Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 56


“Launch, use your full strength. Let’s end this battle as soon as possible!”

Ayaka looked at Launch, who had been fighting with her for a good half hour. Her breath had begun to disorder, and it was time for this trial to end.

Launch nodded, then mobilized her entire body’s ki. Shocking energy emerged from Launch’s body, and the violent energy with a huge momentum that destroyed the world, like a divine dragon rising from the sky, roared and rushed in all directions.

There was a sense of suffocation that made it impossible to breathe.

With Launch as the center, a powerful storm swept through the entire venue, bringing up a chaotic spread of sand and dust. It made people cover their eyes with their hands. The audience became more and more excited to see such a battle. They felt fortunate to see such a battle, and the next battle made their whole body boil with enthusiasm.

Looking at Launch, who released her energy with all her might, Ayaka smiled lightly and nodded her head. She mobilized the weight on her body, suppressed her ki to the same level as Launch, and then exploded her ki.


With Ayaka as the center of a whirlwind, ki no less than Launch filled the entire venue.

Ayaka and Launch, one on the left and one on the right, were like two typhoon eyes, attracting everyone’s attention.

“What a terrifying ki!” Yamcha tilted his body and shielded his eyes with his hand.

On the martial arts stage, another fierce exchange began. Every movement brought up a powerful storm, and the violent whirlwind was mixed with a sense of vibration coming from time to time, allowing the watchers to experience the impact of iron and blood more visually.

After a few minutes into the battle, the two have stopped. The silence of the atmosphere made the audience in the stands also couldn’t help but hold their breath, and the whole place fell into an eerie silence.

Then, Ayaka and Launch both moved. The two of them stood on both sides of the martial arts stage and stood up simultaneously. They then placed their hands in front of their chests and slowly lifted their hands apart, with their fingers separated and shaped like eagle claws.

Watching Ayaka and Launch’s movements, Jackie Chun, Son Goku, Yamcha, Bulma, and Oolong all opened their mouths wide with a look of disbelief.

“Could it be that… they are going to use them…”


Jackie Chun wanted to cry. His unique masterpiece became a big road, and it seemed that all the powerful masters who came up would use this move.

Ayaka and Launch each pushed the ki wave in their hands fiercely forward. With both claws facing forward, a shining blue ki wave was fired out abruptly. The dazzling blue light illuminated the entire convention hall, making people had to close their eyes.


The two blue ki waves collided violently, followed by a terrifying explosion. The shock wave generated by the explosion spread around with great energy. For a while, a violent hurricane with deafening sounds swept everywhere, and the entire venue was filled with thick smoke.

Gradually, the smoke cleared, Ayaka and Launch were standing unharmed in the venue.

“It turned out that Earthling could issue such a powerful move. This Kamehameha technique was the masterpiece of Master Roshi from Turtle School. Let us salute Master Roshi and express our admiration to all martial artists!” The host said in a loud voice, dutifully promoting the martial artists.

Jackie Chun’s face was slightly comforted by the host’s attitude of admiration for martial arts and his strong professionalism, especially that advertisement, which made Jackie Chun’s heart tingle.

“I admit defeat!”

Just as everyone was anticipating the next clash, Launch suddenly raised her hand and conceded defeat amidst the audience’s dismayed eyes.

“Player Launch has conceded defeat. She has actually taken the initiative to concede! PLAYER AYAKA HAS WON THIS MATCH AND ADVANCED TO THE FINAL!”

The host came back to his senses and loudly announced that Ayaka advanced to the final. The audience consciously applauded and erupted into enthusiastic cheers. This match was really exciting. Although everyone was still a little bit impatient, such a result was considered an ideal ending.


Next match, Son Goku versus Jackie Chun!

“The match begins!”

The referee stood aside and announced the start of the match. The atmosphere in the arena once again froze in general, leaving people breathless.


Jackie Chun let out a low shout. His body rushed forward steeply, his quick speed caused several wisps of light smoke to rise from the original ground, and a wind force was created with it. Jackie Chun’s body was like a chariot, fierce and ferocious, with ki that couldn’t be taken lightly, slammed towards Son Goku.

Son Goku responded calmly. His gaze firmly fixed on Jackie Chun. With a snap, he used his hand against it, catching Jackie Chun’s flying kick. Then, his body turned in a hollow way, very quickly coming to Jackie Chun’s side. When Jackie Chun was too late to respond, a powerful punch attacked over.


Jackie Chun’s heart was startled, and his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. At some point, Son Goku had already come to his side. Faced with Son Goku’s fierce attack over a punch, Jackie Chun was too late to make a move to any evasive action. Helplessly, Jackie Chun’s arms closed, ready to receive Son Goku’s attack.


Son Goku’s fist attacked Jackie Chun’s body heavily, but Jackie Chun’s arms bent, easily catch it. However, the strong force of the attack still made Jackie Chun’s arms ache, and his body was already like a cannonball flying out of the strike.

“What a domineering force!”


Jackie Chun twisted his body. The body emitted the sound of crackling bones. When he touched the place where Son Goku attacked him with his hand, the whole arm still had a numb feeling, “What a powerful punch. My whole hand is numb. Goku has really grown too much that ordinary attacks do not affect him at all. What a terrifying kid.”

Jackie Chun’s face was serious. His eyes shone with a fine light. He was facing Son Goku sternly, and his whole ki surging up, giving people a huge sense of oppression!

Suddenly, Jackie Chun’s face on the stage began to glow red. His whole body staggered as if he was drunk.

“What’s going on? What happened to contestant Jackie Chun. His whole body staggered like he was drunk. Did the alcohol from yesterday come up?”

“What happened?” Yamcha’s eyes showed doubt. With Jackie Chun’s strength, he shouldn’t have gotten drunk during the match!

“It’s the Drunken Fist!”

Ayaka had a torch-like gaze and saw at once that it was the Drunken Fist that Jackie Chun was using.

“My deceased grandfather was also good at this kind of punching technique! It gives a cold attack on the opponent.” Son Goku calmed down and remembered his grandfather’s moves. His whole body became crazy. His two eyes showed a ferocious light, and his teeth came out of his mouth, and a drop of saliva kept dripping down.

Uh… Goku? What’s wrong with him?” Krillin was stunned by the appearance of Son Goku.

Jackie Chun also felt very puzzled. At this time, Son Goku suddenly flew over and tore at him violently. This scared Jackie Chun as he dodged in a panic. However, Son Goku soon followed and attacked him. Caught off guard, Jackie Chun received several attacks from Son Goku, and his clothes were all torn.

“What kind of attack is that!”

“Drunken Fist!”

“What Drunken Fist, it’s obviously rabies!” Jackie Chun roared in anger and was unable to perform his Drunken Fist.

“The good is higher than the devil. As expected of a quasi-finalist level, it was really very exciting. It seems that the younger contestant Son Goku is better.”

Jackie Chun’s forehead veins were exposed. He suddenly gestured at Son Goku with both hands, muttering from time to time, which was hypnotism. Son Goku then fell to the ground at the sound of his voice and was brought into a deep sleep by Jackie Chun.

“Host, shouldn’t you count the seconds?”

After a reminder, the host returned to his senses and began to count the seconds to Son Goku.

“Goku, wake up!”

“Get up. If you don’t get up, you’ll lose!”

However, Son Goku was still lying on the ground and whistling.

“It’s useless. He won’t wake up until I call him up!” Jackie Chun confidently put his hands behind his back and looked at Son Goku with bemused eyes, “The reason I entered the competition is to make Goku and the others understand that there are people outside of the mountains and there are mountains outside the mountains.”

“Goku, let’s eat!” Bulma suddenly remembered something and shouted to Son Goku.

“It’s useless…”

Jackie Chun was about to go on and speak when suddenly, he became dumbfounded. He found Son Goku actually whooshing up from the ground and looking around for a meal. “What, how can….” Jackie Chun was shocked.

A “meal” actually made Son Goku break free from his hypnosis!

Jackie Chun forehead drops of sweat, “Since hypnosis does not work, it can only come a hard way!”

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