Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 59


On the martial arts stage, Son Goku’s body slowly floated up in the air. When Ayaka saw this, she smiled blandly and also followed him into the sky.

In the sky, Ayaka’s afterimage fist intertwined, cascading, like a tidal wave rushing toward Son Goku. Son Goku reviewed the situation, constantly changing his body shape, avoiding the attack again and again.

The deafening sound came from the fierce battle, with each blow ringing the door of the audience’s heart.

A light blue wave of chakra came straight up from below. A light smile flashed across Ayaka’s face as she swished to Son Goku’s side, then threw a heavy kick at him.


In the moment of kicking Son Goku, Ayaka knew that she had kicked only an afterimage.


Son Goku steeply appeared and attacked Ayaka, and it was too late for Ayaka to escape. She was hit hard with a solid punch.


“You’re still thinking too easy!” The voice rang in his ears. Ayaka drifted surprisingly close to Son Goku’s ear and then slammed down a blow.

With a whoosh, Son Goku was struck by a tremendous force.


His body fell heavily on the ground, making the stone slab on the ground be shaken up high. After many encounters between the two, the whole martial arts stage was already covered with pits and cracks everywhere.

Son Goku gritted his teeth and got up from the ground with difficulty, wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth. His face was a little white, but his gaze still looked firmly at Ayaka in the sky. Seeing this, Ayaka nodded slightly, then slowly descended from the sky.

“Take the last move.” Son Goku said as he prepared to make the Thunder Shocked Surprise.

“It’s really wonderful. This is the final of the World Martial Arts Tournament. Who is the number one in the world among the two contestants? Let’s wait and see!” The host said in a loud voice.

“Goku is going to use his final move!” Krillin’s face was straight. His eyes were full of expectation.

“But Ayaka’s strength is not trivial. Goku’s trick may not work!” Jackie Chun said with a grave face.

In the sky, Son Goku closed his eyes. The muscles on his body constantly trembled, like a heartbeat, moving one after the other. He gritted his teeth and did his best to mobilize all the ki in his body. Steeply, a force of a thousand pounds of huge ki burst out from the body. Like a pale dragon hovering, the huge ki was carrying a gale, whistling towards the ground overwhelmingly.

The violent aura rolled up the wind, and the suffocating oppressive feeling pressed deadly to everyone. For a moment, everyone was like being in hell, feeling the surroundings became creepy suddenly. A strange oppressive feeling pressed people to feel very difficult even to breathe.

Ooo, it’s almost impossible to breathe….”

In the stands, Bulma and Oolong’s faces were white and trembling.

Oh my God, is this Goku’s full power?” Krillin felt struck at once.

“This little kid has such powerful ki in his body. I’m afraid his strength has surpassed his grandfather, Son Gohan!” Jackie Chun realized that he still underestimated Son Goku. This family was all terrifying monsters.

Son Goku transferred all the ki to the hands, making his hands glow with lightning. Two powerful currents were generated from the palms of his hands, which instantly turned into a ferocious surge of lightning.

The whole sky was covered with thunder and lightning. The glittering white staggered thunder and lightning looked like countless silver snakes, darting and surging in the sky, emitting a nuisance roar toward the ground.


Son Goku was ready, and his whole face was tense. Beads of sweat flowed out, and his whole body was covered with “beeping” arcs of electricity. The two bright currents converged on his hands, emitting the characteristic blue glow of electricity. He struck the lightning on both hands gently and then shouted to the ground.


In a flash, the two thunderbolts were like flying raging pale dragons, emitting sinuous lightning and roaring toward the earth at a great speed.

The crowd only felt a brightness in the sky. The dazzling light caused them to close their eyes.

On the ground, Ayaka stood proudly, raising her head and half-narrowing her eyes to look at Son Goku cast the Thunder Shock Surprise.


This was a move that developed from the Thunder Shock Surprise.

In an instant, the ground centered on Ayaka sank up with a bang. The surrounding rocks quickly cracked open, forming a huge crater. Instantly, the entire martial stage was submerged in a huge circular crater.

A dazzling bright light rose from the crater as if a phoenix with wings ready to fly. It shot up to the sky with a proud aura and bright thunder light and attacked the thunder dragon in the sky.


The invincible thunder dragon crashed into the incoming thunder phoenix with a loud sound that resounded through the world, exploding into the sky with a bright light that shook people’s hearts. At this moment, the whole world was in chaos. It was impossible to distinguish where the sky was and where the ground was.

A huge shock wave of frightening thunder and lightning roared out in all directions. The rumbling sound was continuous, and the distant echoes interlaced in the sky.

Gradually, the bright light began to disappear, the ground stopped shaking, and the gale slowly slowed down to a fine wind. Everyone’s sight began to return. When they opened their eyes, they were stunned by the scene they saw.

The 30-meter-long and 30-meter-wide martial arts stage had become completely unrecognizable. There was a huge crater of more than 20 meters in diameter in the middle, surrounded by pits, potholes, and uneven cracks, with not a single piece of intact stone to be found.

In the center of the crater, a beautiful young girl with a clear face and flawless eyes stood unscathed. Even the clothes on her body didn’t have any broken parts. In her hand, she was carrying a teenager who had fallen unconscious.

“Is this Ayaka’s strength?” Krillin gulped. Such a terrifying big sister; it was the first time he encountered her.

“He has passed out. Start counting the seconds!” Ayaka came to the host and said.

The host then came back from his distraction and then began to count the seconds. Soon, ten seconds had passed.

“The final battle of the tournament is finally over. The winner of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament has been crowned, and that is Player Ayaka! Miss Ayaka has become the world’s number martial artist of this year’s tournament. Please give a round of applause and shout, and thank Player Ayaka and Player Son Goku for the wonderful competition they brought!”

The host announced this news with unparalleled excitement, and the whole audience instantly roared, crackling with applause and cheers.

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