Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 57


Son Goku quickly reacted from hypnosis. The wretchedness just now made him more careful, and the moment Jackie Chun impacted in front of him, his body quickly jumped up and flipped a few heels in the air to avoid Jackie Chun’s attack.

“Idiot, do you think you can avoid the attack like that?” Jackie Chun saw this, and his body suddenly burst. He clicked his feet and stomped on the ground, then flew into the air.

“Goku, be careful, behind you!” Krillin and others shouted in alarm.

However, Son Goku did not react, stay in the air, and let Jackie Chun attack over.

“What!” Jackie Chun kicked Son Goku and then felt something wrong. The kick seemed to land in space; there was no sense of substance. “Not good. When did this kid learn the Afterimage Technique!”

Jackie Chun’s heart was astonished, then felt a cool breeze overhead. He wondered when Son Goku had arrived above him.

“Hey!” Son Goku kicked down head-on, hitting Jackie Chun’s head hard. Jackie Chun’s body lurched downward under the tremendous force with a boom, stirring up thick smoke on the ground. That blow was enough to render his opponent unconscious.

“Player Son Goku hit the head of player Jackie Chun. Did player Son Goku really get the victory?” The host held the microphone with an excited expression.

“Great. It looks like Goku is going to win!” Krillin and Yamcha said happily.

Ayaka, however, shook his head, “You guys are thinking too easy. Goku didn’t hit him. That was just an illusion that Jackie Chun made to confuse his opponent. The real backhand should still be behind.”

Krillin froze for a moment, stunned. He turned his gaze to the ring, only to see Son Goku looking around alertly like he was preventing something.

Abruptly, Son Goku tilted his head high into the air.

“There it is!”

Son Goku shouted. His whole body on alert, and his body’s ki suddenly coalesced as if something existed hundreds of meters high in the sky. The audience also tilted their heads up, but they couldn’t see the situation, and it felt like a black dot in the blur.

“It’s player Jackie Chun! At some point, player Jackie Chun actually jumped hundreds of meters into the air!” The host looked into the sky with binoculars, and the black dot turned out to be Jackie Chun, who originally hit the ground of the martial arts stage.

Eh???? when did Jackie Chun go up there?!” Krillin and Yamcha were shocked, so this Jackie Chun was too powerful compared to them.

The blonde Launch’s eyes had a disdainful look in them. The corner of her eyes glanced at Krillin and the others, “Hmph, they can’t even see through such a simple move. I really don’t want to stand with weaklings like them.”


One moment, Ayaka’s fist landed on Launch’s head.

“Jackie Chun avoided the attack with an Afterimage Strike a moment before Goku hit him, and then used a second Afterimage Strike to pretend to be hit and fly down to the ground, actually to launch an attack on Goku, you see!”

Ayaka’s finger pointed to Jackie Chun in the sky, only to see his hands clenched. He was gathering his ki, and a light blue light shone out from his hands, as bright as a star, instantly blotting out the sun’s light.

“Could that be… Kamehameha, Jackie Chun can also use Kamehameha?”

Krillin and Yamcha were startled. The legendary Kamehameha really became a big road product, surprisingly one after another was made out. Including Son Goku’s words, it was surprising that all the contestants who entered the top four of the World Martial Arts Tournament could release Kamehameha.

“That bright blue light, ah! It’s Master Roshi’s Kamehameha. I didn’t expect that the one used by the contestant Jackie Chun was also the legendary Kamehameha! Does it mean that the Turtle School’s stance has spread to all the top masters in the world?” The host with sunglasses looked excited as he said. The more surprising the player’s performance was, the more excited he felt as the tournament’s host.

“Indeed, Goku, your comprehension is very powerful. Let’s see if you can take the power of the ki wave I have studied for years. Before you leave the school, let me properly test how strong you really are!”

Jackie Chun flew in the air. His face was serious, looking at Son Goku below. The blue glowing Kamehameha in his hands gradually accumulated, emitting a brighter light than the sun.

Below, Son Goku also gazed at the sky, his hands were drumming, and the whole body of ki gathered up, also made a sound to release Kamehameha.

“I promised Ayaka I’d make it to the finals, so how can I lose here! Let’s see whose ki wave is really powerful; take it!” Son Goku grinned and shouted up with great pride. The ki waves in his hands converged out, emitting a blinding blue light.



The two shouted out at the same time, and the two blue ki gong waves were fired straight out opposite each other, impacting towards each other in an unstoppable stance.


The two ki waves collided in the air, and a huge explosion erupted. In an instant, the sky and the ground seemed to shake. Violent fluctuations were transmitted in all directions, and powerful shock waves surged and spread in all directions.

The powerful whirlwind mixed with a blinding light, causing it difficult for the crowd’s naked eye to see the spectacular scenery. The gorgeous dazzling strong visual sensation constantly impacted the audience’s eyeballs, making them dumbfounded to watch, not daring to make any sound.

“Unbelievable, Goku actually used the ki wave to block back my Kamehameha!”

Slowly, the smoke cleared, and Jackie Chun landed on the ground, panting and staring at Son Goku. Just now, the full force of the Kamehameha had consumed a large amount of his ki.

“It’s amazing that the so-called untold secret of Master Roshi, the Kamehameha, was used over and over again. In addition to Player Ayaka and Launch, Player Jackie Chun and Son Goku also used the Kamehameha. What a breathtakingly intense battle, and now they are tied.”

“The few powerhouses that emerged from this year’s tournament are arguably the best since the tournament was held, and each battle was so astounding. Cameraman, make sure to preserve the video data of these battles properly; we have to pass on the real situation of these battles all the time.”

The host roared with excitement. He wanted the world to see what the true powerhouse of the World Martial Arts Tournament was like.

“Goku hasn’t lost much of his ki; it’s so deep. I can’t believe I’m not a match for him at all anymore. It seems that the future belongs to you young people; the following battle is no longer necessary!”

With a relieved expression on his face, Jackie Chun said to the host, “Judge, I concede this battle. That kid is very strong; he can completely advance to the final!”

After Jackie Chun finished, he ignored the host’s stunned expression and left the venue.

“PLAYER JACKIE CHUN FORFEITS, PLAYER SON GOKU WINS AND ADVANCES TO THE FINALS. The final will take place in one hour; please enjoy watching the two contestants’ performance in the final!”

As the host loudly announced Son Goku’s victory in this match, the crowd erupted in fierce applause. Although the tickets for the World Martial Arts Tournament were expensive, it was worth it to them to see with their own eyes the peak duel between the strongest.

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