Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 52


Ayaka handed over a tissue and wiped away the tears on the blonde Launch’s face, “You behave yourself from now on, and what just happened won’t happen again, okay?” She warned the blonde Launch fiercely.

The blonde Launch was intimidated and settled down, letting Ayaka lead her. She didn’t dare to move her body for fear that the young girl in front of her would throw her down from the sky again.

“Where are you taking me?” The blonde Launch’s heart apprehension.

“To the place where I live. From now on you will stay there. There will be special people to teach you practice.” Ayaka lowered her head and said in a calm tone, “You do not need to think about escaping; there is no place to escape when you get there!”

It must be known that the Lookout was suspended in the high air. No one knew how far from the ground, and there was no place to escape. The general Dancing Sky Art couldn’t be cast at such a high place.

“Why should I be chosen to go to you?”

“Because you are a very suitable candidate. From today onwards, you are my private property!” Ayaka heckled and laughed evilly, scaring the blonde Launch.

Launch didn’t know that Ayaka was playing around, and for a moment, she was really frightened, “Oh no. I’ve met a female rascal!” The blonde Launch believed it. She felt that her future was dark, and there was no longer any semblance of hope.

“So, you have to be obedient in the future. The other you is much better. Don’t always look like this shrew, or I’ll teach you a good lesson!” Ayaka reprimanded the blonde Launch while flying towards the Lookout.

They soon passed through the thick clouds and arrived at the Lookout located high in the sky. Mr. Popo and the Old Kami were already waiting there. When they saw that Ayaka had brought a girl with her, they knew that the girl was the one Ayaka had chosen.

Upon witnessing the Lookout for the first time, the blonde Launch was stunned by the majestic appearance of the Lookout. She didn’t expect that there would be such a majestic Lookout in the distant sky above.

“Kami, is she the servant you found? Why is her ki so confusing?” Mr. Popo felt the ki coming from Launch and was a bit confused. It seemed that she was someone who couldn’t even control her ki completely, and she needed strict teaching.

Could it be that the practitioners in the Lower Realm were already so bad?

The Old Kami stepped forward, placed his hand on the blonde Launch’s head, and felt it. He was surprised, “It seems that this girl has another soul in her body. She’s a very rare two-soul person, and because she has two souls in one body, it’s causing the chaos in her body’s ki.”

“Such a person is very distinct between good and evil, indeed suitable for Ayaka’s servant!”

Ayaka nodded. The Old Kami had judged Launch’s condition very correctly. Because Launch had two souls, it caused a rare double-layer personality, and the personality differentiation was very clear; blue-haired Launch was gentle and virtuous, while blonde Launch was rude and brutal.

“Yes, the Old Kami is not wrong. She is indeed a two-soul person.” Ayaka pointed at Launch, then said to Mr. Popo, “In the next few months, Mr. Popo, you train this blonde girl hard. I want her to be strong in a short time, as for the blue-haired one, it depends on the situation.” Ayaka said and put a hair in front of the blonde Launch nose.

Ah, choo,” Launch sneezed, and her hair immediately turned blue. She became gentle, and her face was covered with a light smile, “Wow, what a beautiful house, Ayaka. Is this our home?”

Mr. Popo and the Old Kami looked at the great change of character on Launch and nodded, “She is a double personality. This blue-haired girl’s heart is pure and flawless! Kami can rest assured, Mr. Popo will train the blonde girl just now well so that she also becomes kind!”

Ayaka smiled and walked over to Launch’s side and said to the Old Kami and Mr. Popo, “To distinguish the two Launch, in the future, the blue-haired girl will still be called Launch, while the blonde one is called Lancy!”

Then, Ayaka took Launch to familiarize herself with the Lookout’s environment. The first time she arrived, Launch kept looking around excitedly.

“I can’t believe that Ayaka is the Kami of Earth!” She was very surprised.


The next day, Mr. Popo took Launch into the bottom of the Lookout to perform a Kami servant’s transformation.

First, she formed a master-servant relationship with Ayaka, then Launch stripped naked and entered the sacred pool naked to be transformed by the Sacred Water generated by the Lookout.

The cool Sacred Water gushed into Launch’s body little by little and kept improving her body. Gradually, Launch’s physique was continuously purified and transformed towards a Demigod’s body, and her martial potential began to increase slowly.

A Kami Servant could accompany a Kami, and as a Kami Servant, her source of power comes from her Kami. The Sacred Water could only be endured by a Kami Servant who had formed a master-servant relationship. Without a Kami, the Sacred Water would be like corrosive sulfuric acid.

When Launch was out of the Sacred Water pool, her body had undergone a radical change. The skin became more delicate and rosy, and the tender and soft body contained amazing potential.

The next step was to train Launch. For this, Ayaka and Mr. Popo will train Launch and Lancy day and night.

Ayaka’s training targeted Launch, mainly at night training. In training, Ayaka would be relatively gentle. On the contrary, Mr. Popo’s training was more brutal. During the daytime, Mr. Popo would carry out inhumane training on Lancy, with the sound of various impacts and cries of pain.


In the seven months of training, Launch was like living in purgatory.

Ayaka, in addition to training Launch, didn’t stop her training. After seven months of unremitting efforts, Ayaka’s power level finally broke through the 200,000 marks, reaching 210,000 power levels.

Because Launch had two personalities sharing one body, her power level had reached 140, which was at the top end of Earthlings’ power level on Earth. This was the result of baptism by Sacred Water. Over time, this effect would gradually unfold. At this time, Ayaka also learned that Launch was only 16 years old.

Finally, there was one month left before the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.

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