Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 34


As soon as Ayaka finished speaking, a golden glow emitted from the wound on her arm. Then, in front of Mutaito’s astonished gaze, some small balls of flesh grew out of the wound. The flesh balls kept moving and slowly grew longer, bringing a slight itching sensation, and gradually a flawless arm emerged.


Ayaka shook the healed arm, and the white jade-like skin flowed with a faint glow. The seemingly bulletproof skin hid a fantastic strength.

Mutaito saw with his own eyes Ayaka’s recovery ability. His mouth opened wide in surprise; he had never seen someone who could heal his injuries in such a short period. Mutaito shook his head with an incomprehensible look, “I see, you’re the real monster!”

Ayaka smiled lightly. She was delighted with her recovery ability. Although this would consume a huge amount of her energy for a short period, it was better to drag a stump to fight someone else than to drop a little in overall strength to fight with an adequate body at full force.

Her previous expectation of that night was correct. Her recovery ability would indeed gradually become stronger with the increase in strength. With the current recovery ability, it was already almost no worse than that of the Namekians. Ayaka accepted all of Mutaito’s words; she still had an apparent understanding of herself.

‘I’m really a monster now, a real undead monster. However, I like myself being such a monster!’

Ayaka handed the rice cooker in her hand to Mutaito and said with a serious face, “I have an immortal body. It means that no matter how injured I am, I can regenerate infinitely as long as one cell exists before the end of my natural life. The bottle sealed in this rice cooker contains a sample of my blood, which in theory can also be said to be me. Because of my existence as the original, I can not transform into another me. However, when I leave this world, this bottle of blood sample should become the new ‘Ayaka’ and become my doppelganger.”

“I have injected enough life force into the blood sample. I hope you will keep this rice cooker. When an irresistible evil existence appears in the future, open this seal and release my doppelganger.”

Mutaito solemnly took the rice cooker with Ayaka’s doppelganger sealed in it and said with a serious face, “Don’t worry, Ayaka, I will preserve her well.”

At this point, Ayaka remembered that Kami no longer existed in this world. Therefore, new Kami had to be re-elected, and among humans, Mutaito was an excellent candidate.

“Master Mutaito, have you ever been to Korin Tower?” Ayaka asked.

“Korin Tower?”

Mutaito shook his head. Although he did not know why Ayaka asked about Korin Tower, he still answered, “I know the Sacred Land of Kailin. It is said to be a sacred place of martial arts. Unfortunately, I have not been to Korin Tower!”

Ayaka hoped that Mutaito would go to Korin Tower and become the new Kami, so she said, “Above the Korin Tower in the Sacred Land of Korin lives Cat Hermit. He is an existence whose martial arts are not inferior to that of Kami. Above the Korin Tower also exists Kami!”

“Kami? Is that the God that sent you to this era?” Mutaito asked in surprise.

“Yes, Kami, the God of Earth. He is responsible for watching over the order on Earth. Kami and Demon King Piccolo were originally one, but Kami was unable to come down to the world to remove the Demon King Piccolo for some reason. So he asked me to kill the Demon King Piccolo.” Ayaka said the secret about Kami. Upon thinking that Kami had disappeared in this world, her face could not help but feel a little lost.

“…Kami and Demon King Piccolo are the same. Demon King Piccolo’s death also means that Earth’s Kami has disappeared, so I suggest Master Mutaito go to Korin Tower. Maybe you can inherit the seat of Kami!”

Mutaito developed a heartfelt admiration for Kami, who guarded the Earth and willingly disappeared with Demon King Piccolo, but he was not interested in the throne of Kami. Mutaito shook his head and rejected Ayaka’s suggestion, “I have no idea of becoming a God.”

Ayaka knew that Mutaito was a martial artist who was single-mindedly devoted to martial arts. There was only a different pursuit of martial arts.

“Master Mutaito, after becoming a Kami, there is a chance to meet North Kai, who is in charge of the entire North Area. North Kai is an outstanding martial arts master. As long as you can receive instruction from North Kai, there will be a huge breakthrough in the martial arts.”

Seeing that Mutaito seemed to be somewhat moved, Ayaka continued to persuade, “After becoming a Kami, Master Mutaito will not be a mortal. You will then have a life span far beyond that of ordinary people so that you can better guard the Earth!”

“For the sake of peace on Earth, you too must become a Kami!” She continued to compel.

After Ayaka’s continuous suggestions, Mutaito’s attitude finally loosened and hesitantly said, “In that case, I’ll go to Korin Tower for a while!”

Seeing that Mutaito finally agreed to go to Korin Tower, Ayaka’s face loosened up. As long as Mutaito was willing to go to Korin Tower, becoming the new Kami was confirmed.


After a few more days, Mutaito took the rice cooker and set off for Korin Tower, leaving the Training Academy in the hands of two disciples, Master Roshi and Master Shen.

Looking at everything that had been arranged, Ayaka could leave this world with peace of mind. With Mutaito becoming a new Kami, Mutaito Training Academy trained martial artists, plus her sealed doppelganger. Even if a powerful enemy appears in the future, they should be able to deal with it.

The reason why Ayaka sealed the blood sample in the rice cooker with the Evil Containment Wave was mainly because she did not want to let her genes out. If Dr. Gero also exists here, it was possible that the Dragon Ball warriors would meet her cloned robots before the appearance of Majin Buu. Ayaka was aware of her perversion. It was safe to say that with her incredible physique that became more powerful at a later stage, the only one who could defeat her at that time was herself!

Although the cloned robot might not have the same characteristics as Ayaka, the Saiyan bloodline was undoubtedly there. Even when it was a little light because of the features, or modified Saiyan bloodline, there was still a potential to exceed the vast majority of pure Saiyan.

Ayaka didn’t forget to ask Mutaito to bring the rice cooker to the Lookout. As long as the timing was right, Ayaka doppelganger would be bornꟷby that time, there would things that need to be instructed to that doppelganger.

First, for the preliminary stage, the doppelganger should not wander around; otherwise, the genes would be exposed. She was not the original; naturally, there were no immortality characteristics, only an infinite life span, and superb healing ability. Therefore, she must not die midway because she couldn’t be like the original, who could be extinguished and reborn.


Ayaka also said goodbye to Master Roshi and others before leaving and set out on a journey alone.

Three hundred years ago, the landscape was much better than that of Ayaka’s time. Ayaka also took the opportunity to relax and began to swim in the mountains.

After another three weeks, a huge magic array appeared at Ayaka’s feet. The magic array glowed and produced a large cloud of smoke, and when the smoke cleared, Ayaka had left this world.


Above Korin Tower, the Lookout chamber.

Mr. Popo controlled the machine in his hand and carefully brought Ayaka back.


A huge explosion occurred in the secret room, and thick smoke covered the entire room, forcing Mr. Popo to leave the room and come out into the corridor.

Ahem! Mr. Popo, why are you making so much smoke?” Ayaka frowned as she walked out of the smoke, covering her mouth with one hand and saying with some dissatisfaction.

Uh, the machine has not been used for a long time; some parts are starting to deteriorate. It seems Popo has to rebuild a new one.” Mr. Popo looked at the young girl who came out of the thick fog and said with a calm face.

She was traveling through time and space in this old machine. What should she think about it? She was afraid that if it broke down in the middle, she would be forgotten somewhere.

At the side, Kami saw Ayaka and asked, “Ayaka, how is Demon King Piccolo?”

Ayaka straightened the clothes on her body and combed her hair a bit, then smiled lightly and said, “With me, you can completely rest assured that Demon King Piccolo has been destroyed.”

Kami turned his gaze to Mr. Popo, who said affirmatively, “According to my detection of Ayaka, she did kill Demon King Piccolo.”

What, detection? Did Mr. Popo put a camera on her?

Ayaka was startled and stared at Mr. Popo with an ugly face, an appalling aura emanating from her body. Seeing Ayaka’s tendency to storm out, Mr. Popo hurriedly explained, “Miss Ayaka, don’t be angry. These are what I saw through the time machine’s monitor, and not specifically spying on you!”

With that, Mr. Popo pointed his finger at the monitor that had become a piece of debris.

Ayaka’s breath eased, “Good thing it’s just the monitor. It didn’t let them hear what I said. Otherwise, my secrets will all be exposed. It seems that I have to pay attention to it in the future, and I can’t just talk nonsense.”

Seeing Ayaka’s ki disappeared, Mr. Popo breathed a sigh of relief. He was really shocked by Ayaka’s terrible ki.

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