Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 50


Ayaka flew in the Lookout direction, and it didn’t take long for her to arrive at the Lookout.

“Ayaka, you found the Dragon ball, right?”

The Old Kami stood at the edge of the Lookout, looking down at the Lower Realm. He knew what had just happened in the Lower Realm.

Ayaka nodded to the Old Kami, then changed into her white Kami trench coat and draped it over her shoulders.

“It’s a good thing that the people who came with you are kind-hearted. If someone like Pilaf got the Dragon Balls, it would be a disaster for the world!” The Old Kami shook his head with a helpless face, “Sometimes I wonder whether it was right or wrong for me to have made the Dragon Balls!”

The Old Kami had a contradictory look on his face. The Dragon Balls existed in the world and brought a kind of hope to people, but it also gave those guys with evil intentions an opportunity to take advantage of it. If evil people get the Dragon Balls, it was indeed, as he said, a disaster for the whole world.

Ayaka didn’t know how to explain this contradiction. There must be gains and losses because the Dragon Ball World’s essence laid in the Dragon Ball. Without the Dragon Ball, the world would be diminished.

Whether the Dragon Ball should not exist in the world could only rely on time to test. However, for Ayaka, the existence of the Dragon Ball was in favor of the attitude.

Ayaka said goodbye to the Old Kami and Mr. Popo and went into her room in the Lookout.


The next few days, Ayaka remained in the Lookout to practice.

“Kami, this is fruit for you!” Mr. Popo came in carrying a tray of fruit and placed it on the table.

Mr. Popo looked at Ayaka sitting on the carpet with her eyes closed in meditation and did not disturb, intending to walk out. All the things on the Lookout were the responsibility of Mr. Popo alone. In addition to taking care of the two Kamis, Mr. Popo had many things to do.

At that moment, Ayaka opened her eyes and called out to Mr. Popo, “Mr. Popo, wait a minute, I have something to tell you!”

Mr. Popo stopped and came to Ayaka, staring with both eyes.

“Mr. Popo, you are very busy, and you have to take care of the Old Kami and me, aren’t you exhausted?” Ayaka asked with concern.

Although it seemed like nothing was going on in the Lookout, the truth was that only when Ayaka sat in Kami’s position did she really felt the busyness of being a Kami. Not only to keep abreast of the Lower Realm dynamics when the Lower Realm encountered things that couldn’t be dealt with promptly but also to communicate between the Other-World and the World of Living, regularly every quarter to report on the jurisdiction of the Other-World. These reports didn’t have to be detailed, and that meant not having to write everything on them, but major events and records about a few key people were indispensable. The sum of the pieces was enough to keep busy.

Although Ayaka became a Kami, these tasks were still being done by the Old Kami and Mr. Popo.

“This is Popo’s duty. Popo’s task is to take care of everything in the Lookout and to assist the Kami to manage the Earth!”

“Well, how about I find someone to help you take care of the Lookout together?” Ayaka’s bright eyes looked at Mr. Popo. Upon thinking of Mr. Popo’s hard work, she felt the need to do so, “Anyway, there are only three of us in the Lookout, so it’s strange and cold, why don’t we find another person to come up? In the future, you will specialize in assisting the Kami to manage the Earth; the other things will be left to others!”

Mr. Popo did not speak, and for a while, Ayaka did not know whether Mr. Popo was in favor of her proposal.

“This is an excellent suggestion from Ayaka, Mr. Popo. You really can’t take care of so many things by yourself.” Kami came over at some point and looked at Ayaka for a moment. He then said thoughtfully, “Ayaka can find another person to come up and take care of the Lookout with Mr. Popo so that both of them will have a lighter task!”

When Mr. Popo saw that the Old Kami also agreed with Ayaka, he nodded and said, “Since both Kamis agree, please find a suitable person to come up from the Lower Realm!”

“I’ll take care of this. I’ll find a suitable person to come up here!”

Since it was her suggestion, naturally, he wouldn’t push it. Ayaka had a smile on her face and agreed to it with her mouth full. Thinking that she still had to hurry up and train, Ayaka then decided to choose a suitable person to come up to the Lookout as soon as possible.

After talking to the Old Kami, Ayaka flew towards the Lower World, thinking about what kind of person she should find to come up.

“That person must be able to do housework and also have some martial arts potential so that she can cooperate with Mr. Popo to manage the Lookout.”


In a city in the Western Hemisphere of the Earth, Ayaka used the “Unsighted” to observe the strength of the people around in front of a luxury restaurant.

The place was very crowded, so Ayaka’s eyes were continually floating “2”, “3”, “2”, “4” and other numbers. These were the power level of the targeted person. All of them were too low. After shaking her head, this world was truly the majority of ordinary people. If she wanted to meet a person with potential, it was too difficult.

A young woman walked out in front of her, “His power level is only 3, not qualified!”

After observing nearly a thousand people, Ayaka gave up on the lot and used Instant Transmission to a nearby city and proceeded to look for a suitable candidate. After that, she kept switching cities but never had the right candidate.

Sitting on a swing in a park, Ayaka frowned. Her requirements were not too high. She wanted someone who can do housework and responsive. She wanted them to be good-looking, so those who are ugly could not be selected. Most importantly, that person had to be female.

These requirements were not excessive; why couldn’t you find the right person! Those who could do housework didn’t necessarily have high power levels, and those who had high power levels were few and far between and didn’t necessarily know how to do housework, let alone be pretty. Chi-Chi wasn’t bad, but she was still too young.

If in a few years Ayaka hadn’t found the perfect person, she must choose her!

‘Right. There’s someone else. If it’s her, it should be perfect!’

Ayaka thought of someone and thought that person would be perfect to go up to the Lookout to assist her, and Mr. Popo then flew quickly towards where that person appeared.

The person Ayaka looked for was Launch. In the original story, Launch was a strange woman with a dual personality. The blue-haired state of Launch was a gentle and virtuous, innocent and hardworking soft girl; when she sneezed, she would become blonde, and her personality became very violent. She became a wanted robber everywhere.

In the original story, Launch was saved by Son Goku and Krilin. They took her to Kame House. Since then, she stayed in the Kame House, responsible for taking care of household chores. That meant dry housework was certainly no problem. Later, blonde Launch in the World Martial Arts Tournament fell in love with Tien Shinhan. She then left Kame House and lived with Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu until the Dragon Ball Z chapter. When Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu came to the Lookout to accept Kami’s guidance, she was never heard again.

It wasn’t until Majin Buu appeared and Goku gathered the vitality of the Earthlings that Launch appeared again. In that shot, Launch’s age had been very old. She seemed to be working in a courier company and was unmarried for the rest of her life.

She was such a distinctive and combative girl, but finally, the author discarded her; it was a pity. Since the Lookout needed a helper, Launch was a more suitable candidate. By the way, she could also let Mr. Popo and Kami guide the training of Launch, so at least, her future would not be inferior to that of Krillin!


Ayaka flew to a wilderness covered with sandstone. The surrounding area was filled with yellow sand, jagged rocks scattered all over the ground, and a rocky mountain standing in the distance after the frost cracked a fine line.

Ayaka saw a blue-haired girl was crouching in place; her eyes were helplessly looking around. Not far away, two police officers foaming at the mouth lying on the ground, and police cars were falling apart everywhere. Son Goku and Krillin stood next to the police. At this time, Krillin was still relatively young.

“It seems that Goku has saved Launch from the police!” Ayaka looked at the situation in front of her, and her heart speculated too. She then slowly landed from the sky.

“Goku, look, a girl is flying down from the sky!”

Krillin was startled. How could a person fly? Could she be a demon? Upon thinking of this, he immediately hid behind Son Goku, revealing half of his bald head.

Son Goku looked up, unexpectedly saw that the visitor was actually Ayaka, and he was surprised, “Sister! How did you get here?”

Huh, Goku, you know this great beauty?” Krillin asked curiously.

Hmm.” Son Goku nodded thoughtfully, “She’s my sister.”


Son Goku’s answer shocked Krillin to the point that he looked between Son Goku and Ayaka with a suspicious look of doubt on his face. He never heard that Goku had such a beautiful sister, and she could actually fly. What a strange ability!

“Goku, is this your friend?” Ayaka greeted Son Goku and Krilin with a smile.

“Well, his name is Krillin. He is trying to go to Grandpa Roshi to train, but Grandpa Roshi disagrees. He wants Krillin to find a beautiful girl first!” Son Goku nodded and said.

“Sure enough, Master Roshi is that stinking virtue. Goku. Don’t learn that bad habit of his!”

Master Roshi’s hobby was somewhat made people speechless. He asked people to find a beautiful girl first, how could he think of doing it! It was such a way of life, yet also set the criteria for accepting or not accepting disciples. Was he not afraid that his performance as a teacher would completely collapse in front of his disciples?

Shaking her head, Ayaka looked at Krillin and said with a faint smile, “Hello, my name is Ayaka.”

“Hello you, I…. my name is Krillin!” Krillin said with some nervousness; his small face brushed red color. He had never spoken to such a beautiful sister.

He was such a simple child, making Ayaka laughed in her heart. She then pointed to the squatting blue-haired Launch, “I want to take this girl away; you don’t have to worry about Master Roshi there. I will go and tell him to take you as a disciple.”

“Really?” Krillin looked at her excitedly, “You can make Master Roshi accept me as a disciple?”

“It must be possible. Grandpa Roshi seems to be very afraid of Sister Ayaka.” Son Goku whispered to tell Krillin this important secret. Ayaka didn’t care too much. She smiled blandly, then walked over to the blue-haired Launch and helped her up from the ground.

“If there’s nowhere to go, come with me!”

The blue-haired Launch was squatting on the ground with a helpless face, and when she heard Ayaka’s words, she surprisingly nodded her head.

Ah, that….”

The blue-haired Launch reacted violently and felt as if she had just sold herself out and instantly regretted it a little.

Heh.” Ayaka smiled and went up and wrapped her arms around the thin waist of blue-haired Launch, then leaped into the air amidst the shrieks of Launch. “Goku, I’ll go first. I’ll talk to Master Roshi there, don’t forget to train well. See you at the World Martial Arts Tournament!”

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