Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 36


The first time she saw King Yemma, Ayaka was startled by his huge body. She never thought that King Yemma was as huge as the original.

With her appearance and a small talkative mouth, Ayaka and King Yemma made a good relationship, and she often made King Yemma laugh. Ayaka was considered to have the best relationship with King Yemma in the history of the Earth’s Kami.

When Ayaka left to return to the World of Living, King Yemma specially sent her out of the hall, which caused a burst of envy and jealousy in the Old Kami hearts who had not received such treatment.


Ayaka stayed in the Lookout for a few more months. During these months, under the leadership of Mr. Popo, Ayaka became thoroughly familiar with the Lookout structure and gradually became a qualified Kami.

Today, Ayaka must go down to the Lower Realm. Initially, she promised Son Goku that she would return to Kame House in one or two years, but she had been away for nearly three years due to the delay of various things. In another year, Son Goku would be 12 years old, and then the plot would begin. She must find the Four-star Dragon Ball before then and then take Son Goku back to Mount Paozu, waiting for Bulma’s arrival.

‘I can not imagine that it’s been 15 years since I came to the Dragon Ball World. Next, the plot will be played out.’

Ayaka thought without emotion, gently stroking her gradually growing body and the fair and watery skin. Ayaka felt that her body was becoming more and more attractive.

At this time, Ayaka’s heart began to distress. As a result of facing such a beautiful and petite body day and night, she started to pay more attention for this body. Ayaka felt that she was more and more inclined to narcissism.

Just when Ayaka lost in thought, the Old Kami, Bodie, came to the side and said, “Ayaka, I heard that you are going down to the Lower Realm?”

Ayaka resumed her usual appearance and said, “Yes, it’s been three years since I said goodbye to Son Goku; it’s time to go back and see him!”

The Old Kami nodded and followed Ayaka to look at the Lower Realm. The Old Kami reminded Ayaka, “After you go down to the Lower Realm, you should be sympathetic to the people of the Lower Realm and do your duty as a Kami.”

“I know how to do that.” Ayaka agreed. Since accepting the position of Kami, Ayaka had often thought from the perspective of a Kami.

“That’s right!” The Old Kami looked at Ayaka in a casual and fashionable dress, remembered something, and said, “This outfit of yours is too undignified. I hope you can change.”

Ayaka couldn’t help but roll her eyes and said helplessly, “Come on, Old Kami. I’m not like you; I’m the first-ever female Kami on Earth!”

“Is there a rule that a female Kami must dress like the costume you’re wearing?” Ayaka said somewhat forcefully, not willing to back down at all regarding the dressing of her body.

The Old Kami sighed and said, “Well, dress how you want to dress! But the mark of Kami cannot be left behind!”

With that, the Old Kami stretched out a finger and cast a magic spell on Ayaka’s clothes. With a “poof” sound, a small “Kami” was printed on the inside of Ayaka’s blouse collar. The shoulders were also draped with a female white Kami trench coat, which also had the word “Kami” printed on the chest and back.

In addition to wearing a beautiful and fashionable dress, Ayaka was draped with a heroic goddess trench coat three centimeters from her shoulders, making her look even more solemn and mysterious.

“You don’t have to wear this female style Kami trench coat in general, but you must have the mark of Kami printed at the collar of your hundreds of tops.”

“Got it!” Ayaka lazily agreed. She took out all her clothes, printed the “Kami” mark on the collar of her clothes, and then leaped down the Lookout.

Upon looking at the figure that had disappeared, the Old Kami smiled and shook his head.


Through the thick layer of lightning, Ayaka saw the top of the Korin Tower’s round sphere. Remembering Korin, who she had not seen for several years, Ayaka stopped and entered the tower with one step.

At this time, Korin enjoyed the fish that Ayaka had left behind when he saw Ayaka appear in the Korin Tower.

“Hi, long time no see, Korin!”

As Korin heard someone greet him, he put down the fresh fish in his hand and turned his gaze. He found that Ayaka was looking at him with a smile.

“Hmm?” When Korin saw the white Kami trench coat Ayaka was wearing, he couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t even know when the fish in his hand had fallen to the ground, obviously shocked by Ayaka’s outfit.

Korin pointed his paws at Ayaka and said with a look of disbelief, “Ayaka, this dress… doesn’t it belong to Kami?!?”

“Yes, Korin, I am the new Kami of Earth!” Ayaka smiled lightly and nodded to acknowledge her new identity and then extended her hand to shake Korin, “Please take care of me in the future!”

Korin looked at Ayaka in dismay, incredulous at Ayaka’s new identity. He didn’t expect that the little girl who had just climbed up the Korin Tower a few years ago would now become a Kami after just a few years of absence.

“Ayaka, you are so out of my expectation.” Korin quickly calmed down and accepted Ayaka’s new identity.

Ayaka smiled. She did not expect to become a Kami herself. She smiled at Korin and said, “It was the Old Kami’s choice. At first, even I was shocked! I never thought that Kami would choose me to be his successor.”

Korin nodded. Ayaka had such a strong power that it made sense that she would be noticed by the Kami and chosen as the new Kami. However, he did not expect that she would become a Kami already.

“I happen to be going down to the Lower Realm. Since I passed by here, I came to see you. How about it, how do those fish taste? Do you want me to bring you some more next time?”

Hearing Ayaka said that she would bring it some more fish over, Korin’s ears perked up at once and listened carefully to Ayaka’s words. “Well, those fish taste very good. So if you can, bring me some more!”

“Yes, I will bring you a lot of fish next time!” Ayaka smiled and nodded in agreement. She then jumped off the Korin Tower and flew towards the Lower Realm.

Korin looked at the clouds below and licked his paws, full of anticipation for Ayaka’s next arrival.


Ayaka quickly landed on the ground and hid her Kami trench coat with a divine shadow. She then took out the Dragon Ball radar and searched for the Four-Star Dragon Ball of Son Goku and the Ox-King Dragon Ball.


The Dragon Ball radar quickly showed the location of the seven Dragon Balls. After a simple judgment, Ayaka chose the nearest Dragon Ball and then “whoosh” towards the radar location.

With Ayaka’s strength today, even with a weight-bearing suit, she still could fly very fast. In no time, Ayaka arrived at a plateau of barren vegetation and yellow sand.

This plateau above the stone pile, large and small stone pillars covered the entire plateau. Due to the proximity to the nearby gobi beach, the temperature difference between day and night on the plateau was extremely high, and moisture was also scarce, making the desert devoid of vegetation.

Ayaka landed on a cluster of rocks in the desert, looking at the plateau filled with sand and dust, and couldn’t help but frown.

“I’m afraid this plateau will turn into a desert in a short while!”

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