Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 47


Master Roshi was sitting on the sea turtle’s back, slowly advancing step by step carried by the turtle. With sunglasses on his head, under the sunlight, reflecting dazzlingly bright light. The turtle’s speed wasn’t fast, moving one step at a time, very sedate.

On the contrary, it made Ayaka and others wait a little anxious.

After a long time, Master Roshi finally arrived in front of Ayaka and the others. Son Goku shouted when he saw Master Roshi, “Grandpa Roshi, you’re here!”

“That lousy old man is Master Roshi, the legendary and strong man?” Bulma looked at Master Roshi’s bony body, looking disbelief.

“He is Master Roshi, who is known as the God of Martial Arts!” Ayaka was sure to prove the identity of Master Roshi. However, her eyes showed contempt as if on purpose and cautioned Bulma, “But he is a big pervert like Oolong. Don’t let him get close!”

Bulma carefully surveyed. She seemed a little less agreeable.

When the Ox-King saw Master Roshi, he fell to the ground as soon as possible and bowed to him, “Master Roshi, it’s been a long time!”

Master Roshi nodded slightly, leaning on his cane, and walked up to the Ox-King, “Your big name is not insignificant. To protect your property, you have killed many people!”

“You know all of them!” The Ox-King had sweat running down his head. He was ashamed and kept kowtowing to Master Roshi, “I have no place to go. Your disciple has lost his mind, but please put out the fire on Fire Mountain first!”

Master Roshi turned his head to look at the burning Fire Mountain and said thoughtfully, “This flame, it’s not easy to extinguish!”

At this point, Master Roshiy noticed Ayaka and Bulma, and his eyes instantly became nasty, “Wow, little Ayaka, you have become even more beautiful. The lovely lady next to you, do you want to have an unforgettable date with old grandpa?”


Ayaka’s forehead sprouted a sinew. Her whole body then emitted a cold aura; her eyes became cold and stern when she looked at Master Roshi.

Haha, joking. I… just want to make a friend with the lovely lady next to you!” Under Ayaka’s chilling aura, Master Roshi immediately snapped and laughed.

“Is this really the God of Martial Arts? He is completely a horny old man!” Bulma did not doubt Ayaka’s words at this time. Master Roshi’s behavior completely overturned the image of the God of Martial Arts in her mind.

Upon hiding on the side, Yamcha was also shocked by Master Roshi’s behavior. He did not expect Master Roshi to be this virtuous, so he was surprised and afraid of Master Roshi.

“Master Roshi, you’d better hurry up and put out the fire!” Ayaka said with some impatience.

“Look, let me put out the fire!” Master Roshi was holding a walking stick, full of happiness. He had to perform well in front of Bulma and other young girls so that these girls recognized his great figure.

“Thanks a lot, Master Roshi!” The Ox-King thanked excitedly.

Master Roshi nodded towards the Ox-King, then took off the turtle shell on his back and his outer shirt, revealing a skinny and rugged body with two large wound plasters on his back, giving people a feeling that he was on his way out.

“This old man will not be in trouble, right?” Bulma asked Ayaka in a whisper. She looked at Master Roshi’s thin body and worried that the old man would hang up later if he wasn’t careful.

“Do not worry. Master Roshi is very old, but his strength is powerful. He should be a little stronger than Goku.” Ayaka did not care and said indifferently.

At that end, Master Roshi climbed up the stone wall with difficulty, then held his breath in the direction of Fire Mountain, with a severe look flashing in his eyes.


Master Roshi bellowed, and an appalling aura burst out from his crippled body; the overwhelming aura came over him. At this moment, he was like a god descending into the world, giving a powerful sense of oppression that man couldn’t overcome. Then, another low sound, and the muscles on Master Roshi’s body began to move. The originally dried muscles swelled up violently.

It formed a stronger image of a big man than the Ox-King.

If not for the white beard at the corners of Master Roshi’s mouth, it would be tough to imagine that Master Roshi was hundreds of years old. Bulma and the others were dumbfounded by the remarkable change of the Master Roshi. They stretched out their necks and looked at the strong man in front of them with disbelief.

Was this the horny old man who just now looked like he was having great difficulty walking?

“It’s going to emerge. Master Roshi’s specialty move, Kamehameha!” The Ox-King looked at Master Roshi’s pose and immediately shouted with a shocked and excited face.


Master Roshi’s hands formed claws, lightly shouted. Then, his hands slowly leaned together, and his whole body’s muscles suddenly tensed. The upper and lower muscles burst out of the blue. Master Roshi slowly gathered the ki into his hands, and a more powerful sense of oppression released from his body.

“This…. coalesce the energy together and ejected in one breath. This is Master Roshi’s masterpiece. Unexpectedly, today I can see it….” Hiding behind the pile of stones, Yamcha saw Master Roshi’s action and couldn’t help but marvel at it.


The ki on both palms gathered more and more, gradually making the air transparent distortion. The ki on the body was like a fierce tiger out of the cage, unbridled play out. The ground began to shake, and the entire sky seemed to change color for it.


Master Roshi’s strong hands slowly retracted, then moved to the waist. The ki condensed in his hands gradually piled up. Finally, the quantity produced a qualitative change, and the ki was transformed into a ki wave, emitting a dazzling blue light in his hands. The dazzling blue light lit up in the hands of Master Roshi, illuminating the surroundings at once. The bright light made all light sources seem so insignificant.


Master Roshi pushed the ki wave at his waist forward. His claws unfolded ahead, and a powerful ki wave was launched. The dazzling blue light shone so brightly that Bulma and others had to close their eyes.

A thick blue ki wave shot in Fire Mountain’s direction as if a fierce tiger were descending from the mountain with unstoppable momentum. The powerful and compelling aura, mixed with the power to destroy the world, roared and tore apart everything it encountered along the way.


The powerful ki wave hit the Fire Mountain and sent an explosion. The whole Fire Mountain collapsed in the blast, and the ground began to shake violently.

A powerful shock wave spread in all directions from the mountain top, causing the clouds to disperse at once. The shock wave came crashing down with an incredible visual impact.

When the shock wave passed, everything calmed down, and the diffuse smoke gradually receded. What came into view was a puddle of flat land, where there was still a trace of Fire Mountain.

“The mountain and the castle … are gone!”

Bulma and others were stunned to find that the entire Fire Mountain had been razed to the ground in a huge explosion.

“What’s so surprising? Goku was able to do it too!” Ayaka looked at the Fire Mountain that was razed to the ground without much surprise. However, the expressions of Bulma and other people with a more strange face made her feel very interesting.

“You said… Goku…. can also do some of this…” Oolong stammered and asked, turning his head to look at Son Goku, full of disbelief. “With his short height?”

Son Goku’s current size was indeed not tall, but he was definitely taller than Oolong. In other words, Oolong had no reason to call Son Goku a short man. However, Oolong was shocked that Son Goku, who wasn’t tall, had such terrible power?

Several pairs of eyes watched Son Goku at once, making him hemmed and hawed and scratched his head, “If I make Kamehameha, the power is probably not as powerful as Grandpa Roshi, but it is still possible to level the whole mountain.”

Upon looking at a scorched appearance in front of him, Master Roshi was stunned. After a long time, he said in embarrassment, “It seems to be a little too much!”

Yamcha saw Master Roshi’s fearfully strength, and his body was boiled. However, he was worried that they would discover him, so he sneaked backward. Yamcha did not know that, in fact, as early as the beginning, Ayaka had already found him.

Subsequently, Bulma found the sixth Dragon Ball in the collapsed Fire Mountain ruins, and then Ayaka and her group said goodbye to the Ox-King father and his daughter.

On the way out, Chi-Chi asked Son Goku to come and marry her later, and Son Goku thought he was told to come and fetch something. So, without thinking much about it, he agreed to do so sparingly.

After that, Ayaka and the others encountered a legion of rabbit that could turn people into carrots. After eliminating the Master Carrot’s legion Ayaka and her party marched toward the last Dragon Ball – Pilaf’s Castle.

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