Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 37


The Earth was a beautiful azure planet with continents and oceans evenly distributed on it. Comfortable climatic conditions and very little artificial damage allowed countless lives to flourish on the planet.

Although the planet was suitable for the survival of life, there were also places of extreme harshness. This plateau where Ayaka was located was not such a harsh environment, but it was much worse than other places.

The temperature difference between day and night and the lack of water here wasn’t very suitable for large numbers of life, yet there was always some life that could survive here.


A giant dinosaur came out from behind a pile of rocks with a mouth full of saliva and roared at Ayaka demonstratively, treating Ayaka as prey and swooping over with its whole body.

Ayaka looked at the mouth full of saliva and was disgusted by its image. Her feet gently jumped upwards to avoid the dinosaur’s attack.


The dinosaur’s bulky body hit the stone pillar in front of it with a loud sound. The ground shook up, and scattered stones rolled down from above. It smashed on the dinosaur’s head, breaking its brain into a daze. The dinosaur shook his head and attacked again toward Ayaka.

“Are all dinosaurs such silly animals?”

Looking at the dinosaur that continued to attack her over, Ayaka was a little speechless. She remembered that when Son Gohan was brought to training by Piccolo, there was also a dinosaur chasing Son Gohan, trying to take Son Gohan as food. However, in the end, Son Gohan cut off his tail and roasted it to eat.

“Since you dare to chase me, you have to be prepared to be beaten!”

Ayaka’s body flashed, disappeared from the stone pillar. The breakneck speed left a few streaks in the air, and between lightning and fire, she had come under the dinosaur…


A fist smashed the jaw of the dinosaur. The dinosaur let out a low whimper and passed out with two straight eyes.

“Bighead but so low strength. It tumbles down in three or two moves.”

With a foot gently landed, Ayaka stroked her hair. She looked at the fainted dinosaur and said. Ayaka had no intention of roasting it, so she left the dinosaur behind.

Long after Ayaka left, the dinosaur wobbled up from the ground, then looked in horror at the direction Ayaka left and fled in the other direction.


Ayaka landed on a dead tree bush, pressed the Dragon Ball radar button, zoomed in on the map, and the radar showed that the Dragon Ball was nearby.

“It’s around here.”

Ayaka looked around, looking for the place where the Dragon Ball might be hiding. After searching for a long time without finding any Dragon Balls trace, Ayaka chopped the dead shrubs and went deeper into the bushes. After splitting nearly half of the bushes, Ayaka saw a flash of light in a cluster of bushes.

“Found it!”

Jumping to the middle of the shrubs, an orange-red Dragon Ball was caught between the shrubs’ branches, reflecting the light of the sun. Wrenching the fork of the tree to get the Dragon Ball in her hand, Ayaka found that this Dragon Ball was not the Four-Star of Son Goku.

“It’s not the Four-Star. I’ll give this one back to the Ox-King!”

Ayaka put the Dragon Ball in her pouch and took out the Dragon Ball radar to search for the next Dragon Ball location. With two beeps, the radar shows the other six Dragon Balls’ signal, and Ayaka’s body gently flew up towards the nearest Dragon Ball.


From time to time, the wind whistled wildly in her ears. Her cheeks were blown cold by the strong wind, and her loose hair was fluttering in the wind. Flying through the jungle and plateau, she gradually came to flatter terrain.

Ayaka continued to fly forward into the rocky structure of the canyon. The floor of the canyon was distributed with crisscrossing cracks; some cracks were thin and deep. The vertical gullies formed a separate block of rocks, stacking on top of each other, and the edges became weathered and fragile under the erosion of rain and frost.

“It’s troublesome to find the Dragon Ball here.”

Upon facing the crisscross gully, Ayaka felt a little numb in her heart. These thick cracks were as wide as a person, and the thin cracks were a fist size. Each one of them was deep, about a dozen meters deep.

“If the Dragon Ball fell into a certain deep gully crack, it would be very troublesome to get out!”

After turning the Dragon Ball radar map to the maximum, the Dragon Ball signal was displayed at the red triangle of the radar screen.

“It seems that the Dragon Ball really fell inside the crack!” Ayaka smiled bitterly. If she wanted to get that Dragon Ball, she would have to turn the whole canyon over.

Ayaka slowly flew into the air and stopped a thousand meters from the ground. With one hand, she gathered up the ki in her body. The surging ki in her body exploded steeply, flowing from all parts of her body toward her palm, condensing into a ki wave in her palm. Ayaka’s entire arm emitted a blinding light. She then raised her fist high to bring the ki in her palm toward the ground.

With a “whoosh” A blue ki wave descended from the sky. It was like a fierce tiger roaring, rushing with a destructive aura, crashing unstoppably into the canyon.


The ki wave struck the ground with a huge explosion through the sky. The loud explosion sound was accompanied by a dazzling light that came to the surface, and the stunning and blinding light made people close their eyes.

The ground was constantly shaking, and a large handful of rock was blown into the air. The shock wave from the explosion swept around at a breakneck speed and soon flooded the entire canyon.

The explosion produced a huge mushroom cloud that enveloped the entire sky. A powerful cyclone rolled up a sky full of dust and sand flying in the sky. A huge change in the canyon that was difficult to see with the naked eye instantly changed the canyon’s structure.

The chaotic and raging storm gradually subsided, and the thick smoke slowly receded. The vision became clear again, and the sight was a completely different face of the Earth.

Rocky ravines consisting of canyons had been flattened, covered with potholes of varying sizes. A few wisps of smoke still drifted over the land as if it had experienced an apocalypse.

Ayaka slowly landed and stood on a large piece of ruined ground, “I seem to have overplayed the fire…”

As she gazed at the canyon that had been razed to the ground, Ayaka froze, slightly inattentive. The fire just now seems to be a bit too much, “The Dragon Ball should not be destroyed, right?”

Taking out the Dragon Ball radar, she carefully detected up. Fortunately, the Dragon Ball signal was quickly displayed on the radar. Ayaka breathed a sigh of relief. It was good that the attack just now did not destroy the Dragon Balls, or Ayaka would have to find the Old Kami to recreate the Dragon Balls.

The whole ground had been flattened; trying to find the Dragon Ball was also quite difficult. Fortunately, the Dragon Ball had been knocked out in the explosion just now, and it was much easier to find.

Ayaka found the general location and then bombarded it with ki waves. This time Ayaka controlled the power of the ki waves, and each time only a meter-deep hole was blown. Soon, the Dragon Ball was blown out by Ayaka.

Catching the Dragon Ball blown up into the sky, Ayaka carefully counted the number of stars on it.


Ayaka was a little disappointed that the Dragon Ball found this time was also not Son Goku’s Four-Star. She carefully put the Six-Star into her pouch, then flew away from the area and continued to fly in the direction of the Dragon Ball radar display.

As Ayaka continued to fly, the sky gradually darkened. She decided to  land near a forest lake.


She threw out the Capsule, took her luxury villa out of the Capsule, and then entered the bathroom to turn on the hot water and took a painful hot bath to wash all the dust off her body.

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