Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 5


The injuries on Ayaka’s body were severe; there was hardly a piece of intact skin all over her body. She also kept bleeding, and her bones were interrupted by the explosion just now.

She moved her body carefully. The intense pain that immediately came from her body made her face distorted, making each step challenging to move.

After moving away from the battlefield to a slightly flatter open space, Ayaka collapsed in exhaustion.

“I never thought I would become so miserable this time.”

Feeling the condition of her body, Ayaka smiled bitterly. Her bones were broken in several places, especially one of her arms, wholly deformed and already ruined.

“My body is still too fragile. The strength of this body has not kept up with the growth of my power level, which will limit my ability in the battle.”

If my body were stronger, I would be able to resist more powerful attacks.

“The body strength that can not keep up with the power level is too disadvantageous. It is necessary to strengthen the body strength as soon as possible.”

Ayaka was lying flat in the open space while mentally calculating… the first thing now was to fix the body’s injuries as soon as possible.

Slowly mobilize the body to recover a little ki, she began to fix her body injuries. Ayaka’s body was not only immortal but also could recover quickly. When she used ki, her body’s wounds were healing at an alarming rate, and the broken bones were reattached. A piece of old skin was peeling off from her body, revealing the white and pink skin.

After an hour or so, the whole body was completely repaired.

Ayaka stood up and twisted her neck left and right a few times and then stretched her body. Her whole body instantly came like a fried beans “crackling” sound, and there was indescribable comfortable energy.

Ayaka greedily breathed in the ki in the air; a feeling of survival from the dead was born. She then sensed the abundant power coming from her body, and her ki content increased.

After surviving from death, Ayaka’s power level had once again surged.

“Power level 270!”

Ayaka used the scouter to detect that 270 power level, which could already be ranked in the top 50 on Planet Pheroco.

“In less than two years, Son Goku will be born. When he was 16, he will fight against Demon King Piccolo with a power level of just over 260. It meant that I had reached that power level 18 years earlier than Son Goku…”

After so many battles, Ayaka had a wealth of battle experience. She had a keen insight into the judgment of the battle situation and battle conditions, especially after this battle. She found serious shortcomings in her own body.

The crucial factors that determine victory or defeat in battle were the judgment of the situation, the speed of the attack, the force of the attack, the ability to resist blows, and the ability to recover.

The judgment of the situation would have to rely on the long battle to train. There was no shortcut to accumulate experience through non-stop battle; attack speed and attack power could be quickly improved as long as one used a perfect training method to increase. The Saiyan training method was excellent, which Ayaka already had. Lastly, the ability to resist blows and recovery ability. Ayaka had adequate confidence in the recovery ability. However, her ability to withstand blows and her body strength was troubled her; the Saiyan experience wasn’t an effective method.

After the battle, Ayaka also found several problems. She knew she had a strong recovery ability, which far exceeds Son Goku and others. However, it was still not enough compared to Demon King Piccolo’s rapid regeneration ability and the more perverse Cell and Buu.

Demon King Piccolo’s rapid regeneration was through the consumption of ki in the body to achieve a break in rebirth. Ayaka could also break in the resurrection, but it didn’t grow as quickly as Piccolo.

However, the advantages were also evident… Every time Ayaka broke, the rebirth was equivalent to a trip from the edge of life and death. After recovery, there would be a significant increase in power level and strength. However, compared to Cell and Buu, the degree of immediate recovery was still too far away.

 Just now, it took an hour to repair the injury.

Ayaka thought about this body given by Judge Lu that shouldn’t be like this because it had been transformed by divine power. Could it be that her body’s recovery ability also depends on strength to enhance? And when her strength grew to a certain level, she could also do it with just one cell left to recover immediately?

As long as there was a cell, she could immediately recover, and then it would be equivalent to a simplified version of the immortal body.

Ayaka’s additional ability was divided into two parts.

One part was the characteristic of never dying. Compared to Son Goku, Son Goku would die if he was injured to a certain extent. However, Ayaka wouldn’t die if she was seriously injured; it was just that if she were seriously injured, for example, because of a powerful energy blast, she wouldn’t be able to move.

Therefore, she wouldn’t die because she would be reborn soon after her body disappeared, although she would slowly recover from her injuries.

Another part was to have a strong recovery ability. This ability relied on her strength to enhance. When she reached the best state, she could immediately recover as long as she had a cell that existed.

When these two parts reach the limit and then perfectly combined, it was the true immortal body.

Ayaka understood that her recovery ability depended on strength to enhance a little. That was to say, she needed to practice through combat, and it was impossible to break through immediately.

Judgment ability, attack speed, attack force, resistance to blows, and recovery ability, her judgment ability and recovery ability relied on the battle to grow. Attack speed and attack force could use the Saiyan’s training experience. Finally, only the resistance ability, which seemed to have no training method. Could it only grow passively?

‘Gravity chamber?’

Ayaka quickly rejected the idea. The gravity chamber was to increase the gravity on their body, which was used to cultivate speed and strength. Physical strength was only additional, and the growth of physical strength wasn’t noticeable.

Ayaka would have to use the gravity chamber later, not now. Her body and strength disconnect was extreme, so no matter how much her power level grows, her body strength and power wouldn’t be a match… This wasn’t Ayaka’s problem alone; Son Goku and others also had such problems. They didn’t have body strength when their power level grew.

If Son Goku’s body strength could match his body strength, either in the battle against Vegeta or Frieza or even against the humanoid Cell, he wouldn’t be severely injured.

For example, when Son Goku fought against Vegeta, Son Goku couldn’t stop Vegeta’s movement no matter what he did. Of course, there was a gap in strength, but the body strength couldn’t be ignored. If Son Goku could withstand a higher number of Kaio-ken, Vegeta would never be an opponent.


Ayaka thought of something.


Right. Although Vegeta’s power level was higher than Son Goku’s, Son Goku’s Kaio-ken had made up for the gap in power level. Even so, he still couldn’t cause significant damage to Vegeta.

‘Did the Saiyans have any good way to enhance the strength of the body?’

But that couldn’t be right either. Son Goku was also a Saiyan… or was it because Son Goku had lost his memory when he was a child with a severe head injury that he forgot his Saiyan fighting skills? So, because of that, he had a lousy inheritance of Saiyan skills?

‘but that doesn’t seem right either…’


“Power Ball!”

Ayaka remembered. Vegeta had a move called “Power Ball”, but she didn’t. Was it because she missed it or because this move hadn’t been developed, or could it be that this move was only qualified for Elite Warriors to learn?

In any case, Ayaka intended to return to the place where she landed on Planet Pheroco and find the spaceship that carried her to see what she could find.

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