Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 35


After getting Mr. Popo’s affirmation, a complicated expression appeared on Kami’s face as he knew that Ayaka had indeed destroyed demon King Piccolo.

Kami looked at Ayaka and said in a serious tone, “Ayaka, since you killed Demon King Piccolo, then you passed the test!”

“Test?” Ayaka looked at Kami in confusion. Could it be that Kami asked her to kill Demon King Piccolo as a test, and what exactly was she being tested for?

Mr. Popo saw that Kami was ready to tell the story, so he opened his mouth and said, “This is a test for Kami to select a successor after Kami and Popo unanimously affirmed that you would be listed as Kami’s successor.”

Ayaka was taken aback. How could she become the successor of Kami? It seemed that she also passed the test, didn’t that mean…

“Am I becoming a Kami?”

Ayaka said incredulously with wide eyes. She had just facilitated Mutaito to become the successor of Kami, but unexpectedly, as soon as she returned to her world, Kami intended to make her his successor. Ayaka didn’t think about becoming a Kami. She had never considered the possibility until now.

“Yes, I want you to become the new Kami!”

Kami’s expression was serious as he said with a solemn face, “I was not qualified as a Kami. I was once caused the world to fall into panic. After meeting Demon King Piccolo with your eyes, you should know the relationship between him and I, right?”

Ayaka nodded. She naturally knew that Piccolo and Kami were the same.

Seeing Ayaka nodded, Kami continued, “Demon King Piccolo endangered the Earth, which I caused. This is my dereliction as a Kami. Unfortunately, for so many years, there has been no human who can inherit the throne of Kami until your appearance, Ayaka.”

Kami fixed his gaze on Ayaka, “There are too many existences in the universe that are more powerful than Earthling. It would be best if you had more power than I do to guard Earth better. More importantly, although you are not an Earthling, you have a kind heart. Through my observation of you over the past few years, I know you love this planet.”

“…Therefore, I hope you can become the new Kami of Earth!” Kami said with a firm gaze.

Facing the burning gaze of Kami, Ayaka didn’t know how to refuse. It seemed that what the Kami said was what she had said to Mutaito. It felt like a slap in the face!

“Wouldn’t Mr. Popo be better suited to become a Kami?” Ayaka said. Although she did not resist becoming a Kami of Earth, she couldn’t be bound to Earth. Ayaka still had ambitious goals and couldn’t stay on Earth.

“Popo is a servant of Kami for generations. He is responsible for guarding the Lookout and can not become Kami!” Mr. Popo explained that there was a clear division of labor between Kami and Kami’s servants. Kami guarded the Earth, while Kami’s servants guarded the Lookout and could not overstep the limits at all.

“But, I can’t stay at the Lookout all the time. I may leave the Earth often.” Ayaka said with difficulty.

However, Kami didn’t intend to give up on Ayaka and said, “This does not matter. I will still stay in the Lookout. I just pass on the position of Kami to you. When you leave the Earth, Mr. Popo and I will take care of the Earth; you just have to step in to guard the Earth at critical times!”

Since Kami had said the words to a point, and the Earth’s future was also dependent on her and other people to guard, so Ayaka did not refuse. She was quick to agree, “Well, then, I promise to become the Earth’s Kami.”

After seeing Ayaka agreed to become Earth’s Kami, Kami and Mr. Popo’s face revealed a smile. They were happy from the bottom of their hearts to be able to elect such a young and outstanding Kami for Earth. Next, Mr. Popo took Ayaka to the Lookout’s bathroom so that Ayaka could cleanse her body properly.


Lying in the bathroom, Ayaka touched her lamb-like delicate and fleshy thighs and thought somewhat dizzily, “Am I about to become a Kami?”

After bathing, Kami led Ayaka to a room at the bottom of the Lookout, which was where the souls of Kami of the past generations slept.

Kami bowed respectfully to the rows of Kami and then said solemnly, “Seniors, I have now chosen a new Kami, Ayaka. She has come to pay respect to the ancestors’ spirits!” After saying that, Kami pulled Ayaka to kneel.

In a flash, Ayaka seemed to see the spirits of Kami of the past generations detach themselves from the tablets and then swirl around.

A peculiar aura emerged from those spirit positions and then entered her body. A feeling of infinite comfort rushed to her heart, and Ayaka felt her whole body was warm and indescribably painful. Greedily absorbing this peculiar aura, Ayaka’s body emitted a “crackling” sound like firecrackers exploding in her ears.

Kami did not interrupt Ayaka because he knew that Ayaka was receiving the inheritance of Kami of the past generations.

After receiving the inheritance power of the Kami, Ayaka felt her body became more powerful. There was an indescribable feeling of comfort all over her body.

Ayaka stood up, stretched her arms. It was a simple action but contained endless power. All of a sudden, the whirlwind swirled, the wind whistled, like a wild horse of the reins, wanting to run wildly.

Kami felt the majestic ki emanating from Ayaka, and he couldn’t help but feel cold all over his body as if he was in tens of degrees below zero all of a sudden. Kami face anxiously shouted to Ayaka, “Ayaka, stop quickly. This is the place where the Kami of the past generations sleep; you can’t be so rude!”

His heart was thrilled. The more powerful the new Kami, the safer the Earth will become.

Ayaka laughed in embarrassment, and bowed to Kami’s tomb, and apologized.

After leaving Kami’s tomb, Kami said to Ayaka, “Ayaka, you are Kami on Earth from now on. I will teach you how to use the powers of the Kami in the next few days.”

Ayaka nodded with a smile on her face. Just a moment ago, after receiving Kami’s inheritance, Ayaka found out that her power level had reached 180,000!

A hundred and eighty thousand power level was truly a high power level power of the universe. In the original story, this was the power of Son Goku when he arrived on Planet Namek. He reached it when he had just turned 15, which made Ayaka’s mood extraordinarily soothing.

“Kami, I feel the presence of another world, which is full of death!” Ayaka said, and Kami replied, “That is the Other-World. Kami can travel between the Other-World and the World of Living. I will have to take you to visit King Yemma.”

Kami said to Ayaka again, “Ayaka, you are already a Kami, so you don’t need to call me Kami anymore. Call me Bodie or Old Kami!”

“Okay, Bodie,” Ayaka said. She had never heard of the name Bodie in the original story, so she thought it was a name given by Kami himself.


The next few days, the Old KamiꟷBodieꟷtaught Ayaka how to use Kami’s ability.

After Old Kami’s teaching, Ayaka found that Kami’s ability was more like a wizard’s magic and somewhat like superpowers. This ability could only be passed down, and there was no other way to learn other than passing it down. Since the Old Kami was a Namekian, and the Namekians had magical abilities, he didn’t lose his Kami ability.

When Ayaka was familiar with the ability of Kami, the Old Kami took Ayaka into the Other-World to meet King Yemma, who was in charge of the death of the North Area.

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