Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 53


On this day, Ayaka came to the Lookout square early and fully dressed. Her flaxen reddish hair was cut into shreds, and her childhood braid had been cut off. She also had a green ribbon tied to the side of the shreds. Her upper body was dressed only in a white camisole, her pair of breasts were high and firm, and her two white arms were exposed. Her lower body was dressed in denim shorts with a dark green casual dress, and her legs exposed in the air were able to perform reaction at any time.

Launch was dressed similarly to Ayaka, with a red ribbon tied around her head. She had a soft green halter top and pale orchid denim shorts underneath. After Ayaka and Mr. Popo’s instructions, she changed to a soft green camisole on top and pale blue denim shorts underneath with a red ribbon tied around her head.

The Lookout was located high in the sky, surrounded by divine power. The general Dancing Sky Art couldn’t be performed here.

Ayaka and Launch flew down the Lookout, all the way through the thick clouds. Soon, they saw a round tower top.

Since Korin on the Korin Tower had eaten the sea fish brought by Ayaka, so every time Ayaka returned from the Lower Realm, she would bring him sea fish that he liked, and it made him especially excited.

According to the original story, it was almost time for Son Goku to ascend to Korin Tower. Although Son Goku’s strength had surged under Ayaka’s influence and had surpassed the original Mercenary Tao, Mercenary Tao had also trained a lot under the great stimulus given to him by Ayaka at the beginning. His strength had been far better than the original story.

Ayaka worried that Son Goku would still lose to Mercenary Tao. That was why she said hello to Korin in advance, so the next time Son Goku came up, Korin could train him properly.

When Korin saw Ayaka and Launch, his eyes lit up. He threw away the teapot he was holding and ran over, “Ayaka, you’re here. Who is this lady?”

“Her name is Launch; she’s the new Kami Servant of the Lookout!”

“Hello, Korin!” Launch greeted Korin with a smile.

Korin laughed heartily and stroked his beard. He turned around and found a jar of Senzu Beans and handed them to Launch, “Ayaka likes these very much, so I’ll give them to you!”

Very generous.

Ayaka looked at the side, itching. A jar of Senzu Beans with a brief estimate, there must be more than 10,000 Senzu Beans. Ayaka then smiled lightly and said to Korin, “Korin, in a few months, there may be a long-tailed teenager climbing up the Korin Tower. Please, train him well then!”

“Okay! No problem. I will train anyone who climbs up Korin well.” He licked his paws and said with greedy eyes, “Ah, Ayaka, don’t forget to bring some more fish when you come next time!”

Oh, I know!” Ayaka waved at Korin and jumped off the Korin Tower in one leap.


Meanwhile, at Kame House.

Son Goku and Krillin were carrying a heavy turtle shell to practice.

After seven months, Son Goku and Krillin were led by Master Roshi around the town non-stop to deliver milk and unarmed plowing. Due to the solid basic skills, the strength of the two unknowingly improved, especially the Son Goku. His strength has completely surpassed Master Roshi.

In the next test, Master Roshi pointed to a huge rock the size of a small mountain for them to push away. The result was that Son Goku went up and completed it very easily, while Krillin completed it barely, but also considered to have done it with all his might.

Master Roshi was satisfied with the results of the test. He nodded his head, thinking. Son Goku was a monster. Leaving aside the battle, he never imagined that Krillin had trained to such a degree in just seven months, which was beyond Master Roshi’s expectations.

“I no longer have anything to teach you guys.”

Master Roshi was wearing sunglasses and said with a serious face, “The essentials are included in your seven months of training, and you have unknowingly developed a good sense of eyes, fists, and feet. The so-called martial arts are just the application of basic skills! Martial arts is not about winning or losing; it’s about overcoming yourself! So you have to be flexible and use the basic skills you have learned these days to create your martial arts!”

Master Roshi said, thinking in his mind of his master, Mutaito.

“In another month is the 21 World Martial Arts Tournament. I will not teach you specific martial arts. You still train as usual, but to increase the weight.”

So, Son Goku and Krillin carried 40 kilograms of a turtle shell. While mastering the basics, they also began to explore their moves in their spare time.


Soon, a month passed. According to the common unit of measurement in the universe, Son Goku and Krillin’s strength reached 160 and 120 power levels, respectively.

On this day, Master Roshi took Son Goku and Krillin. He made them put on suits that were ordered at some point and got on a plane ticket to the place where the World Martial Arts Tournament was held.


At the place where the World Martial Arts Tournament was held, countless world-renowned powerful people came together, making the whole venue unusually lively.

“Wow, so many people. There are many contestants.” Son Goku looked at the crowd of people coming and going and exclaimed loudly.

“Let’s go to the registration first, then to the preliminaries venue. Don’t look around; beware of getting lost!” Master Roshi bent over and sternly admonished the somewhat over-excited Son Goku and Krillin. Then led the two to the registration site.

“Such a small child, does he come to participate in the competition?” The staff looked in amazement at the two behind Master Roshi.

“Yes, they are not here to observe; they are here to participate in the competition!” Master Roshi nodded, then filled in the names of the two in the entry form. Then, he opened the suitcase and took out two sets of Turtle School martial arts uniforms, “This is the combat uniform belonging to our Turtle School; you will wear this during the competition.”

“Participants of the World Martial Arts Tournament, please go to the tournament hall for the preliminaries!”

At this time, a staff member with a loudspeaker said.

Son Goku looked around and started to enter along with the crowd, looking for Ayaka’s trail as he walked, “How come I don’t see her? Does she not come? Didn’t she say she would come to the World Martial Arts Tournament?”

“Ayaka may have entered the tournament hall. You should be able to find her after entering!” Master Roshi calmly said.

When Son Goku heard this, he nodded, then quietly slipped out. He pretended to be a dragon and signed himself up and then entered the tournament hall.


Inside the tournament hall, the contestants who came to participate in the tournament had already filled the venue. Martial artists from all over the world looked strange and weird, there were werewolves, behemoths, and even traces of fierce beasts could be seen.

It was odd.

On the stage, the organizer first explained the rules of the competition. The 137 contestants would be divided into four zones, with two remaining in each zone to determine the top eight.

All the contestants began to draw lots, and Son Goku and Krillin drew numbers 69 and 93, respectively.

“Hi, Goku!”

A crisp voice came from the side. Ayaka and Launch walked over from the crowd. Son Goku looked at them happily and said to Ayaka in a firm tone, “Sister, I have become much stronger; I want to compete with you!”

Looking at the confident Son Goku, Ayaka smiled and shook her head, “If you want to compete with me, you first have to enter the top eight!” She looked at her number and said, “I’m number 8, first zone.”

“Don’t worry; I will definitely make it to the top eight!”

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