Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 55


“After everyone wait for a long time. Now, the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament begins!”

“This competition brings together martial arts enthusiasts from all over the world. After layers of screening in the preliminaries, eight martial arts masters have been selected. They will compete in the venue for the title of the World Martial Arts Master. Besides, the World Martial Arts Tournament winner will receive a reward of 500,000 prize money.”

On the martial arts stage, the host announced enthusiastically with a microphone. The originally crowded people quickly boiled up. One by one, they pushed hard to the viewing seats, and a flood of people surrounded the conference venue. Bulma and Oolong struggled to squeeze for the front bleachers.

“The first game is Ayaka and Ranfan. Both players participated in the tournament for the first time. After the preliminaries’ harsh test, they were finally selected, which showed that they’re very strong. Both players are very beautiful girls!”

The host briefly introduced Ayaka and Ranfan, “Now, I’ll invite the two contestants to the stage!”

“Ayaka, go for it!” Bulma stood in the audience with her hands clenched in fists, looking very excited.

The noisy venue was already boiling when the host announced the start of the competition. When Ayaka stepped onto the martial arts stage, it was even more crowded with all kinds of yelling and praise.

The entire conference venue had three sides facing the crowd, blocked by a small wall separating the martial arts stage and the audience. In the middle was a wide martial arts platform, about 30 meters long and wide, paved with special stone slabs. There was a green lawn between the martial arts stage and the wall, where the staff maintained the competition’s order. Behind the martial arts stage was a high wall, leaving only one entrance, which led straight to the tournament hall, for the contestants and staff to enter and exit.

Another contestant, Ranfan, walked onto the martial arts stage, and another cheer rang out from the crowd. Ranfan was a beautiful woman, dressed in a sexy and alluring way, unlike Ayaka, who was pure and valiant. The two stood together to form a strong contrast.


The host attendant knocked down the sledgehammer, several bronze bells rang out with a loud buzzing sound, and the competition officially began.


On the martial arts stage, Ranfan put up an offensive and defensive stance.


Launching an attack, her entire body leaned forward, fiercely impacted over. As if just out of the chamber of the bullet, it was as fast as the wind. In the blink of an eye, she arrived in front of Ayaka, swinging her foot towards Ayaka.

Ayaka’s body wavering steeply leaped upward. She jumped seven or eight meters into the air, avoiding Ranfan’s attack. Then her body rushed toward the ground, approaching it with incredible speed and attacking Ranfan.

Ranfan didn’t expect Ayaka to move so quickly and couldn’t help but sway her body. She was in a panic to avoid Ayaka’s downward attack.


Ayaka’s palm hit the ground with a muffled sound. The stone slab of the martial arts stage slightly loosened and cracked a few cracks. With a twist of one hand, Ayaka’s body spun up and brought up a gust of wind like a storm.

The powerful gust of wind blew up and down the sand and dust, blowing the audience to close their eyes.

“Ayaka is really strong. To make such a magical move, worthy of the top eight players into the tournament!” The host lost no time in rendering the atmosphere, causing everyone’s emotions to be plucked up at once.


Before everyone could react, Ranfan’s body seemed like a kite off the string and was struck high by the whirlwind made by Ayaka. She then poofed and flew out of the martial arts stage, falling to the lawn outside the arena.

The audience watched dumbfounded as Ranfan flew out of the arena, not moving for a while.



The second match will be played next, Yamcha vs. Launch.

When the host announced the start of the second match, the two of them, Yamcha and Launch, walked onto the martial arts stage and then stationed themselves on either side of it.


Yamcha and Launch were engaged in a fierce battle. The two sides kept on impacting each other. Their bodies kept on flashing on the stage, punching and kicking each other, bringing the audience a feeling of being drenched.


Yamcha and Launch attacked each other. Their palms struck each other with a loud bang! The stone slab beneath their feet suddenly cracked. The explosion’s force caused the broken stones to bounce heavily, splashing out in all directions, and a whirlwind burst out from where they struck each other, blowing a gale.

The two of them flew backward and spun in the air several times before landing on their hands. With a swoosh, their bodies quickly bounced up and dived towards each other like lightning, and a new round of engagement took place.

“Wow, Player Yamcha and Player Launch attacked again! As expected of world-class players. Both of them performed exceptionally well. Let’s continue to watch their performance!”

The host took the microphone and plopped down on the edge of the martial arts stage. The whirlwind that swirled up due to the intense battle between the two on the field made it impossible for the host to get even a fraction closer.

‘After such a fierce battle, to be so calm, this person called Launch is really powerful!’

With sweat hanging on his cheeks, Yamcha’s gaze stared intently at Launch on the opposite side. However, he saw that she looked as normal as if she hadn’t gone through any battle.

‘If this continues, the hope of winning will continue to diminish. It seems that I have to play the ultimate move!’

Yamcha dried the sweat on his face, a light flashed in his eyes, and his whole body became alert, “Miss Launch, please accept my ultimate move, WOLF FANG FIST!” Yamcha shouted, and his whole body surged out with appalling ki.

A cold light flashed in his eyes, just like a lone wolf from the wilderness. He attacked fiercely towards Launch with a ferocious and bloodthirsty aura. Yamcha’s movements were swift and ruthless, with each fist and clawed striking at the vitals.

The Wolf Fang Fist was as fast as a swift wind, moving like a vicious wolf attacking, making the opponent seem to be in an endless sea. No matter how, the opponent could not avoid its ferocious attack.

Yamcha’s attack was so powerful and swift that if it were an ordinary martial artist, they would never be able to avoid his attack. Unfortunately, Yamcha’s opponent was Launch. In the Lookout after Mr. Popo and Ayaka’s dual training, Launch’s strength had long been above Yamcha.

Yamcha’s seemingly insane and ferocious attack was full of loopholes in Lauch’s eyes.


This time Launch sneezed. Her hair instantly turned golden, and her ki became a little different. The corners of her mouth rose slightly, and a mocking smile appeared on her face. Her eyes flashed with madness. The blonde Launch appeared, her personality flipped one hundred and eighty degrees, and she looked full of aggressiveness!

“Yamcha’s luck is too bad. If it is the previous Launch, it is still estimated to be decent even if he lost. However, now that he ran into the blonde Launch, it seems that he will have to retire soon. Bless him for not being too seriously injured!” Ayaka thought silently in his heart.

The blonde Launch looked at Yamcha standing across the stage with a mocking look on her lips, “You’re the one who wants to compete with me. You don’t know what you’re doing!”


Lancy madly laughed up to the sky. The corners of her eyes were flashing with a cold and stern light. Her body moves and suddenly disappears in the same place. She was moving up quickly at an extremely high speed, like lightning. She flickered rapidly across the venue, leaving a virtual shadow of a seemingly real person on the martial arts stage.


Jackie Chun was shocked. The blonde Launch, which was Lancy, made Turtle School’s Thunder Shock Palm. The Thunder Shock Palm usually leaves only one afterimage, and the one that could leave two afterimages was called the Two-Fold Afterimage Fist, but Lancy left dozens of afterimages.


Yamcha’s heart was shocked and wanted to avoid Lancy’s attack, but it was too late. With a cold smile on her face, Lancy disdainfully waved her foot and kicked out, snapping a heavy blow to Yamcha’s back. With a boom, Yamcha crashed heavily into the wall outside the arena and then fell into the lawn.


The host excitedly announced that such a high-level battle also increased the World Martial Arts Tournament color.


“Good, the following is the third match. The contestants are Son Goku and Nam!”

The host took a handkerchief and wiped the sweat on his forehead, continued, “Son Goku is only 12 years old and is the youngest of the contestants. However, to break into the top eight, his strength should not be taken lightly. Now, I’ll invite the two players to compete!”

The brass sounded, Son Goku and Nam began to attack.

Nam’s purpose in participating in the World Martial Arts Tournament was to win 500,000 prize money and then improve his hometown’s living environment. As in the original, Nam and Son Goku fought constantly, but even after he used the Cross Arm Dive, he was completely overpowered by Son Goku. Eventually, Nam could only leave the stage in disgrace.

However, with Ayaka and Master Roshi’s help, Nam returned home with a universal capsule containing a large water amount.


The fourth match was Krillin vs. Jackie Chun. This battle was almost one-sided because Master Roshi’s strength was much higher than Krillin’s.

At this point, the top four of the World Martial Arts Tournament had been produced. Respectively, Ayaka, Launch, Son Goku, and Jackie Chun. They would compete in the next match to determine the World Martial Arts Master.


After a break, the final four of the World Martial Arts Tournament kicked off with much anticipation.

The first match, Ayaka vs. Launch.

As soon as the host’s words fell, Ayaka and Launch walked onto the venue. The match between the two beauties attracted countless eyes, and all kinds of praise were heard.

“Launch, you strike first!” Standing on the venue, Ayaka said leisurely with her hands on her chest. This fight wasn’t suspenseful in the slightest, and Launch was destined to practice her hands and feet.

The level of the next fight was already very high.


Launch instantly disappeared. The whole body moved up at high speed, and only light footsteps could be heard in the venue, and the figure of Launch was never seen.

Ayaka had a smile on her face, “Zee!” She concentrated her power at one point. With one foot lightly stepping on the ground, a thick and terrifying explosive force poured out from the bottom of her foot.

With a muffled sound, Ayaka’s entire body shot out like lightning, and the masonry on the ground shattered with a bang due to the strong recoil, splashing up in all directions under the strong pressure of the huge force. It left a shallow crater, covered with a crisscross of cracks around the crater.

Ayaka’s speed was extremely fast. In an instant, she came to Launch’s side.


There was a blow, and Ayaka kicked launch. The two of them engaged in the action extremely quickly. They flashed on the bout for no more than a second before immediately disappearing. The only sound that reached the ears was the thump, thump, thump of blows.

“How terrible!” Krillin looked at Ayaka and Launch, who constantly fought in the venue, and a cold sweat broke out on his head.

“Their strength has completely exceeded the imagination of ordinary people!” Jackie Chun’s face was serious, “You just need to reach the strength of any of them, and you will stand at the pinnacle of humanity!”

On the other hand, Yamcha’s face was a little white. His feet were trembling, and his heart was a little scared, “If Launch had fought me with this kind of strength earlier, I would not have been able to take a single blow.”

Only Son Goku, who was excited, grinning loudly and shouted. The two people on the field were so powerful, which made Son Goku unusually excited.

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