Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 48


When destroying Monster Carrot’s legion, Yamcha also joined the battle, and then naturally, as depicted in the original story, Yamcha joined the team searching for the Dragon Balls together.

After ten days of travel together, Yamcha unexpectedly gradually overcame his fear for women and seemed to affect his habit of nature here significantly. Although Yamcha was still instinctively afraid when he saw women, it was not as severe as before. It was estimated that it would not be long before Yamcha would no longer be afraid of women.

Ten days later, a group of six people entered the territory controlled by Emperor Pilaf, surrounded by an endless wilderness, full of tall plants like mushrooms.

“Anyway, Bulma, what wishes are you going to ask for when you get the Dragon Balls together?” Sitting in the driver’s seat of the hovercar, Oolong curiously asked Bulma.

“I know it. Bulma wants a Prince Charming!” Ayaka sat aside for Bulma’s answer.

Bulma was blushing and looked embarrassed, “Ayaka, how can you just tell people’s wishes out!”

“What? Prince Charming?” Oolong was startled. He suddenly felt a gust of cloudy wind hit him. Was the so-called journey to find the Dragon Ball a complete child’s play, and how did he join in? “For such a meaningless wish, you are willing to travel all over the world?”


Bulma knocked Oolong’s head with her fist. It was so painful that Oolong bent down and glared discontentedly at Bulma, “Women just have no ambition. If it were me, I would get the love of all the women in the world!”

“Do you think everyone is a pervert like you!” Ayaka glanced at Oolong and said disdainfully. It seemed that Oolong’s ambition was not much higher.

“So Yamcha, what is your wish to find the Dragon Ball?” Son Goku asked Yamcha in the back, but Ayaka answered again for Yamcha, “Yamcha wants the Dragon Balls to help him overcome his fear of women!”

“All of them are petty wishes!”

For a moment, everyone was speechless.

“After all the hard work to find the Dragon Balls, it’s better to make a decent wish!”


“Emperor Pilaf, I’m at location 15. There’s a car passing through here. They’re the target we’re looking for!”

A woman stood on top of a mushroom tree reported to her superior, then said to dog police, “Shu, see that car, that’s our target. There are six Dragon Balls in it!”

The woman took out a rocket launcher and fired one by aiming at Ayaka’s hovercar.


There was a violent shaking plus a loud bang. Bulma was dumbfounded by the sudden rocket launcher and didn’t even know that a robot had appeared and snatched her Dragon Balls.


Looking at the dog police who fled in the robot, Ayaka’s eyes lit up. The final scene of the first episode was about to begin, which meant that soon she could summon the Dragon Balls and make a wish.

Ho, our Dragon Balls have been snatched!”

Upon looking at the five Dragon Balls that were snatched away, Bulma suddenly cried out. It was so hard to collect six Dragon Balls, and five were snatched away at once. Bulma’s heart fell from heaven to hell.

“Hey, don’t cry. Goku’s Four-Star is still in our hands. When the time comes, just snatch all the Dragon Balls together!” Ayaka took out a handkerchief and handed it to Bulma. She then took out the Dragon Ball radar and said, “Look, in addition to Goku’s Four-Star, the remaining six have all been gathered. This is an excellent opportunity; now it’s our turn to attack!”

Bulma was dumbfounded, remembering that she had Ayaka, Son Goku, and Yamcha, three masters. If She wanted to snatch back the Dragon Balls, it was effortless. She turned from snot to smile and said viciously, “That’s right. Those who dare to snatch our Dragon Balls, we must teach them a lesson, and then snatch all their Dragon Balls!”

Bulma’s face flashed a grim smile, which scared Oolong, “Indeed, women really can not be offended!”

Next, the six people rushed to Pilaf’s Castle. When they arrived at the castle, the sky was already dark. As in the original story, without Ayaka’s intervention, Bulma and the others fell for Pilaf’s ruse and were trapped in the castle.

“Goku, you go and destroy the castle!” Ayaka instructed Son Goku.

Son Goku nodded and leaped out, then took the starting pose of Kamehameha.

“Could this…. be….” Oolong rubbed his eyes, remembering the powerful stance made by Master Roshi at Fire Mountain ten days ago. Son Goku posed surprisingly identical to Master Roshi.

“Didn’t I tell you that Goku knows all of Master Roshi’s stances? He’s not much less powerful.” Ayaka said with a faint smile.

“He actually knows Master Roshi’s techniques!” Yamcha was full of surprise. He felt as if the gap between him and Son Goku was getting bigger and bigger.

“KA… ME…. HA…. MEHA!”

Son Goku pushed the Kamehameha around his waist fiercely forward. His claws unfolded ahead, and a powerful ki wave burst out abruptly. The Kamehameha emitted a dazzling blue light, causing Bulma and several people to close their eyes subconsciously.

Only Ayaka was calmly watching, not a little affected.

Upon feeling the violent vibration brought to the castle, Bulma and others struggled to keep themselves steady. When they opened their eyes, they found that Son Goku’s Kamehameha had destroyed the entire castle, and a full moon was hanging tightly in the sky.

Ayaka saw Son Goku gazing at the full moon in the sky. Her heart made a tom-tom-tom sound, and she immediately felt something terrible. “Oh no, EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE WAY!” She shouted in a hurry.

Although Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar did not know what was happening, they still followed the instructions to dodge away quickly.


At this time, looking at Son Goku again, they saw him frozen. His eyes lost, and the corners of his mouth carnage. The hair of a beast grew all over his body, his body gradually became more extensive, and finally became a Giant Ape as huge as the castle. He was losing his mind and attacking the castle.


The Giant Ape light punch would destroy the tall castle. Broken stones mixed with sand and dust fell from high above, around the Giant Ape, an unstoppable aura was born, making people look at it with fear.

“What is that? What is wrong with Goku?” Bulma looked at the ape that wreaked havoc with a horrified face and shouted.

“As soon as Goku sees the full moon, he will lose his mind and turn into a monster without humanity, and his strength will increase tenfold. You guys stay here and don’t move; let me subdue Goku!”

After saying that, Ayaka ignored Bulma’s shouts and flew to the Giant Ape in one leap. Her face was as calm as ever, and a trace of coldness flashed in her eyes. The corners of her mouth couldn’t help but slightly up without putting the Giant Ape in her eyes.

The Giant Ape turned around, saw Ayaka, and immediately roared angrily at Ayaka. The Giant Ape and Ayaka had met twice, and the old hatred and the new hatred were avenged.

Ayaka leaped higher into the air so that the Giant Ape attack in vain. Seeing this, the Giant Ape roared angrily at the sky, and a beam of ki wave shot out from his mouth. The yellowish ki wave was a raging pure energy attack, like a pale dragon, angrily sweeping towards Ayaka. The astoundingly huge energy gathered in one beam, and the power was solidified to the extreme.

“The power has been enhanced ten times, and the power level has broken through 1000. Not bad, but still far from enough!” Ayaka smiled blandly. Her right hand gently waved away, hitting the Giant Ape’s ki wave in other directions.


A mountain in the distance exploded with a huge explosion, rising a mushroom cloud from far away.

A short while later, powerful shock waves recoiled from afar, blowing Bulma and the others to the ground, making them covered their eyes with their hands.

Bulma, Yamaha, Oolong, and Puar were not calm. They opened their mouths wide, horrified at the high level of the battle. They were full of shocked expressions.

Ayaka’s hand condensed as thin as a cicada wing ki blade. Abruptly, with a flash of her figure, she was as swift as lightning and instantly disappeared from her spot.

In an instant, she was already behind the Giant Ape, and when the Giant Ape had no time to react, she sent a ki blade at the Giant Ape’s tail.

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