Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 58


In the original story, Jackie Chun was lucky to get up one step earlier than Son Goku and won the championship. It was not that Jackie Chun’s strength was weak, but because at that time, to resist Son Goku, who had turned into a giant ape, Jackie Chun used nearly 70% of his power to attack the moon.

At that time, only three people were standing at the top of the world, namely Master Roshi, Master Shen, and Mercenary Tao. The power of the three was very close, and the gap was not very big. Although Master Roshi attacked the moon and greatly reduced physical strength, Son Goku was still lost in his hands. Therefore, Son Goku would easily lose in the face of Mercenary Tao in his later heyday.

Now, Son Goku was much stronger than in the original story. He was able to defeat Master Roshi in his prime, and his power was the same as when he first climbed the Korin Tower. If Mercenary Tao hadn’t grown much in the past few years, he should not be a match for Son Goku.

Ayaka pulled out a capsule from her waist and took out two green beans from it. She then handed them to Son Goku and Jackie Chun, respectively.

“Why do you take out two beans?” Yamcha looked at Ayaka’s actions strangely.

Ayaka smiled, “This is not an ordinary bean; it is called Senzu Beans, something from the Sacred Land of Korin, the Korin Tower. If you eat one, you won’t starve for ten days, and no matter how much you are injured, you will recover immediately. The battle just now, Goku and Jackie Chun have consumed a lot of physical strength, but as long as they eat the Senzu Beans, they can immediately recover to full strength!”

“Is it that amazing?”

Krillin exclaimed in amazement, looking at the Senzu Beans with a stupid face. However, neither Krillin nor Yamcha asked Ayaka for the Senzu Beans. In their minds, Senzu Beans with such an effect should be very precious, and Ayaka must not have many on her.

However, they do not know that in these years, Ayaka always liked to run to Korin Tower when there was nothing to do. She would scavenge Korin for Senzu Beans. A few years down the road, Ayaka had hidden at least hundreds of thousands of Senzu Beans.

However, these were secrets. If it were not the last resort, Ayaka would not disclose.

Jackie Chun looked at the Senzu Beans in his hand in amazement. He had seen this kind of Senzu Beans on Korin’s Tower and only used them for hunger. He didn’t know that Senzu Beans had such effects. He put the Senzu Bean into his mouth and chewed it. Instantly, he felt a surge of heat in his body, the injuries on his body were gone, and his strength returned to full strength.

“This Senzu Bean is really miraculous; it’s really a sacred medicine that martial artists can only dream of!”


An hour passed quickly, and the final round was about to begin.

“Everyone, the finals are about to begin. Player Ayaka and Player Son Goku, please come up to the stage!”

At the host’s words, Ayaka and Son Goku walked onto the martial arts stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the decisive moment is coming. The final of the World Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin. Who will be the champion of the world in this year’s tournament? Let’s wait and see!”

Son Goku looked at Ayaka not far away. His body suddenly burst out powerful ki, and then his whole body moved quickly. He arrived in front of Ayaka at a fast speed, and dozens of afterimages appeared on the martial arts stage as if they were real people!

“Goku even made so many afterimages!” Yamcha looked at Son Goku, who was constantly moving on the stage and was surprised.

“Afterimage Technique, this kid is so strong in comprehension!” Jackie Chun said with a faint smile.

Ayaka calmly looked at the countless afterimage left by Son Goku. She felt like a juggling monkey in front of an elephant and smiled faintly. The difference between the two was too great, and even without using her full strength, Son Goku’s movements could not escape her eyes.

At that moment, Ayaka flatly stretched out one hand and gently struck out towards the side.


That punch directly hit Sun Son Goku’s cheek, and Son Goku was smashed away, cutting a shallow trail along the ground.

Ugh, that’s awesome!” Everyone in the stands, including Jackie Chun, froze a little.

“That was awesome!” Son Goku got up from the ground and let out a low shout. His speed was even swifter than just now, and he attacked head-on with a swinging fist.

Ayaka flashed sideways. Her body flashed again and appeared beside Son Goku in a matter of seconds.


Son Goku was shocked, and his face suddenly changed. He saw a claw grabbing at him head-on and wanted to lower his body to avoid it, but unfortunately, Ayaka’s movement was too fast. In a moment, she had already grabbed Son Goku’s arm. Suddenly, from the arm came a huge force, and Son Goku’s entire body was thrown high. When he reacted, he was already flying in the air.

Suddenly, Ayaka’s figure appeared again in the corner of the eye. Son Goku looked up and saw Ayaka unexpectedly came to his side at some point.

“Combat doesn’t need too much action. The bigger the action, the more breakdowns there will be. Strong people’s attacks need only one fatal move!”

Ayaka’s hands clenched fist, striking down on Son Goku head-on.


Son Goku was too late to react. He instinctively used his hands to resist the attack. There was a loud sound, and Son Goku fell straight down from the sky as if it were a cannonball. He hit the ground with a bang, smashing the ground out of a deep crater, making smoke and chaos of stones splashed up and scattered in all directions.

The crowd only felt the ground shake, followed by the sound of cracking. When they looked back, they were shocked to find that the martial stage’s stone slab had completely buckled and loosened, covered with crisscrossing cracks everywhere. In the middle of the place, there was a huge crater several meters deep.

“Is Goku okay?” Krillin’s jaw dropped as he looked at the large crater on the martial arts stage, “Ayaka hit him so hard.”

Jackie Chun’s gaze was fixed on the martial arts stage, sighing in his heart, “Son Goku and Ayaka are not on the same level at all.”

“Player Ayaka hit Player Son Goku with one blow, knocking him into the ground. I wonder if he can still stand up!” The host was leaning over the martial arts stage’s edge, carefully watching the scene on the venue.

Ayaka calmly floated to the side of the big pit. Looking at the pit that kept bubbling with dust, she grinned.


Suddenly, a blue beam of light shot out from the crater and grazed Ayaka’s cheek. The energy wave drove the air to a whirl. Upon feeling a stream of heat pass through her face, a strand of Ayaka’s hair was driven by the wind, but that was it. When Son Goku once again performed his Kamehameha and rebounded from the ground to the air by the reaction, Ayaka slapped him back to the ground again.

Son Goku obviously would not stop there, and another wave of ki with a flashing blue light emitted from his hand and shot towards Ayaka at a great speed.


The corners of Ayaka’s mouth rose slightly. A smile appeared on her face as she stood there calmly without any defense. Just a moment before the ki wave was about to get close, she suddenly waved her arm and closed her palm with five fingers, flinging the ki wave to the side like a knife cut.

As if it had encountered an irresistible giant force, the powerful Kamehameha rotated ninety degrees and changed direction to shoot out toward the sky. It grazed the eaves of the tournament hall with a bang, destroying one corner of the roof.

“Surprisingly, the direction of the Kamehameha changed, making it completely useless!” Jackie Chun’s face astonished. Thus could be seen, Ayaka’s grade was so high that the Kamehameha had been completely invalidated.

“Ki wave condensation was not real. If you want to deal with this type of attack, there are actually many ways. As long as the body is strong enough, even if hit in the face, there will not be the slightest damage!” Ayaka said in a flat tone.

“It is already flawless Kamehameha in our eyes, but in her eyes, it is not perfect!” Krillin said in horror.

Looking at Ayaka and Son Goku, who were attacking each other back and forth on the martial arts stage, Master Roshi fell into deep thought, “Ayaka is right. Releasing the ki from the body in the form of ki waves is indeed condensed and insubstantial. If there is not enough substance, it is easy for people to find a way to break it!”

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