very grateful that you killed Demon King Piccolo!”

Ayaka rolled her eyes and said helplessly, “I killed Demon King Piccolo, which Kami commissioned. Even without my hand, Demon King Piccolo would have been sealed by you in history.”

Mutaito shook his head and said, “I know very well the strength of Demon King Piccolo. According to you in history, if you had not made a move, Demon King Piccolo would have been sealed by me, but I think I would have paid a small price. So, I still have to thank you.”

Ayaka nodded with a light smile and accepted Mutaito’s thanks.

In history, Mutaito brought his disciples to crusade against Demon King Piccolo, and he failed.

However, with a strong vitality, Mutaito did not die of serious injuries. He departed alone, leaving a message to his disciples that he would return. Later, Mutaito returned and used the Evil Containment Wave to seal Demon King Piccolo into the rice cooker jar. However, he also paid the price of his life. After that, Master Roshi and Master Shen sunk the sealed rice cooker jar with Demon King Piccolo inside into the sea.

Ayaka thought about it. She had now killed Demon King Piccolo; it meant that Kami and Dragon Balls would disappear from this world. Son Goku and Bulma wouldn’t meet in the future, and all history would have changed.

Suddenly –

Ayaka’s heart flashed with a bad feeling.

“I have killed Demon King Piccolo. So, of course, Son Goku and Bulma will not meet in the future. However, the Saiyans at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z will still come to Earth! Even if Vegeta and Frieza would not come to Earth and Planet Namek, as a result, the androids will not appear. However, Majin Buu’s egg is still on the Earth! If Majin Buu appears…”

Ayaka’s mood became terrible all of a sudden. She was vaguely regretting that she had rashly killed Demon King Piccolo.

Dragon Ball!

The nexus of the Dragon Ball World was Dragon Ball. Therefore, Demon King Piccolo and Kami, who were closely related to the Dragon Ball, were also critical links to the main story.

“Kami does not know what the future of the Earth will face. He thought that the world would be peaceful if I killed Demon King Piccolo, so he sent me over to kill Piccolo. However, the result of his action caused the Dragon Ball to disappear, and there is no one to deal with Majin Buu!”

Ayaka’s face became ugly. As a result of a moment of negligence, the world might be plunged into eternal darkness in the future.

“Wait a minute. There seems to be no Majin Buu in that future world of Trunks, will this world also….”

Damn. I can’t have this kind of gambling idea. The world of Trunks might be the one where Majin Buu hasn’t come out yet! If Majin Buu appeared in this world without the Dragon Ball traction, then it’s all over!” Ayaka racked her brain, trying to find a way to compensate.

Mutaito saw Ayaka frowning and meditating with a look of distress. He thought she was in some trouble and asked with concern, “Ayaka, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with your body?”

Ayaka shook her hand without saying anything. Now, it was a little late to say anything. Perhaps Demon King Piccolo was the first to be destroyed for the people of this era, and nobody knew what would happen three hundred years later.

Finally, Ayaka told his concerns to Mutaitou, who, after listening, said with a grave face.

“Ayaka, do you mean to say that killing Demon King Piccolo today might have an impact on the future, making it impossible to destroy future enemies?”

Ayaka nodded and said, “I come from the future due to the existence of Demon King Piccolo. Three hundred years from now, a group of powerful Earth warriors will gather. They will fight against monsters that are eviler than Demon King Piccolo to protect the Earth. However, now that I have destroyed Demon King Piccolo, I am worried that those warriors will not appear anymore!”

“Haha!” Mutaito laughed cheerfully and said under Ayaka’s surprised eyes, “Although Demon King Piccolo no longer exists, we still exist. Just let us train the future warriors; what about that?”

“For the sake of the future, I, Mutaito, will also strive to train outstanding disciples, allowing them to inherit our beliefs to raise powerful and outstanding warriors for the Earth!” Mutaitou’s words were like a thunderbolt that shook through Ayaka’s heart and soul.

“Yes. No matter what the future enemy, even without the Dragon Balls’ bond, one can still leave enough faith for the future! Let’s reunite the Dragon Ball warriors!”

All of a sudden, Ayaka became open-minded and cheerful before the depression and confusion swept away. Even when there was no more Dragon Ball resurrection function, it should generally still reach the ultimate goal of defeating Majin Buu if the clever layout.

“Then it’s up to us to start a new world!” Ayaka gaze solemnly said to Mutaito. Mutaito smiled and nodded. To deal with the possible emergence of more evil existence than Demon King Piccolo, now it was necessary to start planning for the future.

Mutaito gathered his disciples, set up arrangements, and began to accept disciples. He then broke the martial artists’ stereotypes and taught them all his skills to train the best disciples. The young Master Roshi’s and Master Shen’s martial arts skills gradually improved under the guidance of Mutaito. As a result, there was no later rebellion because of the death of Mutaito.

Time passed little by little. Ayaka knew the day she left this world was approaching. She also planned to leave something behind to prepare this world for the future against cosmonauts and evil creatures. After all, it was due to her momentary negligence that caused the uncertainty of the future.

Seeing Ayaka take out a rice cooker, Mutaito asked in confusion, “What are you doing with the rice cooker?”

“I feel that soon I will have to leave this world and return to the original world. I want to leave something for this world, at least in the future when there is something different; it can play a small role!” Ayaka said with a smile.

Putting the rice cooker in the middle of the courtyard, Ayaka stretched out her arm and took a deep breath. A half-moon-shaped ki blade coalesced in her hand.


A wound appeared above a white arm, and blood dripped down the arm and fell into a long-prepared wide-mouth bottle.

“Ayaka, what are you doing?” Mutaito asked with shock and confusion.

Ayaka ignored Mutaito’s question. She endured the pain coming from the wound and filled the wide mouth bottle with her blood. In the end, she quickly put the wide mouth bottle into the rice cooker and then use her body’s ki.

All of a sudden, a surging and vast ki came out from Ayaka’s body. Ayaka carefully condensed a golden ball of ki and put the golden ball of ki into the wide mouth bottle, then sealed it against the rice cooker.


Ayaka condensed her ki with one hand and cast the Evil Containment Wave into the rice cooker. A long blue dragon winding towards the rice cooker, and the Evil Containment Wave emitted a bright light, making people close their eyes.


The Evil Containment Wave hit the rice cooker with Ayaka’s blood in the wide mouth bottle sealed in one go.

Ayaka picked up the sealed rice cooker with her blood from the ground and wiped the sweat from her forehead. The wound on her arm had stopped bleeding due to the powerful healing ability, and it won’t take long to repair.

Mutaito was concerned and stepped forward, reaching out to take the rice cooker handed up by Ayaka. Ayaka said, “Do not worry. I have a powerful recovery ability; the wound on the arm will soon be restored.”

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