Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 6


In a calm and quiet jungle, the wind blew the leaves, and the branches were swaying with a creaking sound.

The sunlight spilled through the tightly packed leaves, dotting the ground with spots of brightness. Not far from, the animals were lying comfortably, enjoying a leisurely life.

“It’s should be around here.”

Ayaka flew in the air and surveyed. The thick jungle was making it difficult to determine the exact location of the spaceship. Swoosh, Ayaka flew higher as a way to increase the field of vision.

“There it is!”

Ayaka saw an area without trees, so she speeded up and flew over and soon came above that area.

The vast impact crater was still there, with fine grass growing among the messy gravel. In the center of the impact crater, the spherical spaceship half sunken in it. The spaceship was half-open and covered with moss.

Ayaka landed, came to the side of the spaceship, and dug the whole spaceship out of the pit.


Ayaka pressed the button of the spaceship. The computer made a snorting sound and automatically detected her. When the spaceship self-test complete, Ayaka went to the pod inside and then ordered the computer to query body strengthening information.

Beep beep beep…

The computer worked according to Ayaka’s instructions to query the relevant information. However, the results made Ayaka disappointed. The computer didn’t store information about body strengthening, which meant that she would have to find the method herself if she wanted to strengthen her body.

Ayaka was disappointed and went out of the pod. The palm of her hand aimed at the pod and sent a wave of energy.

With a boom, the pod was blown to smithereens, sending up black smoke. Then, another energy wave was sent out at the ship. Now, the spaceship had no use for Ayaka, so there was no need to stay. It must be destroyed before it was too late.

Upon looking at the destruction of the spaceship, Ayaka’s heart was very depressed. If she wanted to enhance her body strength, it seemed to be a long way to go!


At the same time, at the distant Planet Vegeta.

“Report, the signal of the spaceship number 89 disappeared!”

The cosmonaut who specializes in monitoring the condition of the spaceship reported.

“Spaceship number 89. Check the database for information on the person on board.” A cosmonaut who looked like the one in charge said with a bland expression and quietly waited for the results to be reported after he finished speaking.

The disappearance of signals from spaceships happened often and was not too uncommon. As a member of the Frieza Legion, several regional battlefields were conquered every day, and sometimes hundreds of spaceships lost contact in a single day. Most of these lost contact spaceships were turned into cosmic dust, also known as battle attrition.

The difference was that they weren’t responsible for the battle spaceships formation, but the newborn Saiyan in the spaceships. The loss of signal from one of them meant that a Saiyan child had lost contact. This should have been a big deal, but because the cosmonauts in charge of supervising these spaceships were not Saiyans, they reacted lukewarmly to it.

“Report, spaceship 89 is carrying a female Saiyan named ‘Pattinis’, file number X112316, belonging to the Low-Level Warrior. The intended target is Planet Pheroco. It determined that spaceship number 89 has lost the ability to return, and it is recommended that the spaceship be removed from the sequence.”

The officer in charge nodded, “That’s the one that belonged to Labaya’s daughter. It looks like the little one is dead. Delete her profile from the computer. It’s a pity; the spaceship was a good one! Inform the logistics department that the spaceship’s wear and tear will be deducted from Labaya’s reward!”

These cosmonauts couldn’t be blamed for being so reckless, mainly because Saiyan children were trained in computers and won’t leave the vicinity of the spaceship until they were strong. The ship was made of unique materials, and the general impact couldn’t cause any damage to it. Something that could damage the spaceship shouldn’t be something that ordinary Saiyan children could deal with. So, this little girl was most likely dead.

These cosmonauts weren’t good people. They came here because of the order of King Frieza. They simply didn’t care if one or two Saiyan dead or alive because, without a spaceship, they couldn’t come back even if they were still alive.

The cosmonauts did what Ayaka wanted. Without the data record, she wouldn’t be remembered by others, which could save her a lot of trouble.

The cosmonauts would never have thought that Ayaka had complete memories of her previous life and could become so powerful in just over a year.


Ayaka flew depressingly through one forest after another. When some weak beasts saw her, they hid far away, and when she came across beasts that were stronger than her, Ayaka didn’t have the heart to fight and went straight.

After flying to the sea and looking at the vast and boundless ocean, Ayaka’s mood was surprisingly much better.


A few giant whales in the distance buzzed and screamed, ejecting a high column of water, which shot into the air and clattered into the water.

Planet Pheroco was 70% ocean, and in the sea lived a large number of creatures.

“The ocean!”

Right. Ayaka clapped her hands, and a way to increase her body’s strength came to her mind.

“Let’s use the pressure of the sea to force the body to keep getting stronger, and then enhance the body little by little according to the depth of the dive.”

“The pressure of the seawater will continue to increase according to the depth of the dive. All parts of the body can be subjected to the pressure of the seawater, so basically there will not be a missed.”

The more Ayaka thought about it, the more she felt that this method was feasible. She remembered external forces powered the legendary techniques of refining the body in her previous life. For example, Golden Bell, Iron Shirt, and Iron Palm these forces could push the body to become stronger continuously. However, after all, it was only a partial strengthening, while the sea had the pressure to come in all aspects!

After thinking of this, Ayaka then quickly descended from the air and went into the sea.

Ten meters, twenty meters, fifty meters…

With the increasing depth of the dive, Ayaka gradually felt the pressure of the sea.

Especially to the back, the pressure of the seawater almost exponentially increased with each meter dive. Of course, this wasn’t the actual situation. Because the ability to withstand almost reached the upper limit, Ayaka finally couldn’t dive any longer when she came to 340. She found that the sea squeezed the bones of her body.

The lack of oxygen in her brain made her feel dizzy, and she couldn’t go down another meter.

Ayaka’s head poked out of the sea, and with a deep breath, she dived back into the sea.

After reaching 340 meters, she was unable to dive again. She then gritted her teeth and swooped down, diving another 10 meters hard.


Ayaka’s bones were crushed by the pressure of seawater. The lower half of her body became a bloody mess, and blood oozed from her nose and ears.

After transient to land, Ayaka laid on the ground with her mouth gasping for air. Having fresh oxygen went into her body made her brain much clearer. She then greedily breathed in the air.

“I was too impatient!”

Ayaka recovered and laughed bitterly.

Fortunately, the Saiyan’s physique was exceptional. Although the pressure just now acted on the flesh, the bones directly bore a large part of it. It was a good relief because the sudden loss of pressure triggered the sudden expansion of compressed oxygen in the blood, causing a fatal flaw.

The results of using the pressure of the sea to force her bodies to become stronger were undeniable, but the price paid was also considerable. A careless mistake would let her be buried in the ocean. The first time alone let Ayaka paid a heavy price; her lower body was crushed, her head and internal organs were severely damaged.

Fortunately, she could move instantly and teleported to the land when she couldn’t hold on; otherwise, she would have died.

“It seems I have to come little by little. First, let’s adapt to the 300-meter deep sea.”

After waiting for her body to recover fully, Ayaka dived into the bottom of the sea again. This time she was cautious and stopped when she dived to 300 meters deep.

At this depth, she felt the tremendous pressure of seawater. Her body’s muscles were pressed by the seawater squeezed inward, her chest had a stuffy feeling, and her internal organs were squeezed.

Ayaka tried to keep herself calm and slowed down the body’s metabolism so that she could stay in the deep sea for a longer time.


After constantly diving every day, Ayaka adapted to the depth of 300 meters. Her body no longer produces any discomfort, and she felt her body had become much stronger. Next, she wanted to challenge the deeper places.

After a slight recovery, Ayaka dive to 350 meters. Previously, it was at this position that she was seriously injured.

She dived again to this depth and still felt very uncomfortable. Her skin squeezed inward, making her internal organs feel the pressure. Her bones creaked all over her body, and her ears hurt from the intense pressure. After a short stay in this position, Ayaka teleported to land. She rested for a moment and dived again to a depth of 350 meters.

After numerous trials, Ayaka gradually adapted to 350 meters and then continued to dive down.


In the blink of an eye, another year has passed.

Ayaka was more than three years old, and she had been able to dive to 500 meters at this time.

At three years old, Ayaka had grown a lot taller. She looked like she was five or six years old and was no longer so tiny.

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