Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 42


“What are you, and why did you come to Mount Paozu?” Son Goku asked as he walked up to the blue-haired girl and squatted down.

Mount Paozu was located near the mountain range and was sparsely populated. Mountains surrounded it with thick forests, and transportation was not well developed. Such a girl who looked like she had a little power level appeared in Mount Paozu made Son Goku feel very strange.


Bulma was startled by this strange “monster” in front of her. When she came back to her senses and looked more closely, she realized that it was an ordinary little boy wearing a dark blue cloth. She couldn’t help but touch her chest and let out a long breath.

‘In this deep forest, fortunately, I did not encounter any demons. Can there be a Dragon Ball in such a place?’

Bulma looked around the mountains surrounded by a green, deep quiet forest, and felt creeped out. She regretted going out alone.

Hey! I’m asking you, what are you? What is your business in Mount Paozu?” Seeing the “woman” in front of him just dumbfounded, Son Goku frowned and asked in a tempered manner.

Ah! My name is Bulma, from West City! How about you? How come you are alone in this deep forest?” Bulma briefly introduced, but curious in her heart, how the boy in front of her appeared here alone.

“My name is Son Goku. This is Mount Paozu, and I live here.”

Bulma nodded, took out an orange-red Dragon Ball from the bag, and asked Son Goku, “I came here to find the Dragon Ball. This orange-red ball! Legend has it that if one collects all seven of these balls distributed throughout the world, one will be able to summon Shenron, which will grant the summoner any wish that does not exceed the ability of Kami… Once upon a time, it seems that someone searched for the seven Dragon Balls and finally became a king! So I took advantage of the summer break to come out to look for the Dragon Balls and reunite the lost Dragon Balls everywhere!”

“You’re looking for the Dragon Balls? That’s not easy!” Son Goku said in a surprised tone as he looked at the balls. He had a Dragon Ball, a relic left to him by his grandfather.

“Yes, my first Dragon Ball was obtained at the family’s auction house. Later, I made the Dragon Ball radar, while the other was found in the Northern Valley ten days ago. According to this Dragon Ball radar, two more Dragon Balls exist, like this one existing somewhere in this deep mountain. By the way, have you ever seen such a ball?”

Bulma pulled out a small-sized Dragon Ball radar and pressed the radar button. After beeping twice, the signal of the Dragon Balls was displayed on the radar screen. There were two bright spots at the red triangle in the center of the screen, while there were two more bright spots right next to it.

Bulma zoomed in on the screen, then pointed to the opposite end of the mountain and said, “According to the radar, the other two Dragon Balls are in that direction!”

Son Goku looked back in the direction Bulma pointed and said, “Hey, that’s the direction of my house!”

“Your house?”

Bulma was stunned and quickly pointed to the Dragon Ball, “I have two Dragon Balls; the Two-Stars and Five-Stars. You should also have two Dragon Balls in your house; how many stars are they?”

“Four-Stars and Six-Stars.” Son Goku thought about it and said.

“Then quickly take me to your house!” Bulma was eagerly looking forward to it.

Son Goku looked at her suspiciously, “Well, I happen to go home; you can come with me.” Son Goku said and carried the big fish thrown to the side towards the direction of his house.

Bulma swept her eyes on the car that was overturned on the ground. The car could not be repaired in a short time, and when she saw that Son Goku had gone far away, she hurriedly followed him.

The mountain road was rugged. Bulma, who lived in West City, had never walked such a long way, and when she came to the top of the mountain, she was already panting and almost exhausted. Son Goku looked aside and saw the villa doors and windows were closed, so he took Bulma into his hut first.

Bulma looked up and found that there was a super luxurious villa in addition to a brick and stone hut. The villa was new in style and spacious in its grounds, very similar to her house. It looked like her family’s Capsule Corporation produced it. Bulma was very surprised to see such a luxurious villa in this poor countryside and remote corridor, where few people were.

Bulma followed Son Goku into the room and saw a table in a conspicuous position in the room. On the table, a Dragon Ball was placed on the stand. Bulma excitedly rushed forward and picked up the Dragon Ball. “Wow! It is the Four-Star. Finally, I found another Dragon Ball.”

Son Goku saw this scene, and his body wavered a little. Soon, he grabbed the Dragon Balls from Bulma’s hand. “Don’t mess with Grandpa’s Dragon Balls!” He growled.

“Sorry, sorry! I was too excited!” Bulma saw Son Goku cast an angry look at her as if he considered the Dragon Balls a forbidden possession and hurriedly apologized.

‘This Son Goku seems to think the Dragon Balls left by his grandfather is very important, I’m afraid he will not let me take the Dragon Balls away. To collect all seven Dragon Balls, I must have this Four-Star in the hands of Son Goku; what can I do?’

‘….Without Son Goku’s Four-Star, it is impossible to collect the seven Dragon Balls to summon Shenron. The Four-Star is essential, but looking at this situation, it is not easy to get the Four-Star. Son Goku is not going to give the Dragon Balls, which he regards as precious, to himself.’

‘That’s right! One only needs to collect all seven Dragon Balls when summoning Shenron, and I can leave the Four-Star Dragon Balls with Son Goku during normal times! In that case, just take Son Goku with me, or wait until I have collected the other few Dragon Balls, and then return to Mount Paozu to summon Shenron.’

Bring Son Goku with her, or collect all the Dragon Balls and then return to Mount Paozu to summon Shenron. Bulma considered these two options and thought she was just an ordinary girl; she had no special ability. On the contrary, although this Son Goku’s age was younger, he seemed to be very powerful. In the future, when looking for the Dragon Balls, he might be able to protect her. So with that in mind, Bulma decided to take Son Goku together to find the Dragon Balls.

“By the way, what is that big villa next to it? How can there be such a luxurious house here?” Bulma asked curiously.

“That’s my sister’s house.” Son Goku answered truthfully.

“Your sister? You have a sister?” Bulma froze, ‘Oh no, Son Goku has a sister, so the other Dragon Ball must be in her possession! I wonder if she will agree to let me take Son Goku and the Dragon Balls. If she disagrees, what should I do? Is it possible to persuade them to find the Dragon Ball? Is it possible?’

“Then let me see your sister? I have something to say to your sister!”

Whether Son Goku’s sister agreed to take the Dragon Balls or not, Bulma felt the need to meet her. She needed to discuss with her and the best way to get them to travel with her. She believed that Son Goku’s sister strength should not be bad. With that, she would get not only two Dragon Balls, but also two more bodyguards.

‘But how to distribute the wishes of the Dragon Balls?’ Bulma had some distress again.

“Well, then I’ll take you to see her.”


The villa’s doors, and windows were closed; usually, Son Goku did not bother to knock and directly went into his house. However, since Bulma wanted to see Ayaka, he would take Bulma and knock on the door.

Son Goku walked to the door of Ayaka’s villa and knocked a few times. Soon, the sound of tom-tom footsteps came from behind the door. Ayaka opened the door and saw Son Goku and a blue-haired girl outside the door; it was actually…. Bulma!

‘Bulma is finally here!’

Ayaka’s heart was happy, and there was a smile on her face. She quickly greeted Son Goku and Bulma into the house to sit. Bulma never expected to see Ayaka here, and she froze, “How could you!”

Ayaka smiled, “It’s me! Bulma, I haven’t seen you for more than three years. You must have come to look for the Dragon Balls, right?”

After making a cup of black tea for Bulma, she then brought a piece of cake to Son Goku. Ayaka’s elegant and vivid demeanor made Bulma look dumbfounded.

“Yes, three years ago, I wanted to come out to look for the Dragon Balls, but dad always refused to let me go. Until today I was able to go out alone.” Bulma took the black tea, gently sipped it. Her heart was relieved. What a surprise, she was her acquaintance. An acquaintance made a good conversation!

“By the way, Ayaka, the last time you must have collected the Dragon Balls, right? So, what did you wish for Shenron after you found the Dragon Balls?” Bulma put down the black tea in his hand and asked very curiously.

Ayaka pointed to the woolen shirt she was wearing and said with a smile, “I wished to Shenron to transform my clothes into a special material!”

Bulma nodded. In her opinion, it was normal for Ayaka to want to get some special clothes. The love of beauty was in everyone’s heart. Just like Bulma, her purpose of searching for the Dragon Balls was to wish for a boyfriend from Shenron.

“Ayaka, I’m looking for the Dragon Balls. Can you lend me the Dragon Balls in your hand?”

Bulma said to Ayaka nervously and excitedly. As long as she got through to Ayaka, it was the same as getting two Dragon Balls at once.

“Dragon Balls?” Ayaka pretended to contemplate, hanging Bulma’s longing. After a long time, she said, “Of course I can lend you the Dragon Balls, but I have a request!”

“What request? As long as I can do it, I will agree to you!”

“Goku’s Four-Star is his grandfather’s relic; I’m not okay to lend it to you, so you need to take Goku with you to find the Dragon Balls! I have other things to do, so I will not go with you.”

“Are you not going with us to find the Dragon Balls?” Bulma was surprised, “You have searched for the Dragon Balls once; you should be very experienced. Why not join us, just to keep us company?”

“Yes, the search for the Dragon Balls must be exciting; just go with us.” Son Goku also said.

“This…” originally Ayaka intended to let Son Goku and Bulma go out for the trip, and she would return to the Lookout to train for a while. However, seeing Bulma and Son Goku both persuaded her to travel with them, Ayaka slightly hesitant. Upon thinking that Son Goku and Bulma would take a few months, she made up her mind; she decided to go to the Lookout later. First, she would accompany Bulma and Son Goku to find the Dragon Ball.

“Well then, I promise to search for the Dragon Balls with you guys!” Ayaka agreed, then took out her Six-Star and handed them to Bulma.

Bulma was surprised to receive the Six-Star from Ayaka and carefully put it into his bag.


At night, after dinner of wild game, Bulma spent the night in Ayaka’s villa. With Ayaka’s luxurious villa, Bulma was embarrassed to take out her room for that wildlife.


Early the next morning, Ayaka packed up a little something and then turned her villa into a Capsule. She then put some of the tables and chairs, sheets, and bedding in Son Goku’s room that wouldn’t be used into the Capsule, so that it wouldn’t be corrupted by bugs or water vapor again.

After getting everything right, Ayaka and her team of three people were fully loaded and ready to embark on a journey to find the Dragon Balls.

Ayaka wore a red and white threaded shirt with a white jacket over it, a pair of jeans underneath, and a white sun hat on her head, which looked as if she was out on a trip.

“Bulma, let’s leave to find the Dragon Ball!”

After Ayaka reminded, Bulma nodded with excitement and took out one of her field motorcycles to march into the distance. Meanwhile, Ayaka and Son Goku jumped on the Flying Nimbus, followed closely behind Bulma.

Not long after, the three embarked on their journey. They were attacked by a pterodactyl, which tried to capture Bulma as food but was easily taken care of by Son Goku with a single blow from the Power Pole. Ayaka as a spectator didn’t intervene, while Bulma was scared and pissed her pants just like in the original story.

Next, they met the bandits, but also simply defeated by Son Goku.

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