Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 39



Mercenary Tao crawled out of the pit. With a hand tightly clenched into a fist, he shouted with a blue face, touching some tingling arm, and his face showed disbelief.

Ayaka steps in front of him, stroking her hair with one hand, and said lightly, “Obediently hand over the Dragon Ball, and I can spare your life!”

Mercenary Tao was covered in blood. He had killed many people for money, and Ayaka knew that she didn’t feel terrific about him. So, when she met him today, she had to give him a look. If he handed over the Dragon Ball, nothing would happen, but it wouldn’t be so easy for him if he didn’t hand over the Dragon Ball.


Mercenary Tao shook his head, spit out a mouthful of saliva. His face was solemn as he set up an attacking style.

Ayaka shook her head, “You really don’t know how to live!”


With that, Ayaka disappeared from her spot, and suddenly, there was no trace of her around.

Seeing Ayaka disappear, Mercenary Tao became even more vigilant and observed the surroundings. His eyes were constantly turning, and ears were listening to all sounds, trying to find Ayaka’s trail. However, the gap between him and Ayaka was too great. There was an infinitely large gulf spanning between them, and Ayaka’s trail was beyond Mercenary Tao’s grasp.


Ayaka appeared right in front of Mercenary Tao, and there was a clear and beautiful smiling face in front of Mercenary Tao.


Mercenary Tao reacted and felt a fierce attack on his waist. A powerful force spread out in his waist as Ayaka appeared on his left side and landed a fierce attack on Mercenary Tao’s waist. A terrifying force erupted from his hand and sent Mercenary Tao flying out.

Mercenary Tao stood up after landing on the ground. The severe pain coming from his waist made his face look a bit distorted. Ayaka found that his power level had risen from the original 140 to 180.

‘Hmm… His power level did go up a bit.’

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ayaka also quickly came above Mercenary Tao and…


Mercenary Tao was kicked in the chest. His chest dented in somewhat, and his body was shortened by the powerful impact downward by a few dozen centimeters. His two feet sank deeply into the mud.


Mercenary Tao spitted out a mouthful of blood and passed out. Ayaka walked over to Mercenary Tao, reached out and pulled out a Dragon Ball from Mercenary Tao’s blouse, and counted the number of stars on it.


Ayaka happily smiled. She had got the Dragon Ball she wanted. Ayaka’s mood became extraordinarily comfortable, and her face was full of smiles as she turned around and wanted to leave. Suddenly…


Red energy shot over from behind, straight at Ayaka’s chest. It turned out that Mercenary Tao did not pass out but trick Ayaka into taking the bait. When the hole wave was about to attack Ayaka’s chest, Ayaka turned around and stretched out a hand to take the next.

The red energy wave hit Ayaka’s white palm, raising only a few wisps of light smoke, and did not cause her any damage. This time, Mercenary Tao was dumbfounded. His Crane School pride and joy had been taken without causing any damage to his opponent.

Ayaka’s eyes flashed a cold, cold light. Instantly, her body surging out with terrifying ki that enveloped the Earth. Kami’s majesty filled the whole world. The white clouds in the sky seemed to disappear suddenly, and the ground began to tremble for it.

Ayaka stretched out a finger to the sky. The vast ki gradually converged towards the finger, slowly forming a peanut-sized blue ball of ki wave. The blue ball of ki constantly flicking in Ayaka’s fingertips, emitting breathtaking and terrifying energy.

The peanut-sized ball of ki quickly became larger. In the blink of an eye, it became a huge energy ball with a diameter of 50 meters. The energy ball emitted a cold blue light, and a powerful explosive force that destroys the world was hidden inside. In Mercenary Tao’s frightened gaze, Ayaka gently threw the blue energy ball toward him.


A huge explosion resounded for a hundred miles, then the ground shook violently, and various mountains and rocks kept rolling down with the ground shaking. From afar, a huge mushroom cloud rushed up to a height of several thousand meters. The huge shock wave swept away with a wild momentum that was difficult to see directly.

Upon looking outside the Earth, a bright spot of light could be seen, and for several minutes, the world was shrouded in chaos.

After dozens of minutes later, the ground finally stopped shaking. The dust flying in the sky gradually drifted down, and peace returned to the world. In the location just now, a huge crater with a diameter of ten kilometers appeared. In the center of the crater, magma continued to gush out.

Ayaka slowly floated down from the sky, still dragging a person in her hand, which was Mercenary Tao. At this time, Mercenary Tao’s eyes were already white, completely fainted.

Looking at the forest, which was entirely disfigured by her attack, Ayaka felt very sorry. The move that Ayaka just made was an imitation of Frieza. The look was somewhat similar, but the color was dark blue.

In the nick of time, Ayaka used her power to wrap up the entire area under attack so that the outside world couldn’t know what was happening here. Otherwise, Ayaka’s strength would have been known to the Old Kami.

She left the fainted Mercenary Tao on the ground. She did not care about his death and flew away alone, “If Mercenary Tao weren’t still somewhat useful later on, I would have killed him with one move!”


After three years of absence, Ayaka came to the Fire Mountain again.

From afar, she saw the green castle standing tall on Fire Mountain. The lofty ancient castle was surrounded by green hills and water, looking extraordinarily old. It was surrounded by lush grass and trees with dense foliage and was alone in the lush mountains of the beautiful forest, causing a feeling of straddling the past was born.

Ayaka leisurely landed in the castle’s garden, watching the trees in the garden with great interest. At this time, the servant responsible for looking after the garden came over. When they saw Ayaka appeared and shouted to the Ox-King to report. Ayaka couldn’t care much about the servant and continued to watch.

Shortly after, the large size of the Ox-King came over. He held a black ax the size of a man, shouting, and his words could be heard from a distance, “Is that the intruder? How dare you be in the middle of this king’s garden? Get out of here!”

When he saw Ayaka, his fierce look turned into a smiley one at once. “So it’s Ayaka. I haven’t seen you for a few years, you’ve grown into a big girl! How come you don’t come to play in uncle’s castle for so many years!”

The Ox-King shouted. He threw away the ax in his hand and smashed a big pit on the ground.

Ayaka said with a smile, “I’ve been training all over the world for the past few years. Now that I’ve gotten better, I plan to go to Master Roshi’s island. I just happened to pass by here, so I came to take a look!”

The Ox-King nodded, believing Ayaka’s words. He then said, “So! Since you’re going to Master Roshi’s residence, can you say hello to Master Roshi for me? By the way, I have some specialties here; can you bring them along for me!”

He asked Ayaka to to bring a few local specialties to his teacher to pay proper respect to Master Roshi.

“Yes, I’ll wait a moment so you can prepare what you want me to bring. I will bring it for you!” Ayaka nodded her head and agreed. Then took out a Dragon Ball and handed it to the Ox-King.

“This is the Dragon Ball that I borrowed last time. Now I will return it to you!”

The Ox-King accepted the Dragon Ball and casually put it into his pocket without even looking at it for a second. He then took Ayaka to the castle’s hall and instructed the servants to prepare food properly. He wanted to treat Ayaka to a good meal.

“Where’s Chi-Chi? Why haven’t I seen her?” Ayaka looked around. Except for the busy servants, there was no sign of Chi-Chi.

“Chi-Chi went to the village to deliver food to some old people!” With a bit of fatty meat and his mouth constantly chewing, the Ox-King replied somewhat vaguely.

Ayaka nodded. Although the nearby villagers were afraid of the Ox-King, they were more fond of Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi often ran to the village to help some older people who had difficulties in life.

After a simple meal, Ayaka said goodbye to the Ox-King. She collected a whole cart of souvenirs that the Ox-King had prepared for Master Roshi and prepared to go towards the Kame House.

At this point, Ayaka turned her head to look at the Ox-King and said, “In a year or so, I’ll bring Son Goku over. Don’t you forget about him and Chi-Chi by then!”

Ayaka did not forget to remind the Ox-King about Son Goku and Chi-Chi, before abruptly flying off in the distance.


Inside the Kame House.

Master Roshi’s mouth was drooling as he was looking at the TV with a lewd face, watching aerobics lady. Outside the house, Son Goku was carrying a heavy turtle shell, kept running around the island.

Booze, booze!

Son Goku gasped. He was carrying a heavy gait running around the island with a bean-sized bead of sweat on his small face.


Son Goku suddenly saw a tiny figure flying over from afar, and when it got closer, Son Goku realized that it was Ayaka!


Son Goku was excited to see his sister, whom he had not seen for many years. As soon as he flew towards Ayaka, he ran over.

After three years of absence, Son Goku had grown up a lot, and she was delighted, “Goku, I’m back. Take it; it’s your Dragon Balls!” She said and threw the Four-Star to Son Goku.

Son Goku raised his hand to catch the flying Four-Star, pulling Ayaka’s hand towards the Kame House, shouting, “Grandpa Roshi, my sister is back!”

Hmm? Ayaka’s back?”

Master Roshi’s head turned from in front of the TV, just in time to see a big beautiful woman walked into the room. His eyes went straight at once. Master Roshi quickly popped over from the couch and came to Ayaka, breathing heavily through his nose in a feverish manner.

Wow! Such a great beauty. Is this Ayaka? I’m sure she’s getting prettier and prettier! Oooh, can you give old grandpa a feel of your chest?”

Master Roshi’s eyes glowed red, and his trembling hands opened into claws and attacked Ayaka’s breasts!

Humph!” Ayaka coldly snorted, unceremoniously knocked away the two ghostly hands of Master Roshi, and said with a grim face, “Master Roshi, you haven’t changed your old habits. If you have the guts to give me another try, see if I don’t break your hands!”

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