Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 60


With the closing of the World Martial Arts Tournament, the crowd of people gradually dispersed.

After the tournament, Ayaka, Jackie Chun, Krillin, and others, walking beside Yamcha, who was carrying Son Goku, met up with Bulma and others.

“Is Goku okay?” Bulma surveyed the Son Goku on Yamcha’s back.

“His’s fine, just too tired,” Ayaka said with a light smile.

What Saiyan physique needed most was this kind of high-intensity combat stimulation. It could be imagined that when Son Goku regained his strength, his power level must have gone up a lot.

“Seriously, you and Goku’s battle made our heart jumped. I really did not expect you guys are actually strong to this point!” Sitting in the rest area, the crowd began to chat. Krillin thought of the battle just now, and his heart flooded with chills.

Ayaka smiled and said, “Don’t say that. I believe you guys can do it in the future.” Ayaka was not comforting them, but the future Krillin and the others did have strength far beyond this scale now.

“Is that so?” Krillin asked with some expectation.

“It’s definitely possible.” Ayaka replied with a smile, “You’re already very powerful now! As the opponents you encounter continue to grow stronger, your own abilities will also increase drastically.”

“That’s great.” Krillin listened to Ayaka’s words and drifted a bit, thinking that this big sister was not only powerful, but even her comforting words were so soothing.

“By the way, this is for you.” Ayaka took out a dozen Senzu Beans and handed them to Krillin.

“This one is!” Krillin’s eyes snapped wide. Senzu Beans, it was Senzu Beans that had magical effects! “Are these Senzu Beans all for me?” Krillin asked in disbelief.

“That’s right. This is for you. By the way, you guys also have a share!”

After saying that, Ayaka took out several more and gave one to each of the people present. Even Bulma also unexpectedly got a few beans.

With a few life-saving Senzu Beans in their hands, Krillin and Yamcha were about to burst into tears of excitement.

“If we could grow the Senzu Beans by scientific means, how good it would be.” Bulma fantasized.

“Give up; it’s not possible.” Ayaka laughed and shook her head.

At this time, Son Goku woke up. When he saw that Ayaka was handing out Senzu Beans, he instantly came to life. Nonchalantly, he took the Senzu Beans that belonged to him into his arms; he really knew the importance of the Senzu Beans too well.

“Thank you so much, Ayaka!” Krillin carefully received the Senzu Beans into his arms and spoke excitedly.

The corners of Ayaka’s mouth rose, smiling and nodding. She didn’t feel any pain in giving away a few dozen Senzu Beans because she had a stock of hundreds of thousands of them in her bag! Rather, it was the touching looks of Krillin and Yamcha that made her a little smug.

Eh, where is old Grandpa Roshi? How come I don’t see him?” Son Goku shook his head to observe the surrounding area, did not see the figure of Master Roshi.

“I haven’t seen him!”

“Did he not come to see the game?”

“Hey!” An old voice came from the distance, and Master Roshi was seen running from afar, wearing a black suit and carrying a suitcase.

“Master Roshi, where the hell have you been?”

“I was watching from behind and just went to the bathroom.”

Nah, Master Roshi, did you watch my game then?”

“Well, I watched all of them. You all performed very well!”

Ah, there you are. I’ve been looking for you for a long time!” The blonde host yelled loudly and ran towards them.

“Miss Ayaka, this is the 500,000 prize money you won. Please keep it!” The host pulled out a thick wad of cash from his bag and handed it to Ayaka.

“Thank you.” Ayaka smiled and accepted the prize money. For her who had billions, she wouldn’t look at the hundreds of thousands of money. However, she still had a good feeling for this host who had always abided by his professional ethics, even after decades, this host who loved martial arts had persisted in hosting the World Martial Arts Tournament.

“By the way, will you participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament next time?”

“Not necessarily in my case, but the three of them will definitely attend again.” Ayaka pointed to Son Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha, then said.

Ah! That’s a pity, but I think if the three participate, the next World Martial Arts Tournament will also be very exciting.” The host was very sorry that Ayaka was not going to participate in the next competition. However, with Son Goku and others participating, he felt that it was not bad news.

“Don’t worry. There will definitely be new powerhouses at the next tournament. This time, it’s mainly the Turtle School that dominates. After the live TV broadcast, the people of the Crane School should have seen the competition. Maybe they will participate next time!” Ayaka said casually.

“Really?” The host’s entire body perked up at the knowledge that the Crane School might participate in the next World Martial Arts Tournament.

After the host left, Krillin asked suspiciously, “Ayaka, is it true that someone from the Crane School will participate in the next tournament?”

“I think it will. In this tournament, the Turtle School performed too much, the people of the Crane School will definitely have trouble looking at it, and they may send their disciples to the next tournament!” Ayaka said blandly.

“Ayaka is right. With the Crane School character, they will definitely send their disciples to compete in the next World Martial Arts Tournament. Therefore, you should intensify your training in the next few years so that the disciples of the Crane School will not overtake you!” Master Roshi said with a serious expression.

“Master Roshi, don’t worry, we will definitely tighten our training and try to improve our strength. What’s more, with Goku’s strength, I think we can definitely defeat the disciples of the Crane School.”

Krillin was not too stressed. How could the Crane School be compared to the Turtle School?

Master Roshi pondered, looking down and thinking up. He was not sure how strong the disciples of the Crane School. With Son Goku’s strength, he wouldn’t be able to handle it!

“Krillin, you’re wrong. Goku’s strength is strong, but the Crane School also has an outstanding talent. Their strength may not be below Goku!”

Suddenly, Ayaka interrupted and said that Krillin’s pride was unacceptable.

“What? Is what you say is true? Does the Crane School has disciples whose strength is above Goku?” Krillin and Master Roshi’s face changed greatly, asked in shock.

Ayaka nodded, “As far as I know, the Crane School has two favored disciples. One of whom can use superpowers and has strength similar to that of the current Krillin. As for the other one, his strength even surpasses the world’s number one assassin Mercenary Tao!”

“Even more powerful than Mercenary Tao!” Yamcha was stunned, then cold sweat emerged. He had just looked down on the Crane School’s disciples, but after hearing Ayaka says so, he realized that they were actually such bad characters to mess with.

“I did not expect that the Crane School would have such an excellent disciple. Goku, Krillin, you have to hurry up and train so that when the next World Martial Arts Tournament is held, everyone can see whether the Turtle School is more powerful than the Crane School or not!” Master Roshi said with a serious tone.

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