Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 43


At night, Bulma and Son Goku lived inside Ayaka’s luxury villa.

Nah, Ayaka, are you and Son Goku really siblings? How come you don’t look like him to me! How come he has a tail behind his butt?” Bulma asked Ayaba curiously.

Ayaka leisurely flipped through the magazine in her hands, looked to Bulma, and said, “I’m not Son Goku’s real sibling. Goku was thrown in the mountains at a very young age, then found and raised by his grandfather. He has been living alone in the mountains since his grandfather died. I met him later.”

Oh!” Bulma suddenly realized.

“And what about you? We already have four Dragon Balls in our hands, Bulma how do you plan to find the rest” Ayaka asked Bulma.

Bulma thought about it and took out the Dragon Ball radar. She pointed to a bright spot on it and said, “Look! In the center of the red arrow gathered four bright spots, which is where we are now. The next one is here, about 1200 km to the west.”

Bulma knew that Ayaka also had a Dragon Ball radar in her hands, which her father had made for Ayaka three years ago. “Because I’m still in school, this time I’m taking advantage of the summer break to come out to play, so the search for the remaining three Dragon Balls will only be 30 days; I’m not as free as you!”

Ayaka and Bulma chatted for a long time.

The night was deep, and Ayaka returned to her bedroom, lying on the bed with her hands behind her head.

‘In the original story, Bulma and Son Goku only had three Dragon Balls and later received one from Master Roshi. Now, I have used the Dragon Balls once, and the one from Master Roshi hasn’t been returned to him; it’s still with me.’

“That means the other three Dragon Balls, one in Oolong’s Octagon Village, one in the Ox-King, and one in the hands of Pilaf. The next target should be Oolong’s Octagon Village.”


The next morning, Son Goku got up early for his morning walk, just like in the original story. Son Goku met the turtle who had been away from home for more than a year.

Since Son Goku knew the turtle of Master Roshi, so he decided to send the turtle back to the sea. Before leaving for the trip, Ayaka quietly spoke to the turtle and asked the turtle to tell Master Roshi to go to Fire Mountain in ten days to meet the Ox-King, saying that the Ox-King had encountered some difficulties and needed Master Roshi’s help.

“Goku, it’s your fault for being nosy, which caused us to delay for a day. I wonder if we can collect the seven dragon balls before school starts!”

Bulma drove a cross-country motorcycle with a dissatisfied look on her face to Son Goku. She was a little glad that Son Goku had a divine weapon like the Flying Nimbus; otherwise, it would have wasted more than just a day.


A few days later, the group came to the small village shown on the Dragon Ball radar. However, the strange thing was that the doors and windows on the houses were closed, and no one was on the street. The wind blew the branches of shredded paper on the street, looking like a post-disaster depression and decay. The deserted streets and the locked doors and windows gave an air of deep fear.

“Why isn’t there a single person?” Son Goku curiously surveyed the entire village.

Ayaka shook her head and pointed to the window of a room and said, “Those villagers are hiding behind the door; they are watching us. Something should have happened here to keep them from coming out.”

Bulma turned on the Dragon Ball radar and said, “No matter what, the Dragon Ball is here; we only have to get the Dragon Ball on the line.”

“Is anyone there? Why they don’t answer?” Son Goku was lying next to a window and saw someone hiding inside.


Son Goku smashed the door with a punch and walked in. Ayaka held her forehead with his right hand, feeling speechless at Son Goku’s recklessness, and followed into the house.

At this time, a black shadow rushed out from Son Goku’s side, holding an ax looking towards Son Goku.


Bulma saw someone attacking Son Goku with an ax and quickly shouted out. At the moment of the black shadow attack, Son Goku avoided the ax attack. His body leaped to the front of the black shadow and snatched the ax away.

Bulma saw that the one who attacked Son Goku was an ordinary villager. “Why are you attacking us?” Bulma snarled.

The villagers were full of fear looking at Ayaka and others. Next, they learned from the mouth of the villagers what happened in this village. It turned out that in recent times there had been a demon called Oolong who attacked this village. The young girls in the village were captured one by one by the demon Oolong. The villagers were afraid and hiding at home; they did not dare to go out on the street when the next target was their daughters.

“That means tomorrow at noon, the demon called Oolong will be back to capture your daughter?” Bulma asked.

“Yes!” The villager replied with trepidation in his heart.

“We can help you solve the demon called Oolong. However, the condition is that you will give us an orange-red ball like this one from the village!” Ayaka made the condition.

Yeah, we can help you get rid of that demon named Oolong if you give us the Dragon Ball!” Bulma said excitedly, “You just saw that little boy is powerful, right? I’ll tell you, this one beside me is also powerful. We can help you take out Oolong!”

“Really?” The villagers were half-hearted. However, thinking that if they hired an outside martial artist, it might cost a large amount of money that their small village certainly couldn’t afford, they nodded their heads in agreement. Eventually, a grandmother in the village took out the Dragon Ball she had found and agreed to take it as payment for Ayaka and the others.


The next day at noon, a large-sized demon with two devil horns on the head came to the village, holding a bouquet. After seeing the little girl played by Son Goku, it turned into a handsome gentleman with a “poof” and bowed to Son Goku.

Hiding in the room, Bulma saw Oolong turned into a handsome man, and at once, her two eyes were bubbling with love, and she wanted to rush out.

Ayaka hurriedly pulled Bulma’s hand, “Bulma, you do not want to commit nymphomania, right? That handsome man is Oolong, the demon. If you want to be caught by the demon, then go out!”

Bulma heard what Ayaka said, and her body shivered. The fire in the heart immediately extinguished down.

Soon, after Oolong found that Son Goku was a boy, they fought. After a fight, he was increasingly shocked and knew that he was never a match for Son Goku, so he transformed into a bat and flew quickly into the distance while Son Goku was not paying attention.

“YOU CAN’T RUN!” Son Goku summoned the Flying Nimbus to chase after him.

Damn it! Who is the strange boy? What a shame, after the defeat, I can not go to that village again!” Oolong cursed as he flew. Seeing the boy behind him getting closer and closer, he couldn’t help but sweat on his head.


A cloud of smoke emerged from the air. It obscured Son Goku’s sight at once, and Oolong took the opportunity to turn into a rocket and flee at speed. After a while, thinking he had lost the strange boy, Oolong hid behind a rock and breathed a sigh of relief. Son Goku came to a cavity and found a luxurious building inside the cavity, which was exactly the home of Oolong.

In the luxurious building, he found Oolong, who had changed back to his original form.


Oolong saw Son Goku, who broke into his home, and he was sweating all over.

In the end, it ended just like in the original story. Son Goku returned to the village with Oolong and the captured girl triumphantly, and Bulma got the old grandmother’s Dragon Balls as she wished.

After getting the fifth Dragon Ball, Ayaka and others continue to find the next Dragon Ball.


On a sunny, windy afternoon, Ayaka and others traveled on Bulma’s speedboat in the mountains and rivers. From time to time, the willows and grasses on the shore and the verdant bamboo forests were filled with birds’ warbling.

“There are only two Dragon Balls left, much faster than expected!” Bulma said in a cheerful mood.

“Why do I have to go with you guys too?” Oolong was tied with ropes on his body in the back seat of the speedboat and said with a depressed face.

Ayaka also sat on the last row of seats in the speedboat. She ran her hand through her wind-blown hair and said, “Because your transformation is so wonderful that it might be useful in the middle of the journey, Oolong. If we leave you behind, who knows who you will go to deceive again!”

Oolong looked at Ayaka’s beautiful and seductive face. His face instantly showed the same lewd smile as Master Roshi, thinking, “Maybe it’s good to travel a little!”


Ayaka landed a punch on Oolong’s head, “Behave yourself!”

Oolong clutched his head in pain, and for the next few days, he felt the full pain of travel as Ayaka’s fist landed on his head almost every day.

“Where are you guys going?” Oolong looked at the map in Ayaka’s hand, “Further ahead is the Fire Mountain.”

“Fire Mountain? That’s where we’re going.”

“What! Have you gone mad to go to Fire Mountain?” Oolong was shocked, then cried and tried to get off the boat. However, he was held tightly by Son Goku, unable to escape.

“I don’t want to go to Fire Mountain! Don’t you know? I heard that people who come near would be attacked by the Ox-King living in the Fire Mountain! You do not know the horror of the Ox-King. He is absolutely a demon-like existence!”

Oolong refused to follow Ayaka and the others to Fire Mountain. However, how could he escape from the hands of Son Goku? His face could not help but show a look of despair.

Ayaka sat quietly. Including her, no one paid attention to Oolong, whose body was jumping around. After a while, Oolong quieted down, resigned to follow Ayaka and others to the shore.

After more than half a day’s travel, Ayaka and others left the mountainous areas’ beautiful environment with sufficient water to yellow sand filled with blazing flames on the desert. There was no tree vegetation around and was only a cluster of hollow stalagmite pillars in the middle.

“I’m tired!” Bulma leaned on a branch, sticking out her tongue with a look of dying from exhaustion. On one side, Oolong was already half-dead and down.

“I can’t. I need to rest!” Bulma walked to a cluster of stalagmite pillars below, sat down on her butt, and complained to Son Goku breathlessly.


Not far away, on a rock hollowed out in the middle, a cat-like animal with binoculars in hand spotted Ayaka and her party of four, then ran inside and shouted to his master.

“Master Yamcha, prey has been found!”

“Really, Puar. It’s been a long time since any prey came to the door.” A long-haired young man had just finished eating and wiped the corner of his mouth with a cloth, revealing a surprised smile.

It had been more than half a month, and finally, there were fat sheep on the doorstep again. Because if not, they would have been starving to death. This long-haired young man is the bandit in the wilderness -Yamcha. The “kitten” was his servant Puar.

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