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Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 49


In the battle between Ayaka and the Giant Ape just now, Emperor Pilaf and his servant had long been stunned. Bulma took back the six Dragon Balls from them quickly, plus Sun Goku’s Four-Star, seven Dragon Balls had all been gathered together.

“Have you guys think about what to wish for?” Ayaka asked Bulma and the others.

Bulma looked at Yamcha, “I originally wanted to find a Prince Charming, but now I have found him. So, this time I don’t need a wish.”

“I don’t need it either!” Yamcha shook his head. He had overcome his fear of women with the help of Ayaka. So, his purpose of finding the Dragon Balls had been achieved.

“Then how about giving me the chance to make a wish to the Dragon Balls?” Oolong said to Ayaka with a look of anticipation. However, in response to him was Ayaka’s unceremonious refused, “No. The wish of the Dragon Balls can not be given to you!”

“Why did you ask Bulma and Yamcha if they wanted to make a wish to the Dragon Balls, but I didn’t even get a chance!” Oolong yelled with an indignant face.

Ayaka ignored Oolong’s complaints and said with an indifferent look, “Who told you to be a pervert. If you were given the Dragon Ball to make a wish, I wonder what kind of perverted wish you would make.”

“That’s right. Ayaka is right. Anyone here has the right to make a wish, but you!” Bulma looked at Oolong with contempt as Puar flew in the air with a sneer, “And during the search for the Dragon Balls, you thought about running away all day! You don’t put in any effort at all.”

Bulma and Puar’s words made Oolong powerless and crouched on the ground. His face dissatisfied, “How can you guys do this? We are all companions!”

Unfortunately, Ayaka, Bulma, and Yamcha looked away, ignoring Oolong’s complaints.

Nah, Ayaka, anyway, there are also two Dragon Balls, one is yours and Goku’s. You also contributed the most. This wish will be given to you!” Bulma was very sensible. Since she, Yamaha, and Oolong were not wishing, it might be best to give this wish to Ayaka.

Ayaka smiled. She had expected such a result, so it was better for her to make a wish. It just so happens that her hundreds of sets of clothes still needed to be remodeled. Instead of letting Oolong make a raggedy wish like getting a girl’s panties, it was better for her to do it.

Ayaka nodded slightly, then picked up the seven Dragon Balls. The seven Dragon Balls kept flashing with a golden light, and each flash made a buzzing sound.


Ayaka shouted to the Dragon Balls. As soon as the words fell, the seven Dragon Balls emitted golden light even more violently, flashing faster and faster.

The buzzing sound kept ringing in the ears of Bulma and the others.


The sky resounded with the sound of several thunderbolts, and a large swath of dark clouds dense over, covering the sky with dark clouds like a giant mountain converging. The thick dark clouds soon obscured the entire sky, causing the surrounding area to fall into a terrifying darkness. The dark clouds constantly flashing golden lightning, and the roar of thunder came as if the world had ended.

“Wow, why is it so scary?” Bulma was suddenly trembling with fear, looking at the sky that had become dim. She felt hairy from the bottom of her heart.

Ayaka was not surprised; she blandly looked at a dark sky and said, “This is the sign before the appearance of Shenron. The sky will fall into darkness when Shenron appears.”


The golden lightning seemed like an angry dragon, coming straight down from the black sky. The Dragon Ball’s golden light grew bigger and brighter, echoing the golden lightning in the sky.

At this moment, the world seemed to be plunged into chaos, and a shocking aura shot out from the Dragon Balls, mixed with tremendous power, pounced on it.


The Dragon Ball erupted at once with a large amount of golden light. The golden light snaked and soared towards the sky to merge with the lightning in the sky, and a huge dragon roar resounded through the world.

Shenron had appeared.

In the sky, the green Shenron kept circling among the black clouds, and finally, it stared at Ayaka and the others with eyes that shone red.

“That’s… Shenron…”

Bulma and others looked at the sky with horrified and curious eyes as the huge figure kept circling. They were shocked by the astounding aura of Shenron. At this time, Son Goku also woke up from his faint and looked at the huge Shenron in the sky with a dazed look, “Such a… powerful ki!”

“Say your wish; I can meet any of your wishes!”

Shenron’s huge dragon eyes flashing red light. Its bold and loud voice spread throughout the wilderness.

“Shenron, please add the function of instant recovering to those clothes that I transformed last time !” Ayaka took out the Capsule and took out the hundred or so sets of clothes inside.


Shenron’s eyes emitted a red glow as it applied divine power to the hundred or so sets of clothes and transformed them. Ayaka looked at her clothes with rapt attention, and soon Shenron’s transformation was complete.

“Your wish has been granted, so goodbye.”

After saying that, the Shenron reincarnated into seven Dragon Balls, then after spinning a few times in the sky, it flew towards the rest of the world, and the sky regained its brightness.

“Ayaka, is that Shenron? It’s spectacular!” Bulma gulped with a frightened face and rubbed her chest. She was very envious of Ayaka, who made a wish.

Oolong shivered and said, “Yes, so scary. I thought it was the end of the world!”

“That’s because you have seen Shenron for the first time. The powerful ki of Shenron is not something that ordinary people can really withstand.” Ayaka said with a smile. She picked up a piece of clothing on the ground, hissed, and tore the clothes, but instantly, a bright light flashed up, and before she knew it, the clothes were back as good as new.

Ayaka looked at the clothes in her hands with satisfaction and put them away. Shenron’s transformation was indeed satisfying. In the future, Ayaka didn’t have to worry about her body being seen by others because of bursting clothes.

Bulma looked at Ayaka’s clothes curiously, “Is this the clothes you had Shenron transformed? It looks so nice!”

Ayaka nodded, “With these clothes, it will be much more convenient when fighting in the future!”

After that, Ayaka suggested Son Goku and Yamcha to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament eight months later.

Bulma and Goku didn’t know much about it, so she explained, “The World Martial Arts Tournament is a gathering of the world’s best martial artists. There will be a lot of strong people from around the world to participate! And you can get a lot of prize money after winning!”

Wow, there are martial artists from all over the world. I want to participate!” Son Goku was instantly combative.

Ayaka smiled and said, “No problem. In eight months, we will all go to the World Martial Arts Tournament together, and Yamcha will be there too, right?

“That’s for sure. How can I miss such an interesting tournament!” Yamcha laughed. Although he knew that with Son Goku participating, the champion would definitely not be himself, Yamcha also hoped to fight with more powerful people in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Since meeting Son Goku and others, Yamcha realized that he used to sit and watch the sky.

“Then we should each go out to train. Goku, you go to Master Roshi while I have things to do, so I will not accompany you!” Ayaka said to Son Goku.

Initially, she should have gone to the Lookout to practice, but because she helped Bulma and the others to find the Dragon Balls, she had been delaying her training for more than a month.

Son Goku nodded, then the few said goodbye to each other and left. Ayaka also flew in the direction of the Lookout.

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