Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 44


Huh! What is that?” Son Goku, who was resting, saw something different in the distance.

At the edge of the field of vision, yellow sand and dust roaming the sky, and the sound of the motor was heard from far away. A long-haired teenager was driving a desert motorboat on the yellow sand. Ayaka calmed down and then ignored it. Instead, she went to the stalagmite column and found a place to continue resting.

In a short time, the desert motorboat stopped in front of Son Goku. As Bulma laid down in the middle of the stalagmite pillar to rest, Ayaka hid in the stalagmite pillar as soon as she saw Yamcha. Therefore, Yamcha didn’t see two women among his so-called prey, which scared him.

“Who are you?” Son Goku asked as he looked at Yamcha and Puar, who had gotten off the motorboat.

“I am the desert bandit Yamcha; this is my partner Puar. Little kid, if you want to live, hand over the money and the Capsule on your body!” Yamcha said to Son Goku with a cool face, holding a big sword.

At that moment, Puar saw Oolong and shouted, “Master Yamcha, that pig is called Oolong. He used to bully me in the Southern Transformation Kindergarten, and then he was kicked out of the kindergarten because he was greedy and lazy.”

“Is that so?” Yamcha drew his big sword and said to Son Goku, “It seems you have bad luck. I’ll send you to heaven early!”

With that, Yamcha waved his big sword and slashed at Son Goku, moving very quickly. He came from a dozen meters away to Son Goku in just a few seconds and slashed down at him.

Son Goku saw him suddenly attacked, and some annoyance rose in his heart. He didn’t panic, turned his body to the side, and avoided Yamcha’s big sword attack with a dodge. Gently leaped up, before Yamcha could react, Son Goku swung the Power Pole to attack down.


The Power Pole hit Yamcha’s big sword with a crisp sound, and Yamcha was pressed down by the powerful force coming from the big sword, and tiny cracks appeared on the ground at his feet.

“What a great force!” Yamcha was shaken to the point that his wrists hurt, and he was horrified. “I never thought this little kid would have such great strength!”

Yamcha knew that he was not yet a match for this child based on strength alone. Although there was some reluctance in his heart, Yamcha knew that he must use his masterpiece; otherwise, he might still lose in the hands of this hairy kid.

Yamcha leaped back a few meters to distance himself from Son Goku. He then set up an attacking style. His hands cupped into wolf claws, his body slightly floating down, storing power in his body, a look ready to attack.

“WOLF FANG FIST!” Yamcha shouted. His body was like a loaded bullet, whooshing towards Son Goku. His hands were like wolf claws with waves of fierce attacks as fast as lightning, moving quickly and fiercely as if a wolf attacked. Yamcha had already sent dozens of attacks to Son Goku, and his hands were like a shadow, rolling up a whirlwind.

Yamcha’s attacks were swift and relentless, causing death at every turn. However, Son Goku was even better and actually received Yamcha’s Wolf Fang Fist with unerring accuracy.

“How is it possible?”

While attacking, Yamcha was secretly shocked that the kid in front of him could catch his Wolf Fang Fist, which he had never encountered since he had traversed the wilderness.


Puar saw that Yamcha didn’t have the upper hand when he fought Son Goku and couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. Oolong looked at the two people fighting, and the original tension was immediately thrown to the back of the mind. He was smiling at Puar, taunted, “It looks like your master is not Son Goku’s opponent!”

Puar looked at Oolong angrily and turned into a fly swatter to strike down at Oolong. Puar’s sudden attack hit Oolong, but Oolong angrily choked on Puar.

On the battlefield, Yamcha saw that the attack could not gain an advantage, then began to change the attack strategy. Yamcha punched and struck with a fish to the flesh, but it was nothing for Son Goku after the special training of Ayaka. Son Goku’s resistance to strikes seemed to be far from human. Soon, Yamcha was pressed by Son Goku at a downfall.


Yamcha and Son Goku struck each other with their fists. In the center of the two fists, a whirlwind blowing in all directions.

Son Goku was knocked back several meters by the powerful fist, while Yamcha flew backward and hit a stalagmite pillar. With a boom, the entire several-meter-high stalagmite pillar collapsed and shattered into tiny pieces of stone. Yamcha’s whole body ached as he struggled to climb out of the pile of broken stones.

“Master Yamcha!” Puar flew towards Yamcha worriedly with tears streaming down his face.

“Damn it!” Yamcha pounded the ground with one hand. He knew he couldn’t beat Son Goku, and he was distraught. Since his debut, Yamcha had never been so powerless.

“Well….” Bulma, who had been resting under the stalagmite pillar, was awakened by the loud sound of battle and looked at Yamcha not far away, “So, handsome…” with an excited expression on her face, she ran in the direction of Yamcha.

Yamcha, who regretted that he was weak and unable to defeat Son Goku, suddenly saw Bulma, who appeared beside him. His whole body trembled, and his face was filled with an expression of horror, “Woman!! How can a horrible woman appear here?!” He jumped up with a panicked face and then ran away with a “Woah” towards the distance.

Looking at Yamcha had escaped, Ayaka knew there was no more drama and followed him.

“Did he run away?” Bulma did not know why Yamcha’s running away as soon as he looked at her. She then asked Ayaka, “Ayaka, who was that? He seems to look pretty good!”

Upon looking at the face of the nymphomaniac Bulma, Ayaka spread his hands, “He is the desert bandit, Yamcha and his servant Puar.”


In the night, because there was “no transportation“, they were forced to take out their Capsule, taking out a double-decker car from it.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier, cheapskate, causing me to walk so much in vain!” Bulma looked at Oolong with dissatisfaction. She was dissatisfied with him for not taking out the caravan earlier.

Oolong looked unhappy and said, “I’ve treasured this car for a long time.”

It was night, and Yamcha was not willing to lose to Son Goku. He took advantage of the night to attack Son Goku and let Puar turn into Son Goku’s appearance to lure Bulma away and attack Son Goku himself. Unfortunately, due to the lust, Puar lured away Oolong, who transformed into a fat Bulma. Yamcha saw Bulma sleeping in the sheet, and his heart was shattered as expected.

Although Yamcha’s battle plan completely failed, Yamcha still learned the Dragon Balls from Son Goku and Oolong’s conversation. So, Yamcha decided to grab the Dragon Balls and wish for Shenron to overcome his fear of girls.


Early the next morning.

“Oolong, I thought you said you would help me wash clothes; how come you have not washed a single one so far?” Bulma angrily yelled at Oolong.

“There is a piece of clothing on the house that you can wear!” Oolong said to Bulma as if he did not care. What he took to Bulma was actually a rabbit-eared girl’s dress. Bulma was so angry that she wanted to roast Oolong into a suckling pig with fire, but she had no choice and to put it on in the end.

Ayaka and her team of four people rode in the car driven by Oolong towards the Fire Mountain direction. However, on the way, they were attacked by Yamcha’s rocket. The rocket destroyed the car, and as an apology, Yamcha gave a car “equipped with a tracker” to Son Goku and his team.

Ayaka knew exactly what Yamcha was planning, but she was not interested in tearing Yamcha apart.

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