Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 54


At this point, the organizers announced the official start of the qualifying rounds. Ayaka then came to the first zone. As Ayaka’s number was relatively close to the front, it was soon her turn to take the field.

Ayaka’s opponent was a tiger man, twice Ayaka’s height. His golden fur couldn’t hide his thick, well-developed muscles, and his fierce eyes shone with an icy cold light. His eyes were sharp and bloodthirsty.

Haha, my opponent is a delicate little girl! Be good and listen to this Master Tiger. Go back to washing and cooking; this is not a place for you, little girls!” The tiger man laughed arrogantly, but Ayaka didn’t put it in her eyes.

This tiger man’s fate was naturally going to be tragic.


The tiger man took the lead, clenched his fist, and slammed over to Ayaka. The fist was huge and powerful, and a forceful pressure of a thousand pounds of ki came to meet her. Ayaka just stood there without any defense, as if the fist did not exist. Only when the fist was close, Ayaka stretched out her palm and block in front of the tiger’s huge fist.


Tiger man’s fist stopped, a tiny palm caught the huge tiger fist. Ayaka’s figure suddenly disappeared, steeply appeared behind the tiger man. She gently pointed a light at the tiger man’s back, and as if hit by a huge force, the tiger man’s broad body flew straight out. His body hit the wall with a loud boom, and he passed out.

The people who were watching were dumbfounded. The noise stopped abruptly, and everyone’s eyes widened into an eerie silence.

It was only when the referee announced that Ayaka had won that everyone came back to their senses.

“Goku, this big sister named Ayaka…. is terribly strong!” Krillin’s eyes were filled with shock. Ayaka’s strike just now seemed light but contained several blows. Krillin barely saw a few of these attacks since the actual situation was not quite clear.

Son Goku nodded with grave eyes.

Ayaka came down from the stage. The people under the stage made a path. The strong person’s performance shocked them deeply.


Next was Son Goku’s turn on the stage.

Son Goku’s young appearance also brought a lot of laughter, but Son Goku soon used his strength to make everyone dumbfounded. He easily made his opponent pass out with a few punches, and Son Goku soon became a popular candidate in the competition.


In the match between Krillin and his senior brother, Krillin easily defeated his former senior brother, making Krillin realize that he had become powerful without realizing it.


The tournament continued with the four major divisions constantly being eliminated. As fate would have it, Ayaka was very lucky that she didn’t meet her acquaintances in the elimination round.

The final resulted in Ayaka, Launch, Son Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, and Jackie Chun all advancing to the top eight, with the remaining two being Nam and Ranfan.

In the top eight, six people basically know each other.

Ayaka took advantage of everyone’s inattention and walked up to Jackie Chun, “Pervert old man, what are you doing here for the competition?”

Jackie Chun was shocked. He didn’t expect to be recognized so quickly, so he laughed and rubbed his head, “I didn’t expect to be recognized so quickly by you. As expected of Ayaka! I entered the competition to test the strength of Goku and Krillin.”

Jackie Chun said solemnly, “Goku and Krillin are both disciples of my Turtle School; I can’t let them become complacent. Otherwise, it will be detrimental to their future martial path!”

Ayaka nodded, secretly saying that Master Roshi was indeed a competent teacher. Master Roshi taught his disciples to let them figure it out on their own and then cultivate their martial arts training, which would allow them to go farther in the martial arts.


The crowd outside the competing martial arts school was so large and clustered into a pile that it was very difficult to move around in it.

Ayaka walked in front, emitting an icy aura from his body. The crowd unconsciously made a way out. Despite Ayaka’s eye-catching looks, the cold aura as if the polar winds and snow forced people to stay away from her.

Master Roshi followed Ayaka, holding a handkerchief in his hand, and kept wiping the cold sweat on his head, “Ayaka was such a lovely girl. How come the aura emitted is so scary! How did she train?”


Out of the tournament hall, Ayaka saw Bulma and others at the other end of the crowd from a long distance.

At that moment, Yamcha squeezed through the crowd. Looking at the cut hair Yamcha, Bulma, and the others didn’t recognize him at first.

“Wow, Yamcha, you cut your hair. You look even more handsome!” Bulma’s eyes were starry, and her hands were on Yamcha’s shoulders. Yamcha waved his hands in embarrassment, but his face was full of smiles, obviously very flattered.

“The 21st World Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin; the eight contestants, please gather inside the tournament hall!”

After a short break spent chatting on a cold drink stand’s row, the loudspeaker around the venue blared, informing the eight participants to enter the tournament hall.

“Let’s go!” Ayaka stood up. Then the five of them, Launch, Son Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha, walked towards the Grand Martial Arts Stage inside the tournament hall.

“I’ll see you later; go for it!”

“Go for it!”

Bulma, Oolong, and other people were cheering for Ayaka and the others. Ayaka smiled blandly and waved at Bulma.


Inside the tournament hall, all eight contestants gathered.

“This year’s competition has a rare three women to break into the top eight. Respectively, Ayaka, Launch, Ranfan!” The blonde host first introduced the eight players, then briefly described the rules of the competition later. The staff then took out a matchup chart and a box of draws.

“To decide the match opponents and order as soon as possible, please draw lots for the players whose names are called.” The host took the microphone and read, “Nam!”

A man dressed as a monk stepped forward, put his hand into the box, and drew number 6.

Next, it was Ayaka’s turn to draw. After Ayaka put her hand into the lottery box, she snapped her fingers and cast the divine power of Kami. The number bar in the box spun up, and a number 1 flew into Ayaka’s hand.

“Ayaka, number one!”

After the host announced the result, the staff put a tag on Ayaka and wrote Ayaka’s name on the matchup chart’s number one position.

Under Ayaka’s covert operation, the order of the eight players’ matchups was fixed. Starting from number one, Ayaka, Ranfan, Yamcha, Launch, Son Goku, Nam, Krillin, and Jackie Chun.

The first game, Ayaka vs. Ranfan

The second game, Yamcha vs. Launch

The third game, Son Goku vs. Nam

The fourth game, Krillin vs. Jackie Chun.

In Ayaka’s intervention, the top eight and the order of battles had changed substantially from the original story.

When the order of battle was announced, Yamcha’s heart immediately cooled half. His opponent was rumored to be no less powerful than Master Roshi, Miss Lunch. Even if he won by chance, a terrifying Ayaka was waiting for him. Thinking about the strength that Ayaka showed at the beginning, Yamcha shuddered.

The gap was too big.

It was not that Ayaka wanted to make things difficult for Yamcha. However, with a total of only eight people, six of them knew each other. Ayaka wasn’t in the count, so if she didn’t mix it up, it would be like beaten-up soy sauce.

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