Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 45


After two more days of driving in the direction of Fire Mountain in the car from Yamcha, they finally got rid of the desert of yellow sand and dryness and entered the hilly forest area.

As soon as they entered the hilly forest area, Ayaka felt that the weather had cooled down. The sun was no longer so hot, and looking around at the dense forest, everything looked vibrant and wonderful.

Upon continued to move forward for two more days, the sun was not fierce, but the air seemed stifling hot.

“So muggy. It’s strange because this is the North!” Bulma and Ayaka sat together in the back of the car, fanning with their right hands to relieve the heat. Usually, areas near the North shouldn’t be this hot!

“It’s probably because of Fire Mountain!” Ayaka said, holding a magazine about Fire Mountain, “Fire Mountain was called Pleasant Mountain not long ago, and it’s a very cool place. A few years ago, when I went there, the climate was still delightful, but a year ago it seems that a big fireball fell from the sky and ignited the fire in the heart of the earth, causing the whole mountain to burn up and the climate changed with it.”

“Ayaka, you’ve been to Fire Mountain before?” Bulma asked curiously, remembering that Ayaka had started traveling around the world a long time ago.

Ayaka nodded gently but did not tell Bulma in detail about her visit to Fire Mountain.


Oolong, who was driving, called out, pointing to a large burning mountain ahead. From far away, a lofty castle could still be seen at the top.

Son Goku stood on top of the car and looked at the Fire Mountain, and said, “Ah, it’s amazing. It’s even hotter here than it was just now!”

“It’s better not to go there; the Ox-King lives near here!”

Oolong stepped out of the car, his face a little white, “The Ox-King is called the Demon King; he will kill anyone who comes near this mountain! Look, there is an ancient castle at the top of that mountain, it is the Ox-King’s castle. There are gold and silver treasures robbed from this area. Many robbers came to attack the castle, and they were all defeated by the Ox-King!”

Oolong pointed to the castle on the top of the mountain and said. He wanted to escape like that, but unfortunately, Bulma found out and kicked Oolong in the stomach.

Bulma pulled out the Dragon Ball radar and pressed the button on the radar that immediately beeped, showing the Dragon Ball location. Bulma handed the radar to Ayaka and said, “We must go up to Fire Mountain. Look, Ayaka, the radar shows that the sixth Dragon Ball is in the middle of that castle.”

Ayaka didn’t even look at the radar; she naturally knew that the sixth Dragon Ball was inside the Ox-King’s castle because it was the one she personally gave to the Ox-King more than a year ago.

“FLYING NIMBUS!” Son Goku suddenly shouted towards the sky, “Bulma, I’m going to take a look at the top of the castle!”

With that, Son Goku was about to pilot the Flying Nimbus to leave. At this point, Ayaka pulled Son Goku, “Wait, I’ll go with you!”

Son Goku nodded, waiting for Ayaka to jump on the Flying Nimbus. He ordered the Flying Nimbus to fly towards the top of Fire Mountain. Bulma stood on the ground and shouted to the distant Ayaka and Son Goku, “Be sure to find the Dragon Balls!”

Next, Bulma and Oolong prepared to rest in place, but they could not imagine that shortly after Son Goku left, a huge black figure came behind them, holding a huge ax, and cut toward them.


A huge ax flew from behind, chopping at the stone not far from Bulma. The stone was hit by the strong force of the huge ax and shattered into powder at once.


Bulma and Oolong’s eyes jutted out, and their faces were instantly white with fear. Turning their heads, they saw a giant dressed in strange armor. “Oh no, it must be the Ox-King who knows that we come after his Dragon Balls, so he sent his men to finish us off….”

Oolong was trembling while constantly shattering; he also infected Bulma. Initially, she was not very bold. She just felt loose in her lower body and was about to pee her pants in fear. Heart deadly prayed, “Ayaka, Goku, hurry back. We encountered a demon here!”


The Ox-King asked in a sinister tone. It looked at Bulma and Oolong with a fierce and evil look. Since thieves were trying to steal the gold and silver treasures in his castle for many years, the Ox-King was very wary of strangers, and his fierceness was mostly to scare people.

“We… are not….”

Bulma trembled and tried to explain but was glared at by the huge armored man in front of her. She was immediately silenced, stammering and unable to speak. To her shame, there was cold in her lower body, and she actually peed out.


In the distance, Yamcha and Puar rode the car with their eyes fixed on the monitor.

“They are advancing again. The direction is the OxKing’s Fire Mountain. It seems that the sixth Dragon Ball is inside the Ox-King’s castle. Master Yamcha, are we going to the Ox-King’s castle too?”

With the legendary guy, the Ox-King as their opponent, Puar was a bit worried.

“The opponent is Ox-King, which is indeed very troublesome. However, perhaps the kid with a long tail has fought with the Ox-King, so let’s go with it and see. Maybe we can reap the benefits!” Yamcha believed he was no match for the Ox-King, but he thought he might be able to pick up a bargain.

At this time, from afar ran a peculiarly dressed young girl. Behind her, there was a dinosaur constantly chasing the girl. The girl was Chi-Chi.

In a panic, Chi-Chi threw the blade on her helmet and cut the dinosaur’s neck. The dinosaur’s head fell off at once. Frightened by this horrific scene, Chi-Chi sent another energy laser from the brow of the helmet, blasting the entire dinosaur into smithereens, and then cried out and fled.

When Chi-Chi saw Yamcha and Puar on one side, she mistook them for another enemy. Without saying a word, she directly attacked Yamcha and Puar.

“Where did the wild girl come from?!”

Yamcha was furious as he dodged Chi-Chi’s attack. Then, with his palm as a knife, he struck Chi-Chi’s neck with a heavy bang, knocking her unconscious. Then without further hesitation, he drove the car towards Fire Mountain.


Yamcha arrived at the front of Fire Mountain, just in time to catch up with Bulma and Oolong, who were confronting the Ox-King.

“They are going to fight.”

Yamcha saw this scene, and his heart was confident. It seemed that things were going in the direction he had expected, so he quietly hid behind a rock with Puar and observed.

“We really…. are not here to steal the treasure…” Bulma shivered and tried to explain to the Ox-King the purpose of her coming, but the Ox-King obviously did not believe and still stared at Bulma with a wary look. This made Bulma feel like dying.

At this time, after circling the castle in the Fire Mountain, Ayaka and Son Goku, who had not seen the Ox-King, flew back on the Flying Nimbus. Son Goku leaped off the Flying Nimbus and landed in the middle of Bulma and the Ox-King.

“Who are you, uncle? Why are you blocking Bulma so aggressively?”

With such a direct and rude tone, Son Goku’s attitude instantly made Bulma’s heart rise to her throat, ‘Stupid…! Be careful what you say, that is the Ox-King. It’s over!’

At this time, Ayaka riding on the Flying Nimbus leisurely descended. When the Ox-King saw her, he was surprised and said, “It’s Ayaka; how come you’re here?”

“Uncle, long time no see. Come, come, let me introduce to you, this is the grandson of Son Gohan, and the third disciple of Master Roshi.” Ayaka smiled and said with a big grin, “How is he? Not bad, right?”

Of course, the Ox-King understood what the “not bad” in Ayaka’s mouth refers to. He carefully observed Son Goku, and nodded his head, then said with a happy face, “Such a good boy. Just now, he came here on a Flying Nimbus. Not a bad kid!”

Ayaka rolled her eyes, “Isn’t it obvious? If that old pervert, Master Roshi, can ride on a Flying Nimbus, it’s strange!”

The Ox-King laughed heartily. After laughing, he came close to Ayaka and whispered, “I’m joking. However, you can’t say that to Master Roshi’s face; he’s actually very good at hiding something.”

Ayaka disagreed and said with a faint smile, “He…. had long lost face in front of me.”

The Ox-King moved at the words. He then rushed Ayaka and gave a thumbs up, “You’re worthy of Ayaka. Only a beautiful woman like you can  restrain Master Roshi!”

“Hey, you guys have been talking for half a day. It looks like you know each other.” Bulma asked with some surprise.

Ayaka looked at Bulma and saw her shocked look. Her eyes glanced unintentionally saw that the crotch of Bulma’s lower jeans was still soaking wet, and she was speechless. She was an adult, and as a girl, it was too indecent to pee her pants. Ayaka quickly shifted his gaze without breaking it down. She pretended not to know and explained, “Goku is the grandson of Son Gohan and the third disciple of the God of Martial Arts, Master Roshi. His grandfather, Son Gohan, and the Ox-King are brothers, the first and second disciples of Master Roshi, respectively!”

On the side, the Ox-King constantly nodding upon hearing Ayaka’s words, confirming that what Ayaka said was true.

“You are actually family!” Bulma said with a bizarre face.

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