Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 40


Master Roshi retracted his hands sarcastically; his face was a little embarrassed looking at Ayaka, muttering, “Why is her temper getting worse and worse. She even refused me to touch her breast!”

“What are you muttering about?” Ayaka’s face became ugly, with an icy coldness in his gaze.

“….Nothing. I wanted to say how come you didn’t come back until now. Goku and I missed you so much!” Master Roshi was digressing to talk about Son Goku’s training results over the past three years.

Ayaka could see that after three years of hard training, Son Goku’s strength had grown considerably. His power level reached more than 100, only 20 lower than when he first participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

“By the way, when I came back, I passed by the OX-King’s Fire Mountain, and he asked me to bring you something.”

“You’ve met the Ox-King!” Master Roshi was a little surprised. He did not expect that Ayaka knew his second disciple, the Ox-King. Ayaka nodded, took out a Capsule, and threw it on the ground.


The entire room filled with thick white smoke, and by the time the smoke cleared, the whole room was already stuffed with all kinds of meat and fur. It was hard even to find a place to land.

“Wow, a lot of meat!” Son Goku looked at a room of meat. His mouth was drooling, and his eyes were shining brightly.

Master Roshi was looking at the room stuffed with pieces of meat, and his face muscles couldn’t help but twitch up. He had Nothing to say to his second disciple.

Kame House was located in the sea, and typically there was little meat in addition to seafood. This afternoon, Ayaka very busy in the kitchen, floating out a tempting smell of meat. The tantalizing aroma attracted Son Goku; his mouth was full of drool. He could not wait to run back and forth in the house.

Finally, it was time to eat; Son Goku’s mouth was stuffed with pieces of meat, and he grabbed two fatty meat pieces in his hands. His tongue rolled, and only a bone was left. He grabbed the roast meat with both hands and kept sending it to his mouth.

After enjoying the meal, Son Goku was lying on the ground with a happy face. He patted the bulging belly with his hand, “So full, rarely have I ever eaten so much!”

“Goku is very good at eating, right. How have you lived these years?” Ayaka quietly asked Master Roshi. This small Kami House didn’t look like it had a lot of food in stock, so she wondered how Master Roshi fed Son Goku.

As soon as she mentioned Son Goku’s meal, Master Roshi’s eyes became red as if he was in love with the scene, and he was about to shed tears, which startled Ayaka. She didn’t know that all this would have to be borne by the Master Roshi since she left.

Previously, he didn’t know that Son Goku’s meals were so horrible, until one day, Son Goku almost consumed the stock of food in the Kame House. Master Roshi hurried to the market to buy food, but it was eaten up within a few days. Upon watching the money in the waistband slowly flattened down, Master Roshi wanted to cry! So, for the following days they lived with so little food. Until Son Goku began to catch the fish in the sea, their lives had improved, but they never returned to the previous standard of living.

Looking at Master Roshi’s pathetic story of these years of experience, Ayaka couldn’t help but begin to sympathize with Master Roshi. These years were not easy for Master Roshi! However, Ayaka’s sympathy did not last a few seconds, and her face became an iron blue.

After seeing that he gained Ayaka’s sympathy, Master Roshi buried his head into Ayaka’s chest and kept rubbing Ayaka’s soft chest.

‘Sure enough, this dead old man does not deserve sympathy in the slightest!’

Ayaka grabbed Master Roshi, who was still buried in her chest.


She punched him in the head.


Master Roshi was hit by Ayaka’s punch and flew straight toward the wall with a bang. His head went through the wall and was stuck in the wall.


Soon, it had been a few days since Ayaka came to the Kame House. In the past few days, Ayaka had been nothing but good to Master Roshi. From time to time, she lost her temper with him, making Master Roshi as uncomfortable as eating a fly. Of course, this was all his own doing.

In the meantime, Ayaka tested Son Goku’s training and found that Son Goku’s strength had been close to the degree when he participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament. His age was nearly two years earlier than the original. It seemed to be good reason for coming to the Master Roshi a few years earlier.


This day.

“Horny old man, you come here!” Ayaka was extremely bad-tempered and yelled at Master Roshi. Son Goku stood by her side, standing still.

“What is it?” Master Roshi was wearing a pair of sunglasses, which reflected a dazzling bright light from the sunglasses’ corner under the sunlight.

“In addition to Kamehameha, don’t you have a set of ‘Thunder Shock Surprise?‘ Why didn’t you teach Goku?”

Ayaka remembered Master Roshi had two techniques. Respectively, Kamehameha and Thunder Shock Surprise. In the original story, Master Roshi transformed into a dragon and defeated Son Goku with Thunder Shock Surprise. The Thunder Shock Surprise was the same as the Crane School Tri-Beam. Due to excessive power, it was not easy to control. Master Roshi had not passed it on until he was gradually eliminated in later high-intensity battles.

Ayaka thought, since Son Goku could use Kamehameha, perhaps he could better play the Thunder Shock Surprise’s power. She had seen Mutaito used the Thunder Shock Surprise, and the power was one of the most powerful peaked Demon King Piccolo had to avoid it.

Huh, how do you know that I know the Thunder Shock Surprise?” Master Roshi was astonished.

When Master Roshi and Master Shen were still studying with their teacher Mutaito, Mutaito taught Master Roshi the Thunder Shock Surprise and Master Shen Tri-Beam. As a result, they developed Kamehameha as well as the Dodon Ray.

Since the establishment of Turtle School, Master Roshi had rarely used the Thunder Shock Surprise. He usually only used the Kamehameha because the power of the Thunder Shock Surprise was too powerful. It was easy to cause devastating damage. Master Roshi thought that no one in the world would know about the Thunder Shock Surprise anymore, but unexpectedly Ayaka knew about it.

“You don’t have to worry about how I know. Tell me, have you ever taught Goku this technique?” Ayaka’s eyes widened with a fierce look.

“The Thunder Shock Surprise is too powerful; I don’t think it’s time for Goku to learn it yet!” Master Roshi said seriously.

The Thunder Shock Surprise was to transform all the ki in the body into the form of lightning to release. The release was challenging, and the power was many times stronger than Kamehameha. The slightest mistake could endanger Goku’s life. Master Roshi believed that current Son Goku was not ready to master the Thunder Shock Surprise.

However, Ayaka did not think so. Although Son Goku was not very strong, at least he was very close to Master Roshi. Son Goku was kind-hearted, and even if he learned the Thunder Shock Surprise, she did not have to worry that he would go to do evil.

Moreover, Master Shen had taught his Tri-Beam to Tien Shinhan; as a disciple of Turtle School, Goku’s number of techniques couldn’t be too far behind.

“Goku’s strength is gradually becoming stronger. I believe that in less than a year or two, Goku will reach your level, and even far more than you. There is no need to worry that Goku will be unable to control what happens after he learns the Thunder Shock Surprise.”

Seeing some hesitation in Master Roshi’s eyes, Ayaka knew that Master Roshi was considering various factors, so she added fuel to the fire and said, “I heard that Master Shen has already passed the Tri-Beam to his disciple.”

“What?” Master Roshi’s expression changed greatly. He didn’t expect Master Roshi to pass such a dangerous move to his disciple, so he couldn’t help but have a gloomy face.

“That bastard Shen, how dare he pass such a dangerous move to his disciple! What nonsense, did he forget the instructions of Teacher Mutaito?!” Master Roshi slate down his face. His face hung with frost, and his eyes penetrated with a cold light. Master Shen had gone too far; how could he pass on a move like the Tri-Beam so early?

“Call Goku over; I want to pass on the Thunder Shock Surprise!” Master Roshi said in a firm voice.

Shortly after, Son Goku came to Master Roshi. “Grandpa Roshi, what do you want to see me about?” Son Goku asked seriously.

When he heard that he was going to learn a new technique, he immediately became happy. Master Roshi nodded and began to teach Son Goku how to perform the Thunder Shock Surprise and the things he needed to pay attention to.

Master Roshi said thoughtfully, “The Thunder Shock Surprise is mighty and is a master technique of my teacher, Mutaito. Goku, after you learn it, you must never use it at will to avoid causing additional damage.”

Son Goku nodded thoughtfully and took note of Master Roshi’s words.


The next few days, Master Roshi was constantly teaching Son Goku to learn the Thunder Shock Surprise. Son Goku also gradually mastered the Thunder Shock Surprise’s essentials and was slowly able to release a small Thunder Shock Surprise. When launching the Thunder Shock Surprise, his whole body would be covered by a powerful electric current, emitting a glowing electric light. All the ki in his body would be transformed into lightning power, and two powerful electric currents would shoot out from the palms of his hands, and then the enemy would be completely crushed.

Son Goku’s strength was not enough to bring out the maximum power of the Thunder Shock Surprise. However, even the immature Thunder Shock Surprise would be covered with “beeping” arcs when it was used. The two bright currents converged in the palms of his hands, emitting the unique blue glow of electricity, and the lightning on his hands would be gently struck.

The two thunderbolts were like flying silver snakes, winding and emitting dazzling lightning, with a roar, shooting towards the earth with great speed.


The blue lightning struck the ground, instantly cracked countless blows. The powerful electric current ravaged the ground and from the center began to spread in all directions, continually flashing blue arcs of electricity.

A large amount of mud and sand was powerfully squeezed and blown away, exploding a several-meter-deep circular crater, surrounded by wisps of smoke.

Master Roshi secretly nodded. His heart was speechless. He did not expect Son Goku to learn the Thunder Shock Surprise so quickly. In his year, he followed the martial arts teacher to learn it for a long time. He really couldn’t be compared to Son Goku!

The Thunder Shock Surprise’s power was indeed much stronger than Kamehameha; the same ki caused dozens of times the destructive power of Kamehameha. However, it still couldn’t compare with the Tri-Beam. In the original story, Tien Shinhan used the Tri-Beam at the World Martial Arts Tournament, which blew the entire venue out of the bottomless square crater!

“Should be the strength gap. Son Goku now has a power level of more than 100, while Tien Shinhan’s power level was nearly 180!”

Upon seeing Son Goku had learned the Thunder Shock Surprise, Ayaka was ready to say goodbye to Master Roshi.


After packing up a little, Ayaka would take Son Goku to leave. At that moment, Master Roshi called Son Goku to a halt, “Goku, wait a minute! I have something for you.”

Ayaka secretly speculated on the sidelines, ‘Master Roshi might want to give Son Goku the Flying Nimbus.’

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