Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 41


“What’s the old grandpa going to give me?” Son Goku turned his head and asked Master Roshi.

Master Roshi did not answer but leaned on his cane, lifting his head toward the sky, and then shouted, “Flying Nimbus!”

Son Goku followed the head up and looked to the sky. In the distance, little yellow-colored things flying from the sky. When it got closer, it turned out to be Flying Nimbus.

The Flying Nimbus rushed closer, and then it stopped next to Master Roshi, floating a meter above the ground.

“Wow, what a big marshmallow!”

Son Goku climbed up the Flying Nimbus and jumped on it, surprisingly did not fall, “This cloud can also hold people!”

“That is called Flying Nimbus. It can be used as a flying vehicle with a very high speed. As long as the heart is free of evil thoughts, it is possible to stand on it!” Ayaka explained out loud and then also jumped on the Flying Nimbus.

“Only people with good hearts can ride on the Flying Nimbus. There are many such clouds the Korin Tower, Master Roshi’s Flying Nimbus should be a gift from Korin!”

Master Roshi wasn’t surprised that Ayaka could tell the origin of the Flying Nimbus. Since Ayaka had climbed up the Korin Tower, it was normal to know the Flying Nimbus information from Korin. What surprised Master Roshi was that Ayaka could also ride on the Flying Nimbus without falling, which was really out of Master Roshi’s expectation.

In Master Roshi’s view, Ayaka was a mature adult, and she was so grumpy. Her character was not as simple as Son Goku. Ayaka was receptive to the material and spiritual aspects of the outside world. He did not expect her capable of riding on the Flying Nimbus.

Master Roshi did not know that aside from being a kind person, Ayaka was also simple-minded. Ayaka was able to sit on the Flying Nimbus because of her identity as a Kami. The Flying Nimbus was formed under the Lookout by the divine influence of the Kami. So, as a Kami of the Earth, Ayaka could naturally sit on it effortlessly.


Ayaka and Son Goku were riding the Flying Nimbus, flying through the mountains and beautiful forests, lakes, and canyons. Soon, they arrived at the mountain range in which Mount Paozu was located.

It was spring, and the whole mountains were full of flowers. The weather was good, with red or green colors dotted the entire mountain range. The grass was lush and green with a vibrant look. Ayaka and Son Goku jumped off the Flying Nimbus, and the Flying Nimbus disappeared into the sky with a whoosh.

It had been more than three years since they left Mount Paozu. The hut made of brick and tile on the top of the mountain was a little old. The walls were covered with moss, and the open space in the courtyard had been covered with plants. The strange pine tender bamboo behind it drew out new branches and showed a lovely green color.

Ayaka opened the hut where Son Goku lived. Because no one had cleaned it for a long time, the hut had been crowded with dust, and the corners were covered with spider silk. Covering her nose with his hand, Ayaka walked into the room and surveyed furniture inside the hut. Besides the dirt produced by a long unoccupied period, some tables, chairs, and bed covers had also been a bit rotten. It seemed that everything inside had to be re-arranged again.

She took out the Capsule and threw it into the open space in the yard, taking out her luxury villa.


With a sound, a cloud of heavy white smoke rose from the courtyard, and a massive four-story luxury villa appeared in the middle of the yard.

Huh? Sister, when did you change your house?” Son Goku was surprised to see that what Ayaka took out was not the previous house but a vast villa that was even bigger and more expensive looking.

Ayaka led Son Goku into the villa and said with a light smile, “I felt that the original house is not grand and spacious enough inside, so I replaced it with a larger house.”

Son Goku nodded, not quite sure. In Son Goku’s view, the house was fine as long as they could live in it. He would not care how big the living place was.

Ayaka pulled out a Capsule from her arms and handed it to Son Goku, “Goku, this is the house I used to have, I can’t use it anyway, so I’ll give it to you! It is complete with all the necessities of life. Also convenient for your future use!”

Son Goku smiled as he took Capsule and placed it in his belt, alongside the Four-Star Dragon Ball.

During the night, Ayaka prepared the meat he brought from the Ox-King and cooked another delicious roast meal. After a simple night’s rest, Ayaka went alone to a small town nearby, wanting to purchase some household goods and a large amount of food.


The winter turned to spring, time flew by, and more than a year passed in the blink of an eye.

A young pavilion girl accompanied a teenager practicing martial arts with a punch and a kick in the courtyard, all looking fluttering. The young girl was wearing a pale yellow woolen shirt and light green leggings underneath with a red trench coat outside. A pair of eyes full of spirit dotted on her pretty face, looking extra youthful and energetic, very vibrant.

This young girl was Ayaka. In addition to the growth of strength, Ayaka’s body had become more and more perfect. She had exquisite curves with white and tender skin, which immediately made Ayaka extra charming. A pair of delicate, upright, plump, and well-proportioned breasts made the 16-year-old Ayaka look more mature.

‘The plot is about to start. I have waited a whole 16 years for it!’

While instructing Son Goku to train, Ayaka had been thinking with infinite expectations for the future.

In the past 16 years, Ayaka was constantly training hard so the Dragon Balls fighters wouldn’t surpass her in the future. Although now Ayaka was too far ahead of Son Goku and others, when she thought of those shootable enemies in the Dragon Ball Z, Ayaka did not dare to slacken for a moment.

Ayaka’s power level was now approaching 200,000. In the universe, it was considered the upper echelon of power level. However, whenever she thought of the strength of the universe overlords like Frieza and Cooler, as well as some terrifying existence that could easily crush Frieza, Ayaka felt the urgency.

Before stepping into the Super Saiyan, Ayaka did not have the confidence to show in the universe of countless strong people. Ayaka intended to let Son Goku and Bulma got together on the journey to find the Dragon Balls, then return to the Lookout to train correctly. Of course, the world outside the universe was more vast, and with her current strength, she should also step into the depths of the universe to train.


Son Goku leaped up in the air, then steeply attacked down, like an eagle spreading its wings, opening its sharp claws to pounce on its prey.


Son Goku swooped from the air upside down, and his fist smashed powerfully on the ground. In an instant, the ground in the center of the fist sunk, shaking to the earth. A vast force squeezing the ground, splashing mud and sand, and a one-meter-sized concave suddenly appeared.

At the same time, Son Goku ooh and aah flipped backward a few heels and jumped to a dozen meters away. Then, with his hands clasped together as he calmed down.

After more than a year of practice, Son Goku’s strength had improved considerably. He had reached the level of the original story to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament.


One morning, Ayaka lazily got up from bed, walked to the mirror, and began to comb her hair. Through the glass window, she saw Son Goku was picking up a massive piece of round wood more than two meters wide and throwing it up into the sky. Followed by jumping to the air, with the speed that was difficult to discern with the naked eye, he kept attacking the log with his fists.

The round wood withstood Son Goku’s countless attacks before the boom disintegrated, breaking into more than a hundred pieces of wood of the same size. In a moment of wood falling, Son Goku shifted his body with shadow continually flashing. He caught all the pieces of wood that fell, and when they landed, they became the original large round wood.

Ayaka watched Son Goku train and smiled in the corners of her mouth. It seemed that Son Goku had understood her words and began to pursue natural training.

“I’m going to catch a fish; later, we will eat grilled fish!” Son Goku shouted through the window to Ayaka and then quickly ran in the direction of the lake.

Ayaka helplessly shook her head, then thought, “Counting the time, Bulma should also start heading to Mount Paozu! I’m looking forward to the start of the plot!”


After leaving home, Son Goku figure constantly scurrying in the forest. He swished a few times, arrived next to a huge lake, and saw a big fish swimming inside the lake. Son Goku immediately took off his clothes and jumped into the lake with a poof, holding the big fish tightly with both hands.

When the big fish felt that someone had grabbed it, it swayed vigorously in an attempt to throw the person on its back off, causing the calm surface of the lake to immediately surged up in huge waves.


Son Goku sighed with a dissatisfied grunt, resting his hands on the fish’s back emitted a ghostly blue electric light. Son Goku transformed a small part of his ki into thunder, using a little Thunder Shock Surprise. The big fish underneath was struck by the Thunder Shock Surprise at once; its body trembled and soon rolled its eyes.


The overturning waves lit up under the blinding blue light, followed by the big fish and small fish constantly turning white belly floating on the surface of the water.

Son Goku dragged up the big fish to climb on the shore, put on his clothes, and then carried the big fish in the direction of home. The thought of eating delicious grilled fish at noon made his mouth water.

Hoof! Ha!

Son Goku heard what sounded like something coming from behind him. He turned his head and saw a four-wheeled thing rushing towards him, with someone inside continually shouting. After Ayaka’s teaching, Son Goku knew that the strange thing with four wheels was called a car, the same as his Flying Nimbus, a vehicle.

Seeing the car was about to hit the person in front of her, Bulma panicked and shouted. However, the strange thing was that the man seemed to be stunned, standing there motionless.

‘Why does not that man dodge?! Am I going to run over someone? Why is my luck so bad? This is the first time I went out and ran into this kind of thing!’

Bulma closed her eyes in a panicked mood, feeling that she was too unlucky. She had just learned to drive for the first time on such a rugged mountain road, and she felt that a traffic accident would be difficult to avoid.

The car had no intention of slowing down, and when it was about to hit, Son Goku violently threw away the big fish on his back, then jumped in the air to avoid the car. After landing, Son Goku caught the big fish but heard a loud bang in his ears.

Looked back, he saw the car had hit the roadside boulders. Black smoke was still coming out of the car, and a blue-haired girl climbed out of the car.

“Is that… a woman?”

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