Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 51


Watching Ayaka came and went away casually, Krillin was dazed. It took a while before he came back to his senses.

Subsequently, Son Goku and the frightened Krillin took the Flying Nimbus and returned to the Kame House overseas.

Ayaka and blue-haired Launch were flying swiftly, with a comfortable, cool breeze blowing in their faces in the sky. Because she was afraid, Launch closed her eyes tightly. Of course, she didn’t know that a few hundred meters below was an ocean.

The moment Ayaka took her into his arms, the girl’s soft, boneless body was tightly pressed against Ayaka’s chest. From the arms came a delicate soft touch that brought Ayaka a strange stimulation of excitement. This kind of beauty in her arms with the feelings of compassion filled her chest; it was really very wonderful.

Wow, we’re flying so high!”

Launch opened her eyes and looked down, and was immediately startled. Ayaka smiled faintly.


The speed increased sharply.

Soon, they arrived at the island where Master Roshi was located and landed. Master Roshi was sunbathing, and when he saw the two beauties arrived, he immediately dropped the magazine in his hand and ran over.

“Ayaka, why do you have time to come to my place? Who is this beautiful girl?”

Ayaka glanced at Master Roshi and said lightly, “This is the assistant I found. Of course, I brought her here not because she has anything to do with you but purely passing by to tell you something.”

“What is it?” Master Roshi got serious.

“There is someone named Krillin. You should take him as a disciple.”

“That little monk with the bald head?” Master Roshi was a little surprised, “Are you coming all the way over here just for this?”

“That’s right.”

Master Roshi shook his head repeatedly, “No. Although that little guy has some martial arts skills, if he wants to join my Turtle School, he must pass my test.”

“Your test is for him to bring a beautiful woman here?” Ayaka said mockingly, “That’s a very tough test!”

Once Master Roshi saw that Ayaka actually knew this, he blushed and said, “Have you already met Krillin and Goku? Did they tell you all this?”

“That’s right.”

Master Roshi then jumped up and down, viciously said, “Goku, such an unworthy disciple. He actually told others such an important matter freely! And that Krillin. He has such a dishonest mouth. If I take him as my disciple, my Turtle School’s martial arts will be known worldwide. No, this person should never be allowed to be my disciple!”

“You’re just angry, aren’t you?” Ayaka couldn’t help but glare at him. “I’m telling you, taking Krillin as your disciple is definitely not a bad deal. With his qualifications, he will definitely be an outstanding disciple that you can be proud of in the future. If you miss out on such a disciple, it will be too late to cry!”

“Are you telling the truth?” Master Roshi looked surprised.

Seeing Ayaka’s affirmative nod, he couldn’t help but ponder. Ayaka’s eyesight was unquestionable. Could it be that he really looked away? Did this bald guy named Krillin will have a great achievement in the future?

“Well, for your sake, I can make an exception to take that boy as a disciple!” Looking for a step to take advantage of the situation, Master Roshi looked at Ayaka as he said, “I was doing it for your sake.”

After the matter was settled here, Ayaka took Launch with her and flew in the Lookout direction.


On the way, Launch’s cheeks hurt from the harsh wind, and she was dizzy.

Nah, I’m Ayaka; what’s your name?” Ayaka tried to greet Launch, who was still a little pale. She then replied, “My name is Launch!”

“Where are we going?”

Oh, don’t you have nowhere to go? Then, I’ll take you to where I live!”

Although Ayaka’s words were a bit overbearing, Launch didn’t give much resistance. Perhaps because Ayaka’s gorgeous posture along the way was too attractive, or perhaps because Launch was already tired of running around and living a wandering life without a fixed place.

Anyway, when Ayaka showed her attitude, Launch heart didn’t reject. Therefore, she acquiesced to Ayaka’s words. Seeing this, Ayaka couldn’t help but reveal a smile with a flash of light in her eyes. With this, the candidate for Mr. Popo was decided.

Ah, choo!

Ayaka’s hair touched Launch’s nose during the flight. She sneezed, and all of a sudden, the blue-haired Launch turned into a blonde Launch.

Seeing that she was being held in the arms of a beautiful girl with the cold wind pouring over, the blonde Launch immediately shivered and struggled to break free.

“Who are you? Quickly let go of me, or I’ll kill you!” The Blonde Launch shouted angrily, trying to break free from Ayaka’s hand.

However, Ayaka’s strength was not something that the Blonde Launch could break free from. With a glare, a force was transmitted to the Blonde Launch’s hand from between her fingers, “Quiet, a girl should have a girl’s appearance, not an old lady. Learn from your other self!”

No matter how the blonde Launch yelled, Ayaka didn’t budge. She was unbearable to be croaked, so she slapped the blonde Launch hard on the buttocks. When she treated the girl with such a rough character, she had to use a rougher way.

The blonde Launch was instantly confused by Ayaka, “How dare you hit me? I won’t let you go; put me down!”

“Is that so?” Ayaka looked at the icy, blonde Launch, and an appalling aura came towards her.

The blonde Launch seemed to be in the middle of a severe cold, and the temperature around her dropped to the freezing point at once.

“You’re the one who said so; I’m letting you go!” Ayaka violently let go of her hand that was holding Launch. Launch was abruptly flying down from a high altitude.


There was a long, mournful cry, and the blonde Launch body kept falling. Seeing that she got closer and closer to the canyon below, the blonde Launch heart was regretful. How could she ask that woman to let go of herself? How could there were people in the world who were so vicious that they did what she asked and let her go?


When the blonde Launch was two or three meters from the ground, Ayaka’s body flashed. Suddenly, she caught the blonde Launch, and after a short buffer, the two landed smoothly.

The blonde Launch felt a burst of weakness in both feet, helplessly fell to the ground. Her body was paralyzed as tears flowed from her eyes, and she wailed.

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