Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 38


After a comfortable bath, Ayaka walked out of the bathroom wrapped in just a yukata and picked up a hairdryer to dry her damp hair. Even though she was wearing a simple yukata, Ayaka’s exquisite body was also very clearly reflected.

The thin and gentle yukata could not cover the breasts that were already proudly erect. The snow-white skin on top of the breasts was exposed, and the two white, smooth and fleshy thighs flowed out from under the yukata just right. Such beauty would make people’s hearts beat faster, and their blood boils.

Ayaka blew her hair dry and quickly removed the yukata. She then went to the bedroom and found a set of white underwear to put on. In the face of such a charming body, Ayaka found herself growing more and more fascinating. In the long run, she would be on the verge of becoming a narcissist.

Shifting into the quilt, she covered her head and fell asleep.


The next day, with the sun shining through the window, Ayaka got up. She got dressed, then went to the bathroom and washed up briefly. After eating breakfast, Ayaka turned the villa back into a Capsule and put it away, then took out the Dragon Ball Radar and looked at it.


Ayaka found a slight change in the Dragon Ball signal shown on the radar. In addition to the signal being sought, Ayaka found that a Dragon Ball was approaching at a speed of three thousand kilometers per hour and was expected to pass by here in ten minutes.

“Could it be that this Dragon Ball has been obtained and is flying at high speed?”

Ayaka intended to temporarily give up the Dragon Ball that she was initially looking for and wait for the approaching one.

Ten minutes passed quickly, and from afar, Ayaka saw something flying towards here, “Something is flying over there.”

There was a whoosh! A red shadow flew through the sky and quickly moved away. Although it passed by very briefly, Ayaka could already see what it was.

“Surprisingly it is the world’s number one assassin, Mercenary Tao, the younger brother of Master Shen!”

Ayaka looked at the person who flew past with some surprise. That person was Mercenary Tao, who had the name of the world’s number one assassin. Mercenary Tao stood on a concrete pillar and flew through the sky.

Ayaka hurriedly took out the Dragon Ball radar, which showed that a Dragon Ball was moving away rapidly, “The Dragon Ball is on Mercenary Tao.”

Ayaka thought with certainty. Although she didn’t know why there was a Dragon Ball on Mercenary Tao, she shouldn’t let it get away since she ran into it. Her body gently floated up, and Ayaka accelerated and chased towards Mercenary Tao.

As the world’s number one assassin, Mercenary Tao was one of the very few who could be compared to Master Roshi and even stronger than Master Roshi. In the original story, Mercenary Tao accepted the Red Ribbon Army’s commission to snatch the Dragon Balls from Son Goku and was later defeated by Son Goku, who climbed up the Korin Tower.

Ayaka’s flight speed was faster than Mercenary Tao’s. It didn’t take long for her to catch up to the concrete pillar that Mercenary Tao was standing on, and then she also jumped onto the concrete pillar.

After seeing a young girl who suddenly jumped on his concrete pillar, Mercenary Tao could not help but be a little stunned and said in a dark tone, “Who are you that you dare to come to the world’s number one assassin, Mercenary Tao?”

Ayaka lightly smiled and did not answer Mercenary Tao’s question. Instead, she gently dodged her foot, and energy with great explosive power burst out from the bottom of Ayaka’s foot, followed by the whole concrete pillar shaking violently.


The concrete pillar disintegrated with a bang, turning into a sky of flying sand and dust. The energy bursting out from the bottom of Ayaka’s feet was so destructive that it destroyed the concrete pillar structure internally, causing it to disintegrate into sand and dust.

Mercenary Tao jumped down the moment the concrete pillar disintegrated, flipped through the air, and landed on the ground with a shocked look at the girl not far away.

Ayaka slowly landed across from Mercenary Tao with a Dancing Sky Art, smiling blandly. “Mercenary Tao, you should have one of these balls on you, right?” Ayaka asked with a smile as she took out a Dragon Ball from her pouch.

“How dare you talk to this lord like that. Little girl, you’re really impatient to die. If you have the sense, hurry up and get out of my way!” Mercenary Tao’s face showed a disdainful look, but his heart was secretly shocked. He was full of alert and ready to strike at any time.

Ayaka secretly shook her head. How could she not see the hostility of the Mercenary Tao? She showed a look of helplessness and said, “Originally, I planned to solve the problem peacefully. Mercenary Tao, you are too troublesome!”

Seeing Ayaka’s attitude so reckless towards himself, Mercenary Tao raised his eyebrows a little. He could not help but be enraged. His face became gloomy. His body’s morbid murderous aura instantly burst out, making the surrounding temperature seem to have dropped several degrees at once, and a bloody smell spread out.

Ayaka felt the murderous aura that permeated the surroundings and couldn’t help but frown. She didn’t like this dark and bloody smell.

“Little girl, originally for the sake of your beautiful look, I intended to let you die without pain. However, since you are so ungrateful, then do not blame this master for making you beg for death!”

With that, Mercenary Tao quickly attacked Ayaka, then turned his palm into a sword. With the ki of a thousand horses, he attacked with great speed. With a flash of his body, he came to Ayaka and slashed at Ayaka.

“Go to hell, little girl!” Mercenary Tao shouted with a wild whistle. The huge palm in his hand was wide open. With a harsh killing aura, he slashed down towards Ayaka’s head.


When Mercenary Tao’s huge palm was about to attack Ayaka’s head, Ayaka’s body flashed. Her whole body disappeared and then came to Mercenary Tao’s side at a great angle, grabbing Mercenary Tao’s palm with one small hand.

The explosive palm was tightly grasped by Ayaka’s small, snow-white hand, and the powerful impact was instantly terminated with a muffled thud. Mercenary Tao was dumbfounded at the young girl who caught his powerful attack. His face was filled with shock.


Mercenary Tao couldn’t imagine that such a small, slender hand was powerful enough to catch his attack. He wanted to get rid of Ayaka’s small hand to retract his palm but found that the young girl’s thin hand held him firmly like an iron pincer.

‘Could it be that this little girl was a hidden supreme expert who for some reason remained youthful?’

At this thought, sweat instantly sprang up on Mercenary Tao’s face. Ayaka did not know what was going through Mercenary Tao’s mind; she smiled lightly and looked at Mercenary Tao with a teasing look in her eyes.

Mercenary Tao fixed his mind and couldn’t help but burn with anger, making his face more gloomy. Since his debut, he hadn’t suffered such an insult. So, he vowed to break the young girl in front of him into pieces. Even if the other party were a supreme expert, he would let her see the means of the world’s number one assassin, Mercenary Tao.

Mercenary Tao attacked Ayaka with his legs. His legs were swift, his powerful attack brought up a whirlwind, and his legs seemed to create countless stigmata. Even so, Mercenary Tao still could not attack Ayaka. Ayaka easily dodged him, and his inability to attack Ayaka for a long time made him gradually depressed, causing a sense of powerlessness to rose in his heart.

“Get me aside!” Ayaka flung Mercenary Tao’s arm, throwing Mercenary Tao’s entire body hundreds of meters, hitting the tree, then breaking the whole tree. It broke several large trees in succession before falling heavily to the ground.


The ground shook for a while, and a big pit was created by Mercenary Tao’s fall. Mercenary Tao was lying inside the giant pit in a wretched state.

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