Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 46


“What? That kid with the long tail is the third disciple of the God of Martial Arts, Master Roshi!”

Yamcha heard this with a shocked face. He couldn’t help but shudder. No wonder that kid was so powerful; he was actually a disciple of Master Rosh.

“The disciple of the God of Martial Arts, the grandson of the super powerful Son Gohan, and now the junior brother of the Demon King the Ox-King!”

What a brutal background. Yamcha felt his teeth hurt a little.


“By the way, where is Chi-Chi?” Ayaka gazed at the crowd and did not see the figure of Chi-Chi. She couldn’t help but thought that Chi-Chi might have gone to Kame House to find Master Roshi to borrow the Bansho Fan like in the original story.

As expected, the Ox-King said with a smile, “I ask Chi-Chi to go to Master Roshi to borrow Bansho Fan. If she can borrow Master Roshi’s Bansho Fan, we may be able to extinguish the fire on Fire Mountain!”

“But the Bansho Fan was dirty and thrown away by Master Roshi long ago. It’s useless for Chi-Chi to go there!” Ayaka reminded.

Ah! The Bansho Fan was thrown away by Master Roshi?” The Ox-‘s body froze. He could not imagine that Master Roshi had thrown away the Bansho Fan, “Then, how can we extinguish the fire on Fire Mountain?”

Ayaka smiled. Previously, she asked the turtle to notify Master Roshi to come to the Fire Mountain; she expected that Master Roshi should be on his way here now. In a short time, he would arrive at the Fire Mountain. So she said to the Ox-King, “You don’t have to worry. I have already had someone notify Master Roshi; he should be on his way to here now!”

“Master Roshi will come to Fire Mountain?” The Ox-King widened his eyes; his eyes were sparkling. At first, he didn’t believe it. He knew how Master Roshi was, and he was a “Great Master” who looked like an ordinary old man. When the Ox-King wanted to invite Master Roshi, he refused. Such a gentleman with a straight face! Because of this, the Ox-King could hardly believe that Master Roshi would come to his Fire Mountain.

With a look of admiration towards Ayaka, the Ox-King gave a thumbs up, “I didn’t expect that you, Ayaka, could do the job of asking Master Roshi to come to Fire Mountain. That’s amazing!”

“Is it hard to do his job?” Ayaka disdainful bristles. She guessed that as soon as he knew she was here, that lecherous old man would rush over.

The Ox-King was delighted, “Great. As long as Master Roshi can personally come here, the fire in Fire Mountain must have a way to be able to solve!”


At this time, far behind the rocks, Yamcha face showed a shocked look. He covered his mouth and whispered to Puar, “Did you hear that? They said Master Roshi, who is known as the God of Martial Arts, will come here. I can actually meet that legendary figure!”

Puar wagged a tail and nodded to Yamcah, “I can’t believe that the small Fire Mountain has gathered so many big and prestigious figures all at once.”


“Hey, Son Goku, can you go in the direction of Master Roshi and bring back my daughter Chi-Chi?” The Ox-King said to Son Goku. He then leaned down and whispered, “My daughter is an adorable girl. I can marry her to you later; how about that!”

Upon hearing these words, Ayaka stood bashfully with a slight smile on her face. On the other hand, the people on the side shivered. In their minds, Bulma and Oolong, the Ox-King’s daughter, was a female version of the Ox-King. They couldn’t help but want to laugh out loud. Only Ayaka knew, the Ox-King’s daughter, Chi-Chi, was indeed an adorable girl.

“This is a picture of my daughter Chi-Chi.” The Ox-King took out a picture and handed it to Son Goku. It showed a picture of the upper body of a young and cute young girl.

“This cute young girl is the Ox-King’s daughter?” Bulma and others saw the picture of Chi-Chi and said in amazement. They never thought that the Ox-King’s daughter was so beautiful. It wasn’t scientific!


Yamcha used binoculars to see the young girl on the photo from afar, and his whole eyes stared out, “She… is the Ox-King’s daughter!”

The girl who was knocked unconscious by him came to mind, making him could not help but startled. This was a time bomb with huge momentum.

“Yamcha, what should we do? That’s the girl!” Puar looked panicked. If the Ox-King knew that the two of them had knocked out his daughter, he wouldn’t let them go.

Yamcha gulped; he was also a little panicked. He didn’t dare to take action and could only watch as Son Goku took Chi-Chi’s photo and then swooped towards the place where Chi-Chi fainted and flew away.


Son Goku stepped on the Flying Nimbus towards Kame House direction. Along the way, he saw a fainting girl, and after comparing the photos, he was sure that the fainting girl was Chi-Chi. So he landed next to Chi-Chi and woke her up.

Chi-Chi woke up from her daze and looked at the boy standing in front of her and felt that he looked a little familiar, ‘I think I’ve seen him somewhere?’

Suddenly, Chi-Chi remembered the photo that Ayaka had shown her and said that this boy would be her future husband. Upon thinking that the boy in front of her might be her future husband, Chi-Chi’s face turned red all of a sudden.

“Are you Chi-Chi?” Curiously looking at the girl whose face was a little red, Son Goku was a little puzzled. Chi-Chi nodded shyly. As soon as Son Goku saw that the girl in front of him was the person he was looking for, he picked up Chi-Chi without saying a word, put her on the Flying Nimbus as Chi-Chi did not fall off the tendon cloud.

“Only pure-hearted people can sit on this Flying Nimbus; your heart must also be very pure!” Son Goku couldn’t help but praise.

Chi-Chi said shyly, “My heart is as clean as spring water.”

Upon looking at Son Goku and the cute girl back together on the Flying Nimbus from afar, Oolong said to himself in a sour tone, “What a lucky guy. Not to mention having a pretty sister, now he’s riding with such a cute girl! Oooh, I’m jealous to death.”

“Look at Goku and Chi-Chi; what a perfect pair!” Ayaka smiled and told the Ox-King.

The Ox-King nodded nervously, “It’s perfect. I can rest assured that Chi-Chi will be his bride.”

Oolong had a jealous expression on his face. His teeth were gnawing hard on his nails, cutting his nails and saying, “Goku is really lucky!”

Everyone in the room was scared by the word “bride” in the mouth of the Ox-King. Wasn’t this too fast?

Son Goku looked confused, “What’s a bride?

“Idiot! The bride is the person who will live with you in the future!” Bulma knocked Son Goku’s head as if Son Goku was very indisputable.

“Goku, do you think Chi-Chi is cute?” Ayaka pointed to Chi-Chi, and Sun Goku replied directly, “Lovely!”

“Then are you willing to be with Chi-Chi?”


“Then it’s done!” Ayaka said with a happy face to the Ox-King and Chi-Chi, “Look, Goku is also willing, then it is set. When they are 18 years old, they will be married!”

The Ox-King and Chi-Chi had no opinion, and thus, Son Goku had an additional fiancée for nothing before he could understand the situation.

Damn it!” Oolong chewed clothes. His eyes were filled with tears, and he said with a sad glance, “Why did Goku have a fiancée so easily?”

“With your piggy appearance, you still want a fiancée? Dream on!” Bulma kicked Oolong in the stomach, sending Oolong to the ground rolling around. She then came to Ayaka, whispered, “Ayaka, is this okay? It seems like you’re baiting! Goku doesn’t even seem to know what a fiancée means to him?”

Ayaka chuckled and replied, “Chi-Chi is just as innocent and cute as Goku. I think they’d make a great couple.”



At this time, from afar crawled a huge sea turtle, carrying a person on the turtle shell. The person was an old man with a white beard dressed up very fancy, with a turtle shell on his back and sunglasses on his head.

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